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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hello folks im baaaaack from Korea!!!
:D :D :D

it was freezing over there, especially on the mountains, the temperature was about -17deg! D:
our fingers and toes nearly froze to death.

had fun skiing and met some new/old friends!
totally by coincidence, one of the new friends i met at the show audition is actually the primary schoolmate of Gina and her younger sister is my secondary school mate and Lina's primary school classmate too! D: small world!

didnt shop much except for some skincare stuff, cos we travelled in a tour group :(
plus i had my naggy father behind us all the way as we were shopping and he is such a spoilsport when it comes to shopping.
but he bought my momma a 2.55 jumbo flap from Incheon Airport! D:

it was a pretty short trip so i'm just gonna spam pictures. took like over 1k pictures but i just chose about a hundred!

polaroids we took before leaving home! poor doggies were alone for 6 days! we bought back doggie clothes for them though :D :D :D

reached Incheon Airport at 6am and it was -1deg cold!

we went to Everland, the themepark!

ugly jump shot! gina looks damn chor lor.
randomly: love my (fake) fred perry tote it is super good for travelling!!!
family portrait! who looks like who. i think we all dont really look alike.

daddy won mummy a heart soft toy! bwahaha so cute.

first proper Korean dinner, consisting of cabbage/pork stew and various preserved veggies/kimchi!

visited some markets but many stalls were closed cos it was chu er!

jamie and jeryl! jamie's the one who's also participating in the tv show and jeryl's lina's primary school classmate. small world!

we went to yong pyong ski resort where winter sonata was filmed! it was even colder on the mountains ><

snowwww on the ground but we didnt experience any falling snow ;(

took a gondola to the top of the mountain where it was a freezing -17deg! with lots of cold blustering wind too!

photo taken braving the cold winds and freezing fingers/toes

random picture of preserved fish

steamboat soup for lunch!

me with mumsy. all changed into ski attire and ready to take on the slopes!

we look quite professional here :D

the four of us trekked up a very long slope (took us 20 minutes to reach the spot we skiied down from! with our heavy ski boots and ski equipment) and took about 2 minutes to reach the bottom of the slope, but it was super exhilarating and mad fun! ;D ;D ;D good exercise too, hehe. see all the ants in the background? that's where we climbed up from!

very proud of our little feat. it's really hard to climb up with all the ski equipment. lol we were perspiring like mad when we got there! not cold anymore!

winter sonata backdrop! so nais.

all the polaroids taken in the snow were kinda overexposed cos the snow was too bright and reflected too much light! :(

gina & i swopped coats ;D actually the houndstooth one is mine but we bought both coats together anyway!

my favouritest strawberries!!!!! so so so mad yummy. extremely sweet and juicy, not like our lousy imported strawberries! ;(

shopping on the streets of Korea's 女人街!

i bought a pair of spectacles for like only 4 dollars or something! love it.

there were mad many shoes/boots all on sale for like 30 bucks or less! didnt buy any though :(

skewered meat selling at roadside stalls. yumzz.

paparazzi shot!

taken outside the parliament house of Korea or something of the sort.

fail jump shot!

we went for kimchi making! bwahahaha. i hate kimchi though ;( dont like that stuff.

and put on a hanbok!

after which we went shopping again!! at dongdaemun this time, bought a couple shirts for YZ and myself!

ginseng chicken soup.

souvenirs for sale everywhere!

and once again my favourite strawberries. we bought 5 boxes of that thing and finished it in 6 days! love.

new coat bought the day before!

totally the best meal of the trip. korean style bbq meat!!!!!!

along with a platter of new year goodies, something like our "lou hei" except theirs is a popiah wrap thingy with many ingredients

nian gao in soup!


more shopping in seoul, this time in myeongdong and namdaemun! didnt buy much already plus i had no more money left :(
we did eat practically everything we came across on the streets though! :X

all the cute boys endorsing their skincare products. its all boys! no more girls!

giant custard cream puff!

super cute furry socks on sale! can't see myself wearing them in sg, but they are so cute.

mumsy shopping for hair accessories. daddy is bored out of his wits.

piping hot nian gao in chilli sauce!!! best thing to have on a cold winter day.

