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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas was a blast but now i'm fat

just a shitload of random pictures from Christmas weekend! i really didn't do much this Christmas weekend, on Christmas Eve, i spent my day in office clearing emails and stocking in new stuff at Kissjane, then YZ and i went to collect our turkey and quiche we ordered from Hans and went home to happy happy happy family Christmas celebration!!! ^___^

my family ain't big on Christmas, but mummy cooked her awesome beehoon and curry and together with the super delicious turkey and quiche and cookies Gina baked and baby donuts from J Co we had a wonderful time feasting :D so happy! 
$2 cheap cheap christmas hats and accessories all from Daiso! :D as usual, QQ is so bad at taking pictures. she refuses to keep still for the camera!
with mumsy!
the best freaking turkey i've ever had :D :D :D sooo good!!!!!!!!
mummy slicing up the yummy bacon quiche
mumsy and Lina
poor QQ kena forced to be an impostor of a reindeer hah but her head so small can only fit one antler! ahaha.

and all i did on Christmas day itself was sleep sleep and sleep more!!! :D so shiok! and then YZ and i went out to catch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at night. quite a good watch with lots of action! funny, too. we hardly go out to watch movies :D so it was a nice date ^_^

followed by family lunch on Boxing Day! i secretly enjoy spending time together with my entire family cos it's so rare to get all five of us (+ YZ) all together at the same time. had fantastic lunch at Thai Village and went to Taka cos mummy needed to exchange something at LV. 
heehee. and then we all went back home, and Gina and I started on our spring cleaning cos we're renovating our room before CNY! i barely got started =_= all i did was to throw out lots of rubbish and organize my makeup. didn't even get to my wardrobe wtf which is in the biggest mess!!! it's a disgrace. mummy can't stop nagging at me to start throwing out and packing the clothes.

instagram pictures!
Christmassy on eve!
the sisters :D
bought this cake from Taka, it's yummy! tastes like a marriage of chiffon sponge cake + kueh lapis. expensive, though!!
oh and i was so excited to realize that my teeth have started shifting already :D :D :D :D DO YOU SEE IT???
YZ found my Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette while helping me pack! YAYYYY *dances in joy* i thought mummy accidentally threw it out, but nooo she packed it together with my storybooks LOL. 
my domesticated BF. bwahahaha. 
and then i started organizing my make up... look at the number of Kpalette eyeliners i've gone through!! crazyyyyyyy
and i seriously have tooooo many eyeshadow palettes for my own good!! i need to curb this buying eyeshadow palettes thing. i only have two eyes hello?? and some of the colors are sooo repetitive! like i have a similar shade of blue from three different brands! =_=

i had such a lovely Christmas with my family and YZ even though it was nothing spectacular . i'm so happy to be able to spend some time with my parents, most of the time, i get home late and i don't even see my parents everyday cos they're already asleep when i'm home. so i'm glad that this long Christmas weekend was spent together with my family!


as you might be able to tell, i've been eating and snacking a lot and pigging out, and i've put on weight quite significantly.... D: D: D: HORRORS!!!! i'm not exaggerating, my face is so chubby in all the pictures above, and i feel really really flabby. i went to weigh myself this morning and it was terrible D: i put on like 3kg!!! FML ): 

this won't do at all, so i restart my diet today and i'm making sure i'll keep to my diet this time round, and i found this really amazing app that's gonna help me!!! y'all know how in my weight loss post, i was talking about how keeping a food diary and having a weight loss buddy will really help you in succeeding in losing weight? now we can be virtual weight loss pals together on myfitnesspal!!! (this is not an advertisement!)

