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Thursday, September 30, 2010



gimme some time please to reply to the horrendous backlog of emails in my personal inbox and also in TVD's.
i very scared i havent dared to open TVD's inbox yet :(

reality hits very hard after 2 weeks of holidaying :(
AND that's before i check my card bills. i have NEVER spent so much in my entire life wtf i dont even wanna think about it.
oh and my complexion is totally mad chui now. breakouts all over my face! :(

4264343539 emails to reply,
26 comic pages to paint,
3433 photos taken on the trip,
666 arches climbed,
134542 gelatos ate,
even more uncountable pastas and pizzas,
8 cities,
1 sleeper train,
many train rides,
4 H&M outlets visited,
551 steps up the vatican,
463 steps up the duomo,
a million and one thousand steps lugging luggage on cobbled streets
3 great travel companions,
12 hours on a plane ride,
1 loving boyfriend to pick me up at the airport,

and i am home.

it was a fabulous trip! much love to my darlings fish, aini & woon.
for tolerating my snoring at night LOL. and my nonsense and rubbish and bad jokes.
we made it!

the view from the top of the duomo.

i dont think i should start editing the 3433 pictures now because i will just die and also end up not doing anything else.
and i think i'm still living on italy time because it's close to 5am already! :( ok work work. i'll try to put up pictures soon!

and i also left my phone in italy so i'm technically not home yet. sorry if you sms-ed/bbm-ed me and didnt get any reply! :( woon is bringing back my phone for me on Friday so i should be contactable by Friday or Saturday -_-



Monday, September 27, 2010

imma shooting star!

woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to attend the Laurier "I'm a shooting star!" Challenge! was invited by NN as one of the 11 blogger teams to take part in the event :D

XX and a couple of other bloggers were judging the entries! not that they really did anything to judge la because it's just score tabulation! quite sad because we took alot of effort to find a real red ferrari but the winning teams (the fastest few to complete the challenge) mostly all used substitutions like a Ferrari toy car and etc :( i even called YZ down specially for his two dimples for task #8! all that effort and we didnt get even a consolation despite full marks for accuracy. awwww.

ran into an old secondary school mate and also tiffy at the event too! hello sheila and tiffy! heh. the winning teams all looked very li hai! especially this duo who were really tan and sporty looking and they got like 2nd prize or something. bet they're a pro at such events!

other than getting the Polaroid for keeps and a goodie bag with assorted Biore/Asience/Laurier samples and products,
Laurier and Nuffnang also got the bloggers a cute little dollhouse!!!

awesomeeee. supply for the next 6 months teehee. and they are REALLY comfy!!! yay!
THANKS Laurier and Nuffnang! :D :D :D had a blast at the event!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ciao from italy!

finally got a connection after one whole week! D:
competition is over and the sightseeing has just began. mad excitezzzzz!
not much time to update properly, but a few of the million and one pictures from my camera!
















all pictures from my olympus ep1, unedited! mad love.
see y'all when i'm back home! one more week to go! i'm eating a whole lot of pasta, pizza, gelato and basically very fattening but absolutely delicious food and i'm sure i put on alot of weight but am lovin' it! we'll talk about dieting when i'm back in singapore >< one more week to go til then! ciao!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ITALY 我來了!

i shall leave you with snippets of last year's concert which was VERY GOOD.

must listen to the videos!! the music is really beautiful.
wish us all the best!!!!

Feature: ES Creations!

HELLO all!!!
i've got a site with the most gorgeous accessories to introduce to y'all today!

EverydayShopper Creations (other wise known as ES Creations) is a sister site of Everyday Shopper, selling accessories instead of apparel! and they have got beautiful and intricate vintage accessories and jewellery, which are all definitely handmade with love by the owner, Anna, too! the best part of all must be that their prices are all so very affordable and won't burn a hole in your pocket!

please take a look at these lovely creations. MAD PRETTY!!!

Anna's forte is wired rings like the above, but she has also ventured out into making other equally gorgeous accessories such as handmade necklaces and charms!

the hair pin in the bottom right corner is soooooooo pretty! i love it very much. everything has a very nice vintage feel to it!

and another set of adorable vintage rings. these will jazz up your look with a touch of old-school Victorian style for sure!

i LOVE flower & also bird accessories!!! i am so gonna get that pair on the left. awwwwww. love the color!

all the accessories are all so so pretty right!!!
i know that it's one of those sites that i will frequent for pretty new finds all the time!

don't forget to join ES Creations's mailing list here!

