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Saturday, May 28, 2011


typing this in the middle of the night where i am now, in Sopot, Poland!
we spent an entire 26 hours in transit, just to get to here D: D: took a 12-hour flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, after that another 3 hours to Warsaw, Poland & a very long 7 hour bus ride.. my poor butt!!

anyway, we're still in the midst of competition, it's been busy busy singing, performing, competing, ya da ya da.. tons of fun!!! hehe :D dont know if its the cold air or just alot of hard work, but we're being fed three meals a day and it's like damn fattening :( and i'm eating alot!! shiok. ahahaha. the food here is pretty awesome! we're staying in a church seminary a short walk away from the train station from where we take the train to the city where the choral festival is being held. It's situated on a hill so we have to climb up and down everyday! Also there's a small woods right behind where we're staying and it's so pretty :)

we still have about 2 more days of competition and concerts and performances,
then another week of touring before i'm back, so i won't be having any lengthy posts yet. but here's some pictures from the trip so far! Woon got me this awesome pinhole toy lens for my EP1 and the pictures are so nice!! those that are slightly blur with vignetting are pictures taken with the pinhole lens. the rest are taken with my regular panasonic 20mm lens :)

enjoy the pictures! :) will update again soon when i have some spare time! :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

hi i'm at the airport

dear all,
am departing on a 12-hour flight to Sopot, Poland in about 20 minutes time!

only YZ came to send me off. hahaha.

new flash: Daddy is discharged from the hospital and all good to go :))) he just needs to rest at home for some time to recover a little! thank you all for the kind words and prayers. he's in a pretty okay mood too and i think he doesnt show it but he's glad that we were around to accompany him last night and today at the hospital. the bills were a whooping 7 thousand dollars wtf. honestly, it doesnt pay to fall ill in Singapore. better die than be sick. so please keep healthy everyone! :)

i will probably get some wifi while i'm away so i'll still update this space if possible!
and also am trying to set up TVD launches for this week and next week! :D :D :D



ok i am running out of time now. going to board plan already!
i hope i dont come back fat and happy/ hohohohoho.

i hate beeping machines.

so i was standing there in a stark white room, holding on to a pair of stinky slippers and watching Daddy who looked like a fish out of water, there on that trolley bed. surrounded by the insistent beeping of machines. heartbeat, check. blood pressure, check.

the nurses bustle around, sprouting various medical terms that are gibberish to me. how strange to see a strong, fit man, reduced to a now bony frame with grey hair and tired eyes. he's aged so much, i think. but so many things about him are still the same. still stubborn, still stoic. still a hard, relentless man.

there's a morsel of fear i see, masked in his expression. he's worried too, and so are all of us.

but none of us are able to break through the barrier of silence.
this is how he's brought us up. to show no signs of weakness, even when all you can do is to lie there weakly on a hospital bed, and just barely tolerate the pain wrecking your body. i'm not fooled. if someone as stubborn as you can admit yourself into hospital, this is no trivial pain.

we left him at 2am, after he'd been shifted to a High Dependency Unit.
i suspect if Daddy's english were better, he'd hate the sound of that. because he hates to be weak, to be dependent. the doctor says we'd only know if he's fit to be discharged once the tests have been done and results are out. he tells the doctor he wants to be discharged tomorrow, because he has a huge fish exhibition coming up the following weekend. the doctor shakes his head and says, look at the state of you. how do you intend to work like that? we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

please channel your healing thoughts and prayers to this stubborn old dad of mine, that he'll be fine and safe. thank you :)

ps. i'm fine, thank you for the concern. just worried cos i'm flying off tonight already :( and my phone is screwed and i can't do refunds and i havent had time to clear all the emails nor prepare launches... stuff like that. kinda bad situation to be in now. so don't kill me cos you haven't gotten refunded. i'm so sorry my phone is really not allowing me to even open the message inbox to check the OTP number :(

Saturday, May 21, 2011


randomly. TVC for the very last episode of 2击队 to be aired this coming Tuesday!
zomg last one already ;( oh we did so badly. but the other teams were reaaally good, so do watch it! :)

semi finals part 1: our song 让每个人都心碎 starts from about 11:45 :)
it's very funny!! HAHAHA. YZ's hand couldn't stop trembling cos of stage fright! must observe the close-up shots to spot it! LOL :D the judges couldnt stop laughing over it :S

semi finals part 2: 一眼瞬间 from 4:30 onwards...
i didn't sing so well for this song, started out very shaky and unstable and you can see my eyes going all over the place.. -.- but it ended quite okay i think :P

hope you like! :) and have an awesome weekend!!!
going out for another full-day rehearsal, gonna come back and pia emails tonight and tomorrow! ><

Friday, May 20, 2011

random OTDs

just a short entry.
i'm leaving Singapore on Monday and am absolutely swarmed with work, rehearsals and last minute preparations for the two weeks away! :( only left office at like 4am the day before because there's so many things to do. i also dont know why!! i'll be away from the 23rd May to 7th June, no idea if there's any internet over there but i'll bring along my netbook anyway.