go and download myfitnesspal from the app centre, and add me as a friend (my user name is yinagoh) to join me on this weight loss journey together!!! it's really cool, you can input your current weight/height, targeted weight, and then you can clock in your calories everyday into the food diary and the app will calculate for you how many calories you ought to be taking in! can even calculate calories for our local hawker food and all that cos the database is very extensive! can't think of any better way to keep track of your calories.
me on myfitnesspal. 0 kg lost so far :D but i will work to losing at least 4-5kg!
supposedly i only get 1240 calories to spend a day. so from now on i will try to be religious in keeping my food diary to make sure i don't exceed my daily calorie intake!
so that's for today.. i just had Red Mango after Pilates! :) gonna be going for Pilates 2 times a week as well to work out and keep fit :)

i will really work hard at the diet this time, especially when the app is able to track all my food intake D: you have to be diligent and conscientious, if not the app won't help! do come and join me on myfitnesspal if you're struggling with weight loss as well, we can help and motivate one another! ^_^

lastly, posting three VERY VERY CHIO pictures of myself to motivate myself to look better and lose weight successfully. LOL.
iphone front camera shots are the best. can take your most chioest angles ever
partying at Zouk KL, i look kind of spastic but in a cute way LOL i like.
wahahaha love iPhone apps. all kinds of nonsense apps also have!!!

aite. come look for me on myfitnesspal okay! really!!! i can't wait to see results real soon! in time for CNY i hope :D stay happy and healthy everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Sophie Monk Strawberry Byebye Blackhead!

i'm sure i'm not the only one who's fascinated with blackheads/whiteheads and removing them.. LOL.. it's damn shiok and gross at the same time to squeeze blackheads, but we all know that removing blackheads by yourself can be very problematic, cos it might lead to your pores getting infected and even cause pitted/enlarged pores!! D:

if you don't know what blackheads/whiteheads are....

A blackhead is a yellow or blackish bump or plug on the skin. A blackhead is a type of acne vulgaris. Contrary to the common belief that it is caused by poor hygiene, blackheads are caused by excess oils that have accumulated in the sebaceous gland's duct. The substance found in these bumps mostly consists of keratin and modified sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland), which darkens as it oxidizes. Clogged hair follicles, where blackheads often occur, reflect light irregularly to produce a blackhead's "black" hue. For this reason, the blockage might not necessarily look black when extracted from the pore, but may have a more yellow-brown colour as a result of its melanin content. 

In contrast, a "whitehead" (more commonly known as a pimple or a closed comedo) is a follicle that is filled with the same material, sebum, but lacks a small opening to the skin surface. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidized, and remains white.

i've tried many blackhead removers on the market, including stuff like Biore's pore strip (shiok to peel off but abit pain!), massage oil like Faceshop's Green tea oil (leaves my nose feeling oily...) and masks like Kose's mask white (super freaking expensive)! however, Sophie Monk's Strawberry Blackhead ByeBye set is really special cos it comes with three different products that you need to use all together for maximum efficacy!
Strawberry Blackhead Byebye set comes with three products labeled 1, 2 and 3! 1 is the Deep Sebum Softener, 2 is the Sebum Purifying Mask and 3 is the Pure Treatment Essence! it's really very simple to use!

make sure your face is clean, then just use the Deep Sebum Softener to gently massage your nose, so as to allow the blackheads and etc to be removed more easily! make sure your nose is still wet when you proceed to step 2, which is application of the Sebum Purifying Mask!
this is what the texture of the mask looks like. it's more watery than i expected, so be careful when you're squeezing it out of the tube, cos you might end up like me, squeezed too much of the product out! D: anyway, it smells totally yummy!! kind of like strawberry flavored pocky :D there are also little beads in it so it's slightly grainy!

you need to apply the layer of mask thick enough, if not you won't be able to peel it off properly when it dries! apply it all over your T zone if required, for me i just did the nose and surrounding area!

WTF PPL!!! look at all those disgusting blackheads!!!

you gotta wait til the mask is totally dry before peeling it off, if not you'd be left with bits of wet mask all over your nose!! i think it takes at least 30 minutes to dry properly, after which you just need to gently peel it from the bottom to the top! not painful at all! i was like super grossed out with all the blackheads and tiny facial hairs that the mask removed!!!!! D: D: D: included a close up HAHAHA for your viewing pleasure. (i think i'm a little obsessed cos i couldn't stop staring at all the blackheads on the mask it was just so grossly fascinating....) 

