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Thursday, March 31, 2011


hello hello! yay just did up a preview for the next launch woohoo :D :D :D
love the mad colorful preview. hahaha i like!

stuff to look out for during tonight's launch:
Chloe-inspired Double Flap Chiffon Blouse in 4 colors: Cobalt Blue, Pure White, Clover Green & Black :)
it's double lined chiffon so it's not sheer, not even for white :D of course, nude undergarments still advisable :)

i also adore the Ruched Sides Highwaist Skirt which comes in sizes S, M & L, and in Black and Brick Red! the cutting is maddd flattering! makes me look like i have a tiny waist and streamlines the hips too :D

here's the skirt in Brick Red,(i wear size M), and the Chloe-inspired blouse in Black on me. keeping both for myself!

there's also a super comfortable Striped Batwing Throwover in nautical stripes of Red and Navy,
looks fabulous paired with highwaist shorts :D

the hot favourite Razzle Dazzle Gem Dress is also restocked and will be launched in tonight's collection, so dont miss it! :)))

awesomemax i know.
you might also spot the Chic Porter Shorts in two new colors White & Grey! :D :D uberrrr nice! but they're only gonna be launched in next week's collection, so wait for them kay ;)

anyways gonna rush for tonight's launch, 8.30PM! :)
sending out mailers in a bit!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. How about the green top match with bandage skirt in the most right of the picture? One of the launch?

  3. May I ask what do you wear for the ruched side HW skirt?

  4. Sorry I mean what size do u wear for the HW skirt?

  5. Are u launching the chic porter shorts in new colours tonight?

  6. Hey babe, are you planning to manufacture the green top at the most right of the picture?:)

  7. Are you launching the yellow chiffon top paired with the brick red skirt runched babe! :D If not, when will it be launched? :D

  8. Erm is the ruched side HW skirt manufactured by TVD?Saw HWC has it too? Launching at 8.30pm? Thanks.

  9. hi babe,
    is the difference between sizing M and L very big for the runched skirt? since u are u wearing M, can fit into L as well?


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