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Friday, April 15, 2011


me loves Fridays!
weekend ahead and we're planning for a Sunday launch, will put up preview soon! :D

meanwhile, i have a couple of apparel reviews to share too,
first up is the Bella Stripe Dress from Gypsy Scarlet :)

i paired it with my own belt!
it's made of a very comfortable satin that's abit more matte than how it looks in the pictures,

also comes in Pink! :)

here's the original design-spiration!
remember to quote GSYINA to get 5% discount off your total purchase at Gipsy Scarlet! :)

love this chiffon drape cardigan from The Design Closet as well! :D
it's light weight and floaty, plus i have a thing for purple.

and and and,
check out the latest additions to the animal menagerie at home :D :D :D
three uber fluffy and round little hamsterssss they are soooooo cuteeeeeee maximum!!! hahahaha

decided to name them all after food, lol!
the fat grey one is called Ba Zhang, the round white one is called Har Gao and the little white one is called Snickers!! QQ and Baby are mad fascinated with the hamsters, but i highly suspect they just want to eat them! :(((( they're all like "Look!! MOVING FOOD!!!!"

i strongly believe that if they ever escape from their little enclosure, that'd be the last i see of them because one of the dogs is bound to get them. i caught Baby staring at the hamsters and licking her lips!!!!! -__- they are toooo cute to be eaten!

new stocks arriving today and Monday! so excited! :) :) :) :)
including the tulip skirt that alot of girls have been asking about, a couple of awesome blouses and shirts (i looove) and a kaftan dress :D

one last thing: Salon Vim's Face of Salon Vim 2011 contest is closing in a week's time on the 22nd April, so do remember to submit your entries onto their facebook page! Details of how to join the contest in this entry! :)

am going off to the suppliers' now! :) have a good weekend everybardi!!!


  1. HI YINA! I've received my Lace Insert Embroidery Tunic in Magenta but the colour is not true to the photos at all :( It's more of very deep & dark red than magenta. Why like that :(

  2. @Anonymous
    hey, i experience the same problem too. The colour is much darker that your self-shot here:

    which i believe should be true to natural colour ya? But the piece that i receive is much darker :( may i know why isit like that?

  3. hello babes,
    hmm i've feedbacked about this to my supplier! :( they tell me that sometimes the different bolts of fabric being dyed at different times may lead to differences in colors. if you have any issues, do email us instead and we'll see what we can do about it!

  4. Hello yina:) may I know what camera are u using? Cause all your phoo shots are very nice!

  5. hi yina, the tunic in magenta i got was also of a darker shade as well! :(


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