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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

birthdaycelebrations part.i

gonna blog abt how we spent YZ's birthday last week!
but cos we took sooooo many pictures, i'mma gonna split it up into too entries. if not, this is gonna be a never ending blog post!!!

so here's part one. YZ's birthday dinner celebration! :D

i bought the bag from Porter International (outlet at Wisma) and they carry very nice mens' bags! thought that this casual sling suited him very well cos he's been carrying around this bag from Zinc which looks pretty woe-begone now. bought the coin pouch to go with it since he needed one as well. hehe :D i love the bag too!

Dozo Restaurant
491 River Valley Road
Tel: 6838 6966
Open Weekdays 11:30am-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm

oh and i really recommend Dozo for any special occasions or celebrations, it's really a lovely place to dine at! the waiters are generally very attentive, and when i called to make a reservation, they make a point to ask if it's for any special occasion, and prepare a little cake for you beforehand! the staff was also most accommodating about the surprise birthday present when i dropped by the restaurant earlier to pass the present to them :P our bill came up to about $140 which is pretty reasonable as well.

OKAAAAY. gonna stop here because this entry has gotten waaay longer than i expected. don't want to bore you readers out!! i'll continue with the next part of the night (Lion King Musical and our various mishaps...)and my OTD pictures and his part 3 birthday surprise celebration in the next entry tonight, or something :D

i went for my 1st jog in months last night! woohoooo. jog no #1. did about 3.6km which is pretty good considering. gonna keep count and try to make it to #50 somehow. Gina & I brought Baby out for some exercise too and she's SOOO cuteee omg!! hahaha. like a little fat cow running!!!

HAHAHAHA. she managed 3 rounds which is like 1.2KM, after which we sent her home cos we didn't want her to die of a heart attack from over exertion! lololol. she's gonna lose weight with meee! hahaha.

alright, update again soon!
the K-Palette giveaway (below) is still on til tomorrow, go leave a comment for it if you haven't! :D



  1. Baby is so cuuuuute running omg! i can't imagine her un-fat!!!

    Anw, i ate at Doze for my 3rd anniversary and it was great too. i LOOOOOOVE the crab bisque soup! <3<3<3

  2. the necklace you wore is very nice! can share where to get it

  3. @yukiko88 JY you shld see her running she's so funny!! hahaha. cant imagine her and yuki together, i think she'd be scared of yuki!!

  4. @Purple Lofts i bought the necklace from Topshop, babe! :)

  5. Hi do nice photos you have there! may i know what camera you use to take those photos?

    Haha, you both looks good together :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Yina,
    May i know how much the bag cost? (the birthday present)

    Thks! (:

  8. @Neal :) i shoot with the canon550D or olympus e-p1! :)

    @Anonymous hello babe, it cost abt $360 or something if i'm not wrong! somewhere in that range :) :)


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