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Monday, February 21, 2011


dear all,
想YY has successfully moved on to the next round of the competiton!!!

and credits definitely go to all our hardworking friends and supports who waited a good one and a half hours for the recording to start, and some even stayed all the way to the end, til past 1am! T__T super super 感动. i love you all so so so much for coming!

we started doing sound checks the day before, and reported at MDC at 1pm for dry run and rehearsal on the day of the recording itself,

they were recording two episodes on the same day so we only started recording our episode close to 9 (reporting time for audience was 7.30!!!!) and our poor friends waited so patiently for us! :((( 辛苦你们了! poor Karen & Joseph waited for 1.5h and had to leave before the show started :( so sorry to make you two come down all the way and wait for nothing!! :(((

special mentions go to my dearest Nicolle & Fish for their heartfelt efforts in making posters/banners for us! AWWWW! i am really very overwhelmed with gratitude and love for you all. also thank you Chongchen for being the ticketing chief and helping us to pass the tickets to all our friends/family who came down to support! Min & Collin brought down their camera and helped most of the following pictures so thank you so much you two! :) the pictures are so fab!

also the judges offered us many kind encouragement, advice and pointers. seriously 辛苦了they had to record 2 episodes back to back and sit there judging and giving comments for about 6 hours straight! 谢谢老师们!

anyway, YZ was so nervous his knees were shaking on stage lor! HAHAHA. fortunately we didnt commit any major blunders and mistakes. it's really quite nerve wracking because of the format of the show. shan't go into too much detail, watch the show to find out more!
holding room while waiting for the recording to start!

my awesome hair & makeup done by MDC's makeup/hair unit!
i used like 1 hour to remove all the make up and hair spray fully though -_- it's so tiring to reach home so late and then have to go through the hassle of removing all the
studio 1 where the show is recorded, taken the day of the sound check
my bling blazer from LucydAcyd that i bought last minute specially for the show
here's 1/2 of the 想YY supporters!!! wish we managed to take pictures with all of them before some of them left early to go home! :(((
male lead of the day, YZ ;D
together with me!
the gorgeously done poster by Nicolle. it is so mad chio Nicolle love you many many! ♥ i know your painstaking efforts went into creating this work of art! glad we still get to reuse it next round! LOL.
unfortunately our poor supporters only had a view of our butt the whole time! bwahaha.
hello reenie & jackson! thank you for coming, love you all many many!
"backstage" munching on bread. gosh we were really hungry after the show because all we ate from afternoon to night was some noodles MDC packed for us! it was really tiring too.
love the signboard!!
my poly mates, who never fail to turn up when i need support! thanks YH, CC, Juls & Elaine! you guys are the best!!

min babe! we came up with the name "想YY" together with eils baby. hehehe.
the name is really growing on me, and everyone thinks it's a hilarious name which makes it easy to remember! :)
better than Y2 anyway -_- but the judges ended up calling us Y1 and Y2 hehehehe quite funny

all the contestants on stage with the 3 主持人

Edwin, YZ's cuz! thanks Edwin for staying all the way til the end!!

Yifeng-jie! she's really funny (and very suan xiao) poor YZ kena suan left right centre. bwahaha.

the lovely flowers are from the SYC peeps :) thank you Woon for calling in the troops! you guys are awesome!

YZ's sister Glynise & bf who rushed down after work and stayed til the end specially to support us! 辛苦你们了!!

half of the SYC peeps! excluding Aini & Charlene who also came down but left already!

Woon ♥

supporters from FM :)

Elaine dearest & Felicia with me!

those two guys are called "小老板"! they put up a great show as well! Bernard (the first guy) also helped us alot and "saved" YZ's outfit with a couple of his own accessories that he loaned to YZ! damn helpful. seriously! we're competitors leh still help us! bwahaha. thank you so much :)

love love! no flowers for Vday but nvm at least my lovely friends provided me with the flowers hehehe YZ can fake it.

K歌2击队 (Power Duet) is the name of the programme,
it will start airing on Channel 8 on the 1st of March, Tues 8PM.

the episode we recorded is episode #4, which will be aired on the 22nd March so remember to catch it if you're at home! i'll be having choir rehearsal though ;( anyone knows how to record down the programme? hope i dont look too fat on TV! ;(

PS. next round is on March 6th, NOT MARCH 7!!! it's a Sunday night! please do come and support, i promise it'd be heaps of fun!!! email me or sms me for tickets okay! :)


  1. haha babe i can get my dad to record for you. i have dvr

  2. i can't wait to see u on TV!!!!!! :D

  3. Hello Yina! Congrats on getting to the next round :) I think you might be able to watch it on! hahaha :)

  4. Wow congrats man!! Does it mean that I have to chope you early early when I get back? hehe.

  5. @Woonplease ask your dad to record for ussssss i love you hehehe

  6. @applestory thanks apple!! i can't wait, but i'm pretty worried i'd look bad! ><

  7. @Anonymous thank you dear! yaa there's xinmsn! hahaha. 3 more weeks D: D: D:

  8. @Tambourine haha when are you back tams!!!! lemme know earlier please omg my schedule is packed til end of March! :(


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