another pair of glasses, but shades this time! pretty cheap too, about 15 bucks or less? love the tortoiseshell color :D

mooore food. caramelised potatoes!

this cutest ever kid hugging a mascot! when she walked off, she waved bye bye to it! so sweet!

tornado potato thingy!!!


and we saw angry birds soft toys!! bwahaha.

asking for directions from the info guides. they speak mandarin! and directed us to our next food find..

soft serve ice cream that's super taallll!

eating ice cream in cold weather is quite shiok cos the ice cream never melts. woohoo!

mummy sampling some potato sticks!

a stall along namdaemun selling all sorts of tape. shiny and colorful!

same year schoolmates!

some duck steamboat soup...

along with sotong

and fish roe bibimbap!

one of the restaurants we went to for breakfast had a super adorable little dog outside. it looks like a daschund retriever mix! like the dog from Up!

so cuteeee. we were trying to tempt it with food.

swapping coats again!

group photo with our tour guides and photographer at the airport!

and the much coveted bag. bahhh.

sunset as we flew into the skies

and reached home to our two loving dogs! we dressed them up immediately in their new clothes hehe

hello kitty for QQ

and a checkered sweater for Baby! mwahaha. sooo cuteeeezzzz


random pictures from my iphone:

OTD to airport!

i'll get my own one soon. *sulk

they're so happy we're back.

and that's the end!!!
TVD officially "reopens" tomorrow, so we'll start getting back to all the emails and etc soon!

still on my very nua holiday mood.

remember to submit your entries for the contest to!
the necklaces have arrived and they're mad pretty. if no one enters the contest, i'll keep the necklace for myself!!! hohohohoh.
evil evil evil.

look out for the next launch as well,
most probably Thurs or Sunday night :P we'll be launching the lace insert tunic in 4 colors,
here's what it looks like:

you might remember me wearing the white version in this entry here,
it comes in four colors, one size fits all! awesome basic. all my friends kept it for themselves i think we dont have enough left to sell. bwahahaha.


i have 6 days to crash diet. dont think it's gonna work :(
tried my best to eat as little carbs as possible in Korea, but when it's so cold on the streets, all you feel like doing is eating!!! bad. very baaad.

hope everyone had a great CNY too! so many people are falling sick left right centre though its scary D: drink more water everyone!

til the next update!!!!


  1. hi, im heading to korea in june so just wanna ask if the food is expensive there? thks! and any tips? :)

  2. What four colours do the lace insert tunic come in? And how much is it priced at? It's nice! (:

  3. hi babe, how long is the lace insert tunic and whats the max ptp it can accommodate? looks short but hot on you! (:

  4. @Anonymous hey babe! the korean won is relatively weak compared to the sgd now so the stuff there isnt too expensive! food wont cost you more than 10 plus bucks per meal? :) and skincare there is really cheap!!

  5. @Anonymous it comes in magenta (the color shown in the picture) blue, white and pale apple green! :) price hasnt been fixed yet but it is slightly costier due to the workmanship of the lace details and embroidery :)

  6. @Anonymous haha it's meant to be worn with shorts or a bandage skirt underneath cos i love the peak a boo lace portion at the bottom of the tunic so much i didnt want to make it into a dress (dress will require an inner lining and wont have that peek a boo effect!) so dont worry about the length :) the max PTP should be pretty big, a big UK10 at least should be able to fit! :)

  7. hey very pretty photos, korea looks so fun! can i ask where you and your sis got your jackets from? the houndstooth and red ones? were they ex? :)

  8. @Anonymous hi babe! they were from veeko at plaza sing! :) if i remember rightly, it cost about 70 over dollars for each coat after the promotional discount. hope that helps!

  9. when are you launching babe! tonight? :D

  10. hi, all your pictures taken in your holiday trip are beautiful. Care to share what camera you're using? :)

  11. @Anonymous thank you, i use the olympus e-p1 :)

  12. I love the boots you were wearing in Korea! Where did you get them from? Could you take a close-up picture of them please? =) Thanks!!

  13. @Mel hello, i bought them from a shop at City Plaza called Tip Toe, it's on the 2nd floor! :)

  14. hello, your pictures is damn nice. may i know what camera are you using? and what kind of app or software for the editing part. so nice! anyway your singing is awesome! :)


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