in conclusion, i pronounce the blackheads removing a success!!! some of the blackheads that didn't come out (too big i think!) were easily squeezed out (since they were already softened with the Deep Sebum Softener...) with that metal extractor thingy. i squeezed them out before using the Pure Treatment Essence to tighten my pores! :D :D :D the essence dries to a non-sticky/oily feeling so you don't even have to wash anything off after using the product! two thumbs up for this product, cos i really love it! ;D
some other products i got from Sophie Monk are these Double Lifting Masks, which are among the best selling items in Singapore and in Taiwan! the masks have a full chin wrap that hooks onto the ears, these masks create a lifting effect while allowing its active botanical ingredients to penetrate, moisturize and firm the skin.

the Double Lifting Masks cater to five different skincare needs:
1. Whitening (Makiyo's favorite Double Lifting Mask)
2. Hydrating
 3. V Shaping
 4. Pore Minimizing
 5. Moisturizing

i havent gotten a chance to try these masks yet, but i heard they're really good! :D once i've tried them i'll do another review again ^_^ for those who're keen to try these products, the Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye set retails at $25.90 and the Double Lifting Masks retail at $2 each. All Sophie Monk products are available at Guardian!

my latest look! kind of going for natural but still with colored contacts and falsies ahaha. i tried this double eye lid tape from Sasa recommended by Qiuting, in an attempt to even out my eyes (i have ptosis in one eye and my eyelids are uneven) love the falsies from DUP and the brown contacts from Freshlook are really natural but help to brighten the eyes! :D

gonna have a quiet Christmas this year, all i want for Christmas is to nua my weekend away and get some lazy time together with YZ! haven't really spent time with him properly for awhile now cos we've been working pretty hard at the office the last few weeks to churn out new collections in time for the festive season, and all my dear friends have been in and out of office to be my very willing Christmas elves. appreciate them all so much!
drowning in parcels D: my self-sacrificial Eils baybeh came to help us pack when she was supposed to be out celebrating her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EILS BAYBEH. your present i pass to you on Monday so you better come and have lunch with me :D love love.

hope everyone has a superduperfantasticawesomemax Christmas, with your family and loved ones and friends!!! ^_^ spread the love, show some appreciation for those people around you, and i'm sure your Christmas will be a wonderful one! oh. don't eat so much or you'd end up like me ): i keep on binging non-stop on junk food, i don't know if it's cos i'm feeling festive or just cos i'm too stressed from the crazy amount of things to get done everyday! =_= i am gonna get so so so so fat! *depressed* don't mind me... just ranting. it's like my diet always fails. ugh. ok let's talk about dieting again once CNY is over. hahahaha.

til then, STAY HAPPY!!! :D :D :D love love love *sprinkles stardust and love all over*

have yourself a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

BACK from the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Marriot Putrajaya!!! 

what a mouthful of words =_=

when the awards were last held in 2009 in Singapore, i was like almost non-existent in the blogosphere or something. this current blog was started sometime in 2009? so yea i wasn't into the whole blog community thingamy and all that! but things have changed since i joined Nuffnang in 2010, and i got to know a whole bunch of awesome bloggers and friends through events, activities and the likes!

woke up way too early after the late photoshoot the night before and packed frantically like my life depended on it. and YZ dropped me off at the Nuffnang office where we were to meet everyone else to board our coaches to KL! anyway, hate my camera cos the flash died on me and it was like close to impossible to take good pictures in the dim lighting during the dinner and after party. FML. told the Olympus Service Centre that the flash was not working liao, but in the end still like that, wasted my time to make a second trip down to send it for repair AGAIN. plus half my pictures from the awards night turned out like shit =_= so, am gonna insert random instagram-ed pictures. follow my instagram @yinagoh for more pictorial updates on the go!
shades are your best friend on long coach rides cos you know, it gives you some privacy (especially me i sleep with one eye open wtf it's very unglam) and you can snooze in peace on the long journey :)
with my bus buddy Valerie and the two Nuffies behind us are Gabby and Jayne who take care of us (and our blogs)! finally got to meet them in person cos i've only been communicating with them via phone and emails for the last couple months. teehee. they are super nice girls!