will also try to prepare a collection or two in advance if possible so Gina and our helper can still keep things going while i'm not around! please be nice okay cos some stuff that are mostly handled by me might not be addressed until i'm back (etc. when which backorders are arriving and all that) also, previews might be updated on our Facebook page instead.

so we had one last shoot with our dear Clara, who's going to start work soon, and we might not see so much of her on TVD in future! she's a really awesome person who's always very funny to shoot. wahaha. because i'm nice i won't share her unglam pictures!

alot of people commented that we look alike! HAHA. ok fine so Clara is much prettier. must be the same smile or something!
last couple of OTDs to share!
Megagamie's leather trim shorts in Black,
chiffon-back cardigan that's in the process of being manufactured, i love it!
suede fringe bag previously sold on TVD
also wearing this awesome pair of kelly green eyelet flats! woo. i love how the color pops!

chiffon lace pleat blouse that's finallyyyy arrived! wore the cream version in this entry
and so many girls were asking abt it.
it's probably gonna be launched in the next collection! :) comes in Mauve (as seen above), Lemon Cream, Dusty Pink & Navy Blue! it's meant to be sheer by the way. we are including a inner nude tube for it so you girls can wear it out with ease :D
today's agenda is to verify payments now, pack and mail all paid orders from S59 so that customers can get them asap! followed by rehearsal tonight, and tomorrow as well. 3 more days before flying and i havent packed a single thing! D: D: the weather is a nice 15-20 deg so yayy to layering. i've been going mad shopping for shoes/stuff to layer over there. HAHA :D we're going to be competing in Sopot for the first week, and travelling to Krakaw and Warsaw after that! wooots excites!
off to work, be back again soon! ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

happy mama's day!

we brought Mumsy out for Mother's Day dinner last Sunday, together with Auntie Ivy and Gary!
headed to Shin Kuishiya's newly opened outlet at Serangoon Gardens My Village. the food was okay, but service was rather slow. still i love the yakitori and skewered stuff there! :D :D awesome max. three of us shared to get a netbook for Mumsy as a mother's day present to kickstart her digital journey, and i just created an account on Facebook today for her! lol there goes my digital privacy. but good thing Mummy's english is quite limited so it aint that bad! :X

i actually wrote one whole entry in quite alot of detail, but thanks to LJ and the crappy internet, i lost the entry and now i can't be bothered to re-write it anymore! zzzz -___-

But you know my mother is like the most bimbotic mother ever. One day, she actually called all three of us on the phone one after another, just to ask us what our blood type were -.- and after telling her i was a type O, she replied with a disappointed "hmph.. You're daddy's daughter then, sad.. Only lina is my daughter (because lina takes after mummy's blood type while gina and i inherited daddy's), I'm jealous!"

-.-||| you tell me bimbo or not!!!

There are a million and one more bimbotic incidents but I shan't relate them all, shall save my mummy some face :D hahahahahaha. I love her for her bimbotic-ness!!!

so.. pictures of the food, which was pretty yummy in general! especially heart the foie gras and mushrooms. favouritest!

moving on to human pictures...

the two mummys present! that's my 二姑姑 btw, i think i actually resemble her quite abit!

lil sis Lina. we have similar smiles? other than that, no resemblance :P

Gina with the mummys. she looks the most like Mumsy!

myself, i think i'm kinda a mixture of both of them... D:

Lina dunno look like who? lol

our teeth look the same! hahaha spastic.

happily eating!

Gina (who conveniently borrows my clothes all the time) and myself

group picture of all the ladies present because the lone male is the one behind the camera!
Mumsy! and myself!
Mummy doesnt like to smile with her teeth showing because she has crooked front teeth and she's conscious about that. bwahaha. super duper 爱美.
Lina also very conveniently borrowed this top from our warerobe. just one of the many TVD items we own :S
car shot!

bwahaha. if you're wondering where the chiffon shrug on me is from, it's a piece from my wardrobe that i'm planning to manufacture for TVD! mad love the flowy bell sleeves and clinched waist! am still open to color suggestions at this point of time so if you're dying to see it in like neon yellow or shrek green or something... tell me!! i'm thinking more towards tones like brick red, lilac-ish grey, tangerine etc... what do you think?
i love the gold buttons! vintage-y.
ending off with a picture of myself. my bangs are growing out really fast! still contemplating if i should keep the bangs or just grow them out. didn't realise that keeping bangs is actually quite a hassle! ):

enough of blogging, it's another long day ahead (yes, what's new) and we're having a shoot for a few of the new manufactured items that are absolutely love! the best part of running a blogshop is definitely the pretty clothes! woohoo! bwahahaha. i'm sure all my shopaholic friends are nodding in unison.

okiedokies, i'm off to bed! :)
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