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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


 ;D ;D ;D

i am so geng that i havent started on my freelance work due today! but before i start i shall fasterly blog a quick entry about last night's dinner w the girls! i think girls are awesome, just throw a bunch of girls together and we can talk and gossip about everything and anything under the sun! that's what makes girls nights out so fun.

striped knit bandage dress from ! paired it with leggings that are gonna be launched next collection. the leggings are uber comfy, not too thick and make my legs look slimmer, i likeeeeeee!

love this piece cos you can wear it as a dress/tunic on its own/w leggings or pair it w shorts! <3 plus it hides my flabby arms >< 

ooh and the necklace is newly bought from F21, very cheap only $11! 

bought it from somerset313's F21 where they have a huge accessories section.

pictures from our night!

we ordered alootttt of food!

wendy's la mian

my egg fried rice with prawn which is awesome but very expensive for fried rice!

XLB, must-order at DTF!

too busy eating so didnt take much pictures. la mian was disappointing though. very soggy and not Q at all.

kristine & grace joined us today! ;D

and we migrated over to TCC again for drinks, this time at citylink TCC ;D love TCC, it's such a nice place to chill at and the staff wont chase you away! joze and JY joined us late cos they just came over from office!

they ordered their main courses while we had drinks. HAHA JY sure scold me for posting up unglam picture of her but i think it looks ok what!

nancy and i shared this azuki freeze thingy which tasted very red beany

candid shot, felicia is laughing very happily dunnooverwhat!

nancy & i, she was busy suaning me the whole night lor. thanks ah nubbiee

wendy, noi & debs the "regulars"! so.. next meet up is in may is it? :P

fel & i, she's sooo petite and slim the only part of her that's big are her eyes lor. hahahaa.

JY just joined the EP1 club! welcome!!!

and someone started the camwhoring, then everyone else whipped out their cameras and started it as well :X must have been a sight!

group peektures!

anyways. pictures are either from my EP1, or debs' S90! ;D
can we plan the next outing at sukiya? wo yao chi sukiyaki!!!


and i just want to share something very gross. i kept on smelling something stinky and i thought my dog pooed somewhere near, but lo and behold i just happened to want to clean out some scrap paper from under my laptop AND LOOK WHAT I FOUNDDDD







a FREAKING MUMMIFIED BABY LIZARD omggggggg grossed out TTM i was hungry but no longer. ew ew ew ew ew!

i knew i smelt something funny. dunno when did this poor baby lizard die under my laptop FML. 


OK i am going to try to attempt to finish my work nao. goodluck!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it was actually, good.

the concert ended on a rather despondent note, both figuratively and literally, but on the whole i thought the music was strange and wonderful, in a good way. and on a personal scale it was good for me because i didnt break down into a bundle of nerves even if i didnt sing at my best, it wasnt terrible either and i was happy with it, and happy that the music had, through me, the capacity to leave others moved. after all we as humans only strive to be recognised and acknowledged and that is what drives us on to do all that we do. to be loved by others, that's what we are made to do. 


the next time and next next time and next next next time i need to make sure that my uniform is crease-free :(

my bunny post-its! from cotton candy island, which i couldnt resist showing to each and everybody, and squealing, "isnt this soooo cute?!" *cue flip to black ninja bunny post-it and beam at fore-mentioned person*

the photographer has talent! 

stage lights.

"Albert And The Altos". 

score studying and revision

sweet :)

the Byrd people

pre-concert prep,

vampire lipstick and attack of the bulbous foreheads :X

dressing table in the midst of dressing up




and Daddy held a roast suckling pig party at home the other day HAHA. how often do you roast a suckling pig in your front yard? answer: it was the first time, the last time we did it, it was on the roof terrace -.-

it was yummy though :D crispyyyyyyyy.


i still have two and a half pages of comic to color :( but i am nowhere near completing (barely started) them and i think i should ask for an extension for my own sanity. 


they say the devil finds mischief in idle hands. idle hands, i have not and i feel so fully occupied every second of the day (though, YZ isnt very happy about it) and it's actually a good feeling minus the mental/physical stress. how i wish everyone saw it my way. 

Series 7 is up here :)

<3 this dress! 

& this combi, of the topshop-inspired nautical blazer, the panel bandage skirt and the chiffon tunic in wine, all of which i kept one piece for myself <3


am looking forward to DTF tomorrow :) but first i need to mad rush around to settle everything!

can't believe i've been awake from 6am to 2am and all i ate was (a really huge macdonalds) breakfast at 9am, followed by random pieces of leftover suckling pig (no longer crispy zzz) and a cup of KOI honey green tea with aiyu courtesy of Gina ( i still need to pay her back)

ok, i think i need to sleep! this is a rather cryptic and disjointed entry. 
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