it was a terribly long ride and it took us like 7 hours to reach the hotel, with pit stops in between and all that! so tiring cos the coach wasn't the most comfortable lor. luckily, Val and i stocked up with necessary amenities at Mustafa before the ride LOL. well equipped with chocolate digestives and biscuits and chips and all that. we were supposed to reach the hotel at 2 ish or something, and reached at like almost 4PM! 
christmas decorations up at Marriot.. snowflakes!!!
waiting to check in to our rooms

actually had an appointment with the hair stylist from 76style at 3PM so we were late late late! rushed off to the special make-up room when we arrived at Marriot, to get our hair done!
my hair stylist was called Steve, and he did this awesome braid into side swept hair do pony tail thingy for me. it's like damn nice! Wendy aka Xiaxue was also getting her hot pink hair styled into curls as well. omg leh i'm getting my hair styled next to the queen of bloggers! 有爽到的感觉! #cheapthrill

look at the amount of makeup on the table! we didn't have time to get our makeup done by the stylists as well, so, hair only.
from the side/back, this is what the braided section look like. cool right! thank you 76style for the hair styling!

checked into the awesome hotel room! i was sharing a room with Bea, but she left the morning after the dinner, so i had it all to myself the next night. one king sized bed all to myself is... 爽. hahahaha.
really spacious and very very comfortable accommodations for the two nights we spent at Marriot!
make-up time! some of the stuff i used on my eyes! eyeshadow colors from MAC and Majorlica plus K-palette eyeliner and brow liner and Lancome Virtuose mascara (my new favorite!) falsies were a gift from Ling.. dunno where they're from, but they're damn nice can!
anyway, decided to do a gold to turquoise to indigo gradient on my eyes since i was wearing a blue dress.. nice right!
coupled with Virtuose mascara on my lower lashes and some glitter liner on my inner eye corners. plus that awesome falsies from Ling! contact lens from Freshkon. my favorite pair at the moment! they're quite comfy and look really good.
random outfit picture la. both top and cardi from TVD!
another pic of my hair. is chio!
all changed into my dinner outfit! this HoH necklace is fake one by the way. imitation only hahaha. cos the original one doesn't have the abalone one for this leather stations design?!
wore a full length maxi dress! the fit is fantastic and it's vvv nice! i manufactured it for TVD too heehee.
clutch from Kate Spade and i had initially wanted to wear this mad super gorgeous pair of gold glittery bling heels from Newlook... but really cannot la. cos the shoes were way too hard and they were a size too big ): bought insoles but still couldn't walk about in them comfortably so i gave up the idea!

