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Monday, August 30, 2010

more on cavitation

i googled around for abit more information on cavitation (the fat loss treatment i'm doing),
so here's two web pages i found with pretty informative stuff!

apparently the cavitation emulsifies the fat cells and liquifies it, and it comes out in your pee D: and you're supposed to drink 1.5L of water before and after every session! (damn, the therapist only mentioned to drink lots of water after, she didnt mention about the before!)

ok but now i know.
and i went for the 2nd session last week!

actually, i dont remember if it was 30 mins of cavitation or 30 mins of lymphatic drainage.. but the entire session is about an hour long.

another 2 sessions to go before italy! *fingers crossed for results* will update again after another 2 sessions! if results are good i think i will consider doing it on my arms as well teehee :X hopefully it'll be a good investment!!!

Aesthetic Works
Please call 6493 3678 for enquiries or appointments

80 Marine Parade Road
#05-06/07/17 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

ps. consultation is absolutely free once again so if you're keen you can always ring them up to book an appt with the doctor!
pps. i'm not getting paid to advertise for them so don't get this wrong! i'm promoting them because i've been going to AW for about 4 years now and i promised to help my doctor promote his services and clinic :P


been feeling utterly unproductive lately :(
it's like a kind of curse, whenever i have freelance, i feel extra sleepy at night wtf. i'm sucha escapist and procrastinator :( :( :(
and i'm leaving for Italy in about 15 days time and i am going to be soooo broke. and while i'm going to Italy my dad is bringing my mom and sis to Hokkaido! wtf my father dont want to bring me to Hokkaido.


outfit pictures have been scarce too because ive been busy and lazy both, havent dressed up much nor been anywhere,
mad busy week because Sunday is concert day and i have like 4 rehearsal days in this week alone. plus TVD will most prob be launching a new collection tomorrow or something so i'm gonna be mad busy :(

the vintage postman satchel will be up in the next launch methinks :) it's awesome, i love it! the mesh top is super comfy too! havent taken pictures for it yet though.

love the maxi from series 25! i wanted to go out with a flower in my hair but i looked like i was going to the beach, and i was headed to town -.- so i removed the flower ahaha.

backie to workie now! procrastinator. i ought to be shot.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

oh, dear! it's been three years!

yayness! got the pictures from the shoot we did last weekend with oh, dear!

i've been admiring oh, dear!'s vintage styled photography for quite some time now, so i decided to contact Melody to engage their services to do a couple shoot for YZ & I, to sort of commemorate our three years together :)

in case you're keen on booking oh, dear! for a shoot as well, just so you know, Melody is soooo popular that she's already fully booked all the way til like November or something! D: so remember to book in advance hor!

we had alot of fun during the shoot, i brought the doggies along and they were SO adorable. and i had to last minute source for outfits and also props for YZ and myself to go with the whole vintage feel that oh, dear! does so well! we managed to get our outfits settled and all in the end teehee. though it's nothing fancy, but i quite like the simplicity of it! :) like what Melody says la, people in love look good no matter what :X

anyways, Melody and Justin (her lovely husband who is also part of oh, dear!) were super accommodating and lovely people! definitely the kind of photographers you want to work with for a shoot because they are so friendly and make you feel extremely at ease :) it was a fantastic experience! enough blabbering, i'm gonna put up some of my favourite pictures from the shoot :)


teeheee this shot looks damn crazy lor hahha. YZ can jump super high!

ending off with my favourite shot in black & white :)

hope you like them too!
you can find out more about oh, dear! on their website below:
Melody just recently did an Up! (the movie) themed photoshoot and it looks superrr duperrrr cute. awww.

anyhow, if you do contact Melody and book a shoot, remember to do your homework in advance ok! get the outfits, props, locations figured out properly! and bring tissue cos it's gonna be mad hot and sweaty after awhile and you don't wanna look like that. and put more makeup (for the girls) cos it's gonna melt in the sun. hahahahaha. it's mad duper fun so enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


first visit to PS Cafe at Dempsey!

salad with dips!

yummyyy bread board.


that's mushroom on those fries. IT'S. MAD. DELICIOUS.

playing with asparagus -_-

my main course, miso cod on pumpkin!

slightly flaky, very moist and tender fish infused with the flavour of miso. cod fish is very fresh and isn't overcooked at all but just nicely seared to the point of juicy goodness.

curry meatballs. like a high-class version of briyani! but good!

and dessert is not to be missed either. ginger pudding with earl grey sauce. FANTABULOUS.

very rich, the slight ginger flavour offsets any jelat-ness and the earl grey sauce complements perfectly along with a scoop of true blue vanilla bean ice cream.

it was a very good dinner. i want to have those fries again!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

just a very tiny teaser of the shoot we did last week!
hopefully we'll get the rest of the pictures soon! :D


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mogitate Kajitsu + Deep Moist product reviews & new loots! ;D

TheSampleStore (previously known as fr3b) very kindly sent me two products to review!
and the very first one is...

