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Sunday, December 5, 2010

still alive

i'm still alive yes,
and i'm still together with yz yes, for those people who actually asked on formspring whether i broke up with yz or something,
the answer is no, we just havent had alot of time to take pictures...

here's the man in a rare appearance of late.. we've hung out way too much the past week, and had one too many meals together, it's not very healthy because we tend to overeat when we eat together ):


i wore the BC ruffled blouse (i have it in 4 prints D:) paired with shorts and my new pinkish cream blazer from momoteapots :>

tucking into all-day breakfast at food for thought, but YZ didnt think highly of the food there ):

my full works breakfast platter

just for the camera, he looks more delighted than he felt with the food unfortunately,

we had pancakes as well

i like their home made ketchup


here's a random throw-together-when-i'm-leaving-the-house-for-a-quick-errand outfit,

nordic printed throwover upcoming on TVD

i love my new accessories from F21 :D thanks trishie for helping order, more more!

i really need to go on a diet ):
it's terrible, i tried to exercise religiously by jogging like 4-5 days a week for the past month,
and horrors of horrors, instead of losing weight, i actually put on weight and i feel like my thighs are getting chunkier by the second, ugh. so i give up on the running sigh ):

and all that food that's going into my mouth aint helping!
so i resolve to drink more yucky prune juice from now on to aid cleansing the system,
and erm eat less. oh no! i sure die ): my face looks like pancake. i very sad ):

my chatbox is not meant for people to sell off TVD items.
will delete without fail.



  1. hey yina, if im not wrong, if u wanna lose weight, must jog for like 1-2h that kind. long distances. :) long distances runners always have long lean legs.. and short burst runners always have bigger thighs :( n maybe ur weight gain is cos ur losing fats n gaining muscles? muscles is definitely heavier den fats! :)

    hmmm, maybe for those people wanting to sell TVD items, set up a facebook discussion board for them to do so? like TSR? have one selling and one looking? so they wun bother u on ur chatbox? :)

  2. i love the throwover! cant wait for the next tvd launch :)

  3. hi where did you have your hair cut and styled? it looks awesome. :)

  4. Will Nordic Print Throwover be launched in the next collection? Love it! :D

  5. Hi Yina,
    Sorry for no popping in to write any comments. Your post is interesting as usual. The breakfast platter look yummy and make me hungry now. Your nordic printed throwover is really cool!!

  6. @[D]eViLiC wa babe how to jog for 1-2h a day :( i not so free! :( but i do jog at least 5k and walk another 800m to cool down.. never help leh -_- and thanks for the suggestion about the selling/looking discussion board! sounds like a good idea! :)

    @Anonymous thanks dearie! :D it's a very cute piece that's easy to wear too! i like it lots!

    @akiyu i did my hair at essensuals at bugis :)

    @Anonymous it'll be in the next or next next launch! :)

    @venus_koizumi thanks venus! havent heard from you in a long time, hope you're doing good! :)

  7. hey yina :)
    please don't beat yourself up for having weight gain despite following strictly to a fixed exercise regime regularly! have you ever thought it's probably muscle gained from the running and healthy workouts? :) which is actually a good thing cuz that's speeds up our metabolism faster! aka we can eat more since our muscles burn the calories faster each day hehe :) don't worry much about the gain actually since you're exercising that regularly and that's very healthy =) I used to feel sad whenever I see my weight goes up on the weighing scale after a good meal, but then again, I tell myself, what's life without good food? As long as we go for runs/walks, that's healthy enough and we can still indulge in good food =) that's what matters most importantly. AND YOU DON'T HAVE A PANCAKE FACE! you still look as gorgeous in photos (I have seen you once in real life but I didn't dare to say hi :( ).. in fact, even prettier in real life! I'm serious! So, dont worry about it, pretty yina! =) hope this comment helps :)

  8. hey yina. drinking plum juice would seriously help to lose weight? fresh plum juice? anyway, you are not fat at all please!!! so stop saying yourself is fat =)

  9. oh my.. you also put on weight when you ran? Me too! mmm Now I drink a lot more water than I used to and I lost some weight. I drink 3 times the water I used to drink. :) Do try! :)

  10. @Anonymous hey babe! awww you're so sweet :) you're right though hehe what's life without good food!!! :D i think i've had too much good food though really. haha! need to cut down a lil! thank you for the compliments babe :))) you're too kind!

    @Anonymous well drinking prune juice will make me feel fuller and so maybe i wont eat so much! haha plus the fibre is good for you and also will help regulate bowel movements. so it's a good thing!

    @The Bimbo ok! i will drink more water!! i think i dont drink enough! :(


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