so i wore another pair in the end. #sadface 

went down to the grand ballroom where the NAPBAS was just getting started.. pre-dinner cocktail party!
took a picture with Steve from 76style who did my hair for me! this was while my camera flash was still working. FML stupid flash. i shoulda just brought the DSLR instead =_=
together with Huiwen, Nuffnang Singapore Country Manager! if you look closely at us, you'll notice something very funny.... i don't wanna tell you what it is. bleh.
Wendy in this super ultra mad bling dress with low back details! definitely stood out in the crowd!
with the Nuffies! Mel, Jayne, Gabby and Amanda!
with Ben and Randy! they were wearing the same shirt and shoes. so cute please.
dunno how i started talking to these two girls, hahaha. but we ended up pretty good friends by the end of the night, lol. Jean and Lenne, Lenne's a fashion photographer/blogger and she's one of the fashion blog finalists and she was dressed really awesome with a vintage glamour touch. i really like Jean's androgynous outfit and hairstyle too!
told'ya my camera was being a piece of shit. but i thought Gabby looked very cute in this candid shot hahaha. dunno where she's looking?!
Val was outstanding in her very striking outfit with lots and lots of blingggg! and as usual, she was towering over everyone else. bleh. my proportions look super stubby standing next to her!
with the other girls of more normal height heehee not so left out anymore!
and here's with my "twin" Fidelis whom everyone says we look alike. ehh i think we look more alike when you don't put us next to each other hahaha you know, the "feel" more like then the person! probably the chin and dimples though. Fidel has got bigger eyes!
seated next to Ben!
our menu for the night. 7 courses! 
the bloggers at our table! Thiang, Peggy, myself, Ben and Randy :)
with Peggy :)
there were some dance performances, singers, a standup comedian and even a pole dancing performance! quite a line-up. our table was pretty far from the stage though so didn't really get a good view.
random self portrait with instagram! i like how my eyebrows looked. the K-palette eyeliner very natural!
Medditeranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing on Cripsy Salad. long fanciful name hahaha.
we all attacked the bread basket. best ever! warm soft and fluffy bread! everyone agreed it was like probably the best course or something. ahahaha. how sad.
Puree of Split Pea Soup  with Herb Twist. another fanciful name. i would have called it green pea soup with bread stick thingy LOL.
Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint! too sweet for my liking.
Pan Fried Dory Fillet with Peach Sauce served with lagsana potatoes and garden green vegetables
Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup. yummy, this one.
by the time this plate of cookies came round, we were too stuffed to eat liao... =_= think none of us touched it! ahaha. plus i would have broken my teeth or more specifically my braces on it. 
how d'yall like my nails? did gelish on them, with a gradient and topped off with diamontes. bling bling! awesome thing about gelish is that it's super lasting! none of the diamontes have dropped off yet! D:
Xiaxue won the Most Influential Blog Award as well as the Region's Best Blog Award! didn't really come as a surprise, of course.

i honestly thought Wendy was gonna win the Best Lifestyle Blog, but she didn't, and after winning the Region's Best Blog Award, Wendy teared on stage too cos all the Nuffies bluffed her that you can only win this award once (??!) i also kena bluffed cos i was next to Huiwen during the cocktail reception, when Wendy asked Huiwen about it, Huiwen say can only win once so i wasn't expecting it too! =_= but still, genuinely happy for Xiaxue cos she's such an inspiration to many bloggers for being one of the pioneer bloggers and being so amazingly influential. even YZ finds her blog funny, and he's not someone who reads blogs lor!

who would have thought (a few years ago) that blogging could be a profession? but now.. everything's different. we can actually EARN MONEY FROM BLOGGING. thanks to Nuffnang and all the bloggers who took out that first step in faith to put their heart and soul into blogging!

and if you were curious as to all the other award winners!

Best Parenting Blog - Childhood 101 
Best Geek Blog - IPinoyLike  
Best Photography Blog - Photoblog 摄影札記 
Best Food Blog- Lady Iron Chef
Best Fashion Blog - Cheesie 
Best Lifestyle Blog - Jenni Epperson 
Most Original Blog Design - Eat, Show and Tell 
Best Travel Blog - Just Wandering 
Best Entertainment Blog - Beautiful Nara 
Best Micro-Blog - @Kennysia 
Hidden Gem - Googly Gooeys

congratulations to all the award winners for awards well deserved!!!
all the award winners on stage! the other award winner from Singapore was Ladyironchef who won the best food blog! yay! congrats, Brad!
red carpet glamour heehee. with Peggy, Fidelis, Clara and Nadia! we are so color co-ordinated. i know, right.
with Nadia who was looking curve-licious in a sexy mermaid-ish gown!
random picture, i don't even know who's the two girls on the far left and right? LOL oops. Clara, Silver, myself, Jean and Lenne! edit: ok the girl on the right is called Sochiii.
was quite tired already from the long day, but decided to still go for the after party regardless! changed into a more casual dress, the Razzle Dazzle Gem Dress from last year's collection. so glad i kept this dress cos i love the bling on it :D
and it was time for the after party at Zouk! Silver and I! she was looking really gorgeous!
stupid EP3 (i cannot seem to stop cursing the camera in this entry) flash not working again. can't even take a proper picture FML. i can't even recognize who's in the picture LOL. ok i think it's Silver, Clara and Nadia. random bouncer guy at the back?
resorted to iPhone again.