(ok i am so bloody lazy i just reused the previous graphics i drew. BUT i had a super hard time with the photo of the lipbalms! took it myself and removed the background *boliao*)

i love lip balms, and these super yummy fruit flavoured lip balms from Mentholatum are topping the list at the moment!

Mogitate Kajitsu stands for "Fresh" and "Fruits" respectively, and these lip balms are made with REAL natural fruit juice and honey! you can imagine how absolutely yummy they smell already! other than smelling absolutely delightful, they're also packed with essential vitamins and nourishing ingredients that are bound to leave your lips soft, kissable and super moisturised!

It comes in FIVE different flavours, which are Strawberry, Orange & Mango, Lemon & Lime, Grape & Berry, and lastly White Peach!

i love how smoothly the lip balm glides onto my lips, without leaving an oily and unpleasant feeling! and it leaves my lips feeling plump and supple, and of course the lovely fruity scent is a bonus too! ;D my favourite is the strawberry flavoured Mogitate Kajitsu, it smells so good i almost want to eat it!


the next product is also from Mentholatum, and it's their...

the name says it all: this is an ultra-intensive moisturising lip balm which contains the famous Hyaluronic Acid (super moisturizing agent capable of holding up to 1000x it’s weight in water!!!) and if that's not enough, it also comes with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, both natural ingredients known to hydrate and heal our skin/lips!

Deep Moist comes in two choices, one is Deep Moist Natural and the other is Deep Moist Menthol, for those who like that minty & cooling feeling on your lips, Menthol is your obvious choice! Natural contains the exact same ingredients, but without the menthol & camphor. i personally love the Menthol version because it feels alot more refreshing and shiok! teehee.

the most special part about Deep Moist lip balms is that they come in a unique oval shape for easier application! it may seem strange at first, but the oval shaped stick allows me to cover more (proverbial) ground in one single movement, and also allows me to reach the corners of my lips with ease too! you'll understand why when you try out this oval shaped lip balm application stick! i'm definitely a convert!


i'm supposed to take a creative picture of the lipbalms with myself and submit it for some Facebook contest, so this is what i came up with! HAHAHAHA. sibei lame ttm. zz whatever.

you can help me win by clicking on the "like" HERE!!!
if you're my friend, i promise i treat you eat ban mian or prawn mee. pwetty please.

and especially for you all, there's also a contest!!!

Deep Moist Menthol & Deep Moist Natural both retails at $7.90 each
Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu comes in 5 flavors, and retails at $5.90 each

Both items are exclusively available in Watsons.


#1 from LaClassicStyle,
a gorgeous white layered shift dress! i paired it with my own blue skinny belt!
the material is very soft and comfy, and i love the layered ruffles. so pretty!

#2 from LaClassicStyle, Wrap Over Drape Dress
super duper flattering! it's really unique with that wrap portion and looks extremely elegant.
black is the ultimate slimming color and the cutting is fabulous!

#3 from TheTinselRack, Momsen Mini!
i love the neckline which is super elegant and flaunts off shoulders nicely!
it's super short for me though! i'd be afraid of zao-genging :X but then again the length makes my legs look endless!! love love :D

and i've been eyeing this clutch for the longest time ever since i saw it on JY's blog!
managed to find it from Struttt and joined the backorders for it, it's soooooo prettaaaayyyyy!!!

love the size!


remember my review on Laneige Snow BB Cream?
now you can try out this new product too! all you have to do is to take a snapshot of the below image, or print it out to present to the Laneige counter @ Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria Basement 1!

ps. if you're too lazy or too busy to go down to redeem the samples, TVD will also be giving away 50 sets of 3 days' supply of BB Cream samples to the 1st 50 customers who make payment for the next collection!!!!!! YAYNESS. look out for our mailer for more details!

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