Facebook link:!/group.php?gid=129960278848
Twitter link:
Readers can also follow Anna's blog:

and a special promotion especially for you all!

quote my name YINA to get a special $1 discount off every handmade item from ES Creations,
this discount is valid for the whole of September! (only applicable on ES Creations and not EverydayShopper) and by the way i really think their accessories are mad affordable already! now that you can get another dollar off, you have absolutely no reason to hesitate anymore! ;)

go go check out ES Creations now!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


counting down, 4 days to italy!
haven't packed a single bit of my luggage. and i have a million & one things to do.

SO SO SO MAD HAPPY because all available in-stocks for the rosette toga dress sold out within like a couple hours of launch? omgggggg. SO thankful for all the tremendous support by all friends and customers! teehee soo many of my friends wanted a piece of the dress ^_^ <-- i hardly use this smiley but i reaaaally veh happy about it ^___________^

backorders are up here!!! it is really a lovely dress. JOIN THE BO!

there are still sooooo many unlaunched items that i love! trying to figure out a way for Gina to handle the shop by herself while i'm away for 2 weeks :( hopefully we'll still be able to launch perhaps once or twice!!! please expect slower replies cos i dont think Gina will be able to access TVD inbox while she's at work and i wont have internet access for at least one whole week while i'm there!!! :(((

so worried i'm gonna come back to a whole inbox full of fuming emails. CHOY CHOY TOUCH WOOD.

but meanwhile, there's still a million and one gorgeous awesome mad chio items coming right up for y'all!!! the pleated chiffon dress (as seen in above pictures) is one of the dresses coming up in the next launch and it's my current favourite, elegant, slimming and of course, it's chiffon. LOVE chiffon! it's a sheer chiffon outer piece with a comfy inner petticoat. much love!

and SOO SOO many more. ok ok i'm very excited. hope to launch one last collection before i fly off Tuesday night!

and i really can't wait for Italy. HELLO to the land of parma ham and pasta and gelato!!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Series 27 preview

ok here's a preview of the 4 colors proper :D
hope you like! will try to launch 8 Sep Wed 8.30pm! wait for the mailer for confirmed launch timing! :)

remember to state your size when commenting cos it comes in S or M!
and also the length should be fine on most girls because it's about 33.5" to 34" if i remember rightly. so tallies dont have to worry that it'd be too short!

ps. you can hop over to JY's blog to check out the dress too because she looks awesome fab in the nude one!


happy birthday daddy!

daddy's birthday and we celebrated his birthday again at the same old place, daddy seriously never gets bored of LBK D:
ohwell it was his dinner party after all and he paid for it! anyway daddy looks sooo old with his grey hair when it's not dyed black. he says he wants to leave it au naturale though, so that he can be a dignified, edified old gentleman wtf.

happy birthday daddy dearest!!

may you live to a healthy ripe old age and be the famous-est arowana breeder in singapore. and earn lots of money and huat big big so that you can leave a massive inheritance for us next time. LOL. ok just kidding :/ maybe not.

and i took the opportunity to wear out TVD's latest manufactured dress!!! it is soooo mad chio x 100000 i swear.

chiffon rosette toga dress with a detachable sash in 4 gorgeous colors, you can choose to wear it with or without the sash depending on the look you prefer! i like it both ways, depending. the rosette detail on the shoulder is hand-sewn by the way! and the material is very soft and smooth chiffon with a thick inner lining. even the lighter colors are hardly sheer at all, we were super super pleased with the workmanship!!!

it also comes in sizes toofor a better fit! i really like sizes cos generally the fit is better and with sizes there are no more ugly smocked backs or elastic bands. size S will fit a UK6-8 while size M fits big UK8-10! me ish wearing size M :)

SO SO SO GORGEOUS i swear. it's my favourite manufactured apparel to date!
there are more manufactured stuff coming right up too :) i have a love/hate relationship with choosing colors for manufactured designs. SIGHHH sometimes it seems like theres soooo many colors to choose and it should be an easy job, but at other times it is soooo difficult to decide on the colors!

the four colors for this dress are all very pretty in their own ways though! nude is definitely the most elegant, while jade green is very special and will stand out from the crowd! rose pink brightens up the skin tone and makes everyone look radiant, while indigo (the colour of the original piece!) is mad flattering as well and is my favourite color!!!

ugh ok wanted to blog more but i have a massive headache and i just puked out abit of dinner :( i cannot fall sick cause italy is in 7 days time! and i need to do up the post for the launch of the luuurvely toga dress too :(

hoping to launch tmr night!
hope i feel better soon! shall go and rest for abit first.
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