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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


last Monday was a surprise birthday celebration for two awesome girls.. MegaMin!!! :D :D :D
poor Reenie had to plan for this occasion secretly to keep the two girls in the dark, but it turned out pretty successfully!

we started with the surprise cake..

surprise turn out!

birthday girl got to be the princess :D

YZ's the two horned something. damn cartoon!

all forced to don party hats. bwahaha.

poh family!

cake cutting ceremony! the cake was yummsss.

meet the poh sisters

1, 2, 3... HUAT AH!!!!!

domino's pizza, those cinnamon stix thingamy are the best!!!!!

and here arrives our 2nd birthday girl.. Mega!! she thought that she came to celebrate Min's birthday but another surprise birthday cake was sprung on her too! :D

happy happy :)

YZ & I! see the boy has been working hard at losing weight, his face now very sharp already hor? he's gonna be skinnier than me on stage for the next recording liao! *zi bei*

BWAHAHAHAHA. this is the most nicest of the candid shots liao the rest cannot be put up for public consumption.

fuji instaxs!

the geek duo

even the drinks/fruits auntie contributed with her fresh fruit platters!! awww so sweet :)))))

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAMIN!!! love you girls!

anyway, the next recording for the show has been shifted to 6th March Sunday instead of 7th March Monday! drop me an email if you're interested to come watch!!! :D :D :D


  1. naiseee :)
    love the pix and wahahaha the duo MEGAMIN pix was indeed the nicer ones as compared to how they posed that day.


  2. where is this place where you guys celebrated?

  3. Hi may i know where is place in the pictures? i love the clothes and bags seen in the pictures...would love to shop there :)

  4. hey yina, you know lifang? haha she's my god sis in law. such a small world..(:


  5. hi, what is the brand of the polaroid camera you guys used?

  6. Hi, may i know where did the birthday girl bought her navy dress? It's look gorgeous:)


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