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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


hehe well not literally, but just a virtual tour around the office of our extremely chaotic move in today! -.-

we've been cleaning up the space for some time, because the previous tenant left it in really terrible condition, the carpet was so filthy and the entire place smelled of gross smoke and god-knows-what! so after the past couple weeks of going over the carpet with industry sized vacuum cleaners, painting the walls freshly, discussing with the contractors regarding the reno work, building of racks for our stocks, and shifting the studio set-up in, we're almost all good :D :D despite facing lots of obstacles today, we managed to get it up and running!

yeap, those red bags are all full of stocks -___-

even more! so scary.

had to lug all those stocks from the suppliers to the office.. omg, hard work! thank you darling R & C for all the help :D :D :D


studio setup in progress!
one of the problems we had was not having a 2-pin plug adapter to plug in the studio lights -_- and then we spent the better part of half an hour trying to assemble a very confusing clothes rack. and we didnt have a proper changing room. and no mirror, and the camera trigger was out of battery etc etc....

and we were terribly short on resources :( i had to use a pail as a makeshift stool! ;(
that's our first model, Cath, to grace the new office studio :D
(psst. if you like the dress, it's an upcoming manufactured piece on Megagamie and it's superb!)

here's some random shots around the office!

colorful stocks and a rainbow striped pasar malam bag. haha!

the super powerful Rainbow vacuum cleaner! saved our life with this. you wouldnt believe the amount of filth we sucked into this machine omg! the water in the filtration system inside turned this murky black color. gross maximum. poor ZY dedicated many hours to just cleaning the carpet... D:

fooling around with accessories and props

we now have a combined force of about 10000 pairs of shoes just for photoshoots.

lots of accessories too.....

check out the super colorful dresses/tops coming up in the next few launches :D :D :D i love all the colors and designs!

last but not least.. hello to Megagamie, TheVelvetDolls and LittleRedHeels!

we might hold a little tea party or office warming party once we're all settled in! possibly with clearance sales & pre-launch preview/sale of upcoming pieces and all that too :) can't wait! :) but right now, we need to go furniture shopping. lol. and do other boring stuff like setting up an internet connection and all that... hope the space will become really cozy and homely! :D


cheers to the best office partners in the world and to our work relationship and friendship!
we couldn't have realized this without any one less of you. let's work hard together!!!




  2. looks awesome!!! the pail was hilarious and yinaaaa you look like you lost weight!!

  3. Really excited and happy for you girls!
    The new office space looks good and hope plans in stall will be smooth sailing =)
    Cant wait for more awesome and pretty stuff from TVD, Megagamie and LRH!!
    Jiayou girls!

  4. @yukiko88 LOL no i didnt!! it's the mirror panel cos it's supposed to be stuck on the wall but now it's not so it's not a flat plane LOL

  5. @Aveline thank youuuu Aveline!! :D :D :D we appreciate the well wishes so much!! hehehe :D :D we'll do our best!!

  6. hi, can i check where you got the "accessories bag" from? thanks, yina! :)

  7. omg 10000 pairs of shoes?!!

  8. Hi, would like to know where's the office locate at? Roughly how much is the rental per month? :)


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