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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S39: The Drape Convertible

finally, the last collection just in time for Christmas!!! :D

we'll be launching this gorgeous TVD label convertible dress,
if you're wondering what's so special about this one, and why it's different from the rest,
it has two lovely flattering drapes in front, which hides any tummy and totally adds to the charm of the dress and allows you to convert into many different looks!

we had alot of fun trying to figure out different ways of wearing the dress, lol!
you can see at least 8 different styles in the preview picture already, and if you're creative, i'm pretty sure you can come up with more! :)))
definitely value for money, and i love convertibles, i own like 4 or something. HAHAHA.

perfect when you're party-hopping because you wont have to look like you're wearing the same thing for 4 different parties :D

here's two of my favourite styles!
one-sleeve toga

knot-front drape style

come in only 1 size, and in 5 different colors, so you can take your pick from Pure White, Classic Black, Peach Pink, Bronze & Azure Blue!


there will also be a mass meet up for this collection on Thursday evening (details will be up during the launch!) so you girls can get your dresses in time for your parties and dinners!

extras from backorders for the Burberry Prorsum Chiffon Cocktail Dress will also be made available later, with some other brand new items :)

launching tonight, at 8.15PM! so see ya on TVD! :)


  1. Hi babe! This dress is PRETTY TO THE MAX! I assume the dress doesn't come in different sizes since it is a convertible?

  2. babe!! ur TVD Label Drape Convertible comes in azure blue or turquoise?? the last colour abit diff? u keep what colour?  thks thks :)

  3. omg yinaaa! super nice <: i feel like owning all the colours!!

  4. @Anonymous yes babe it's only one size! :)) i think it's damn pretty too!! :D :D :D

  5. @Anonymous i kept black dear! erm the azure blue is abit turquoise-ish, but it's quite true to color!

  6. @rosespeony haha yay glad you like itttt! go for your best color! :P i think one color is good enough for convertible dresses!

  7. Will it be too short for a 1.7 m?

  8. babe what's the length of the dress? i'm quite short so worried it might be too long ): but it's so pretty!!

  9. Hi,
    i'm keen to get at least 4pcs for the brown pcs for our company event. Will it be possible for you to provide me with the measurements so i can prepare for the launch? and also will it be possible to arrange a meetup at your convenience cause i need them by this thurs! thanks! would appreciate if you can reply asap! thanks!

  10. Hi dear, may i know the PTP and length for the dress? Also, what material is it made of and how much will it cost? Thanks!

  11. @Anonymous it should be fine as my model is about 166-167cm and it's still not too short on her! :)

  12. @Anonymous it's 28" pit down babe! hmm it can be ruched shorter (unless you're very skinny and it doesnt stay up!) so that shouldnt be too much of a problem! :)

  13. @Anonymous the PTP is about 13.5" - 16.5" and the length is 18" :) a meet up can be arranged (am heading to doby ghaut tomorrow evening) so just state in your order and we'll do our best! :)

  14. @PriSciLLa the PTP is 13.5-16.7", length is 28" pit down :) it's made of viscose silk blend (similar to the previous Bobbi Bustier dress)

    hope that helps!

  15. So i guess it won't be able to fit Uk10/12? The dress is really pretty though.. Wish I can fit into it.

  16. @PriSciLLa i think it would fit a UK6-10 max dear! :(

  17. hi!
    will you be able to get in more stocks for this convertible dress? I'm planning on getting my Jie meis to wear this on my wedding at the last quarter of this year.

    please email me at
    Thank you!

  18. Hihi Yina,

    I am happy to find yr blog selling drape convertibles S39.

    I would be interested to know how much is your costing? If the price is reasonable, I am thinking of getting a few more for my close friends too.

    Do keep me posted..I shall wait for your good news.

    Oh by the way, can i have the dimension of the dress too?

    Thanks! - From Jereen

    My email is


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