the clubbing scene in KL is really quite rocking, it was an eye opening experience for me! music was awesome and everyone was damn high! the male attention was a little too aggressive though. all the girls basically all got hit on and like even the bouncers tried to cope a feel by putting their hands on your backs when you walk past lor =_= if you ever get the chance, go check out the clubs when you're in KL to know what i mean. oh. be care of pickpockets cos we heard there were people who got their phones/money stolen! heng, nothing happened to my stuff.

it's also a really bad idea to wear platform heels to club and my feet were killing me by the end of the night! =_= gei kiang lor. we left the club at 2.30AM and when we got back to the hotel, it was 3 something already. i just washed up and crashed into bed at about 4AM.

woke up the next morning late, and all i grabbed for breakfast from the hotel international buffet breakfast (which i was so looking forward to some more!!!) was this:
wtf one half of a grilled tomato, a sausage, a beef slice and some potato wedges FML. damn sad you know??? 

we then proceed on a tour of KL's sights, which was frankly speaking, not the most interesting with our tour guide being very very boring =_= and cos the sun was so hot, Brad, Silver and i just stayed on the bus all the way, except to grab ice creams halfway through the tour LOL. luckily, we were dropped off for lunch soon at KLCC, and we came upon a cafe that looked promising, called Ben's!
menu kind of reminds one of PS Cafe.
they had this cool box of recipes, table topics and suggestions to keep diners entertained while waiting for food to be served!
definitely interesting and kept the conversation going as we discussed various table topics.
Brad's crabmeat linguine and Silver's aglio olio in the background
my mexicana tortilla wrap
some mushroom with feta cheese and salad.
posing with the food hohoho
table portrait!

the food was quite good, especially for the prices, it's like half the price of what you'd pay at PS Cafe. and we were all waiting for the best part to come around.. desserts!!! huge extensive dessert menu, and we picked these two:
apple crumble
toffee date pudding

mad yums! imagine, the desserts only cost about 11RM each. that's about $5 sing or something! all in all, only paid about 20 sing dollars for our meal. it's hard to find a restaurant in Singapore serving similar food at this kind of price!
buh-bye to KLCC
the rest of the day passed with a series of unfortunate events (Gabby fell into one of the drains cos the grilles were spoilt!!!) along the way to Sungei Wang and later to Pavilion, and i was too tired to take pictures! so sad that i didn't get any shopping done too! wanted to stay at KLCC to shop, but someone suggested we go to Sungei Wang for cheap shopping ala Far East Plaza style, but it was totally not for me, and all i did at Sungei Wang was get a 25RM express pedicure. 

in the end, all i bought was an Urban Decay palette from Sephora, which retails in Singapore for about the same price too =_=
sianz! never mind, change so much RM, got shop a bit also better than nothing.

grabbed a cab back to hotel instead of going for drinks which was part of our itinerary and had a damn good sleep on the king sized bed all by myself hahahahaha. and i made sure i woke up early enough the next day to enjoy my last breakfast at Marriot!!!
SHIOKAZOIDS. egg omelette, potato wedges, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. 
and i ate THREE of these things. chocolate croissants!!! really really really very shiok. it was worth it to wake up early :D
happy happy.

as you can tell, i gave up taking pictures with EP3 on the last day cos i dulan with the spoilt flash already. also cos i was lazy :X we checked out of the hotel at 1pm and arrived back home to a cold dreary and rainy Singapore in the evening! 

i had a wonderful time at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 and can't wait for the next awards to roll around again in two years time! glad to have met so many new friends, as well as renew existing acquaintances! it was really an unforgettable experience :D glad i didn't ask YZ along hohoho. cos if he went, i wouldn't have the chance to interact with other people so much :X hahaha.

ok. abrupt end. five more days to Christmas only! so fast. don't have any plans this Christmas yet though. does everyone celebrate Christmas?? meh.

if you need to shop for an outfit for your man this Christmas though, i got a new mens apparel shop to introduce! good quality stuff, YZ has been shopping there already :D :D :D

what YZ got.. checked flannel shirt! melikes the forest green color. vvv smart looking. trying to make YZ dress up more hahahaha. sign up as a member to get 5% discount!

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