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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


yay! excited to announce the launch of the next TVD manufactured label! :) we've already received quite a few inquiries about this piece,
a Lipsy-inspired ruched lace overlay bustier dress! in three hues of Wine, Champagne and Teal that's gonna be perfect for your year-end functions, DnDs, cocktail parties and the like! don't you think Clara looks absolutely divine in this dress! :)

workmanship and quality is definitely assured as with all our manufactured apparel :) you know we wont settle for any thing less than the best! the workmanship for this piece is really intricate and very very good. our model Clara kept a piece for herself too and had a hard time picking her color!

my take on the colors:
Wine: awesome for festive celebrations! can think of so many upcoming occasions to wear this color, christmas, NYE, and CNY! haha. the color is flattering on most skin tones too! :)

Champagne: lends a different vibe, it's a more classic looking hue that you'll look elegant in an understated way :) the color IRL is really gorgeous! fabulous for tan skin too!

Teal: We like our greens lately, and teal green is a very refreshing color to add to the wardrobe! Especially suitable for the fair-skinned, you'll look like a goddess in this shade :)

the inspiration:

it's made of good quality thick satin with lace overlay, and comes with detachable straps and a concealed back zip :) i love the ruches that flatter the figure and adds a whole new level of detail to the dress!

comes in sizes S & M, i wear a size M :)

have got some good/bad news though, we might not be able to open backorders for upcoming collections til CNY anymore, due to the factories being overwhelmed with year-end orders, and as they'll be preparing for a 1 month long break from mid-January onwards all the way til March, we very possibly will not be able to backorder any design until CNY is over and all the factories are open and working in full force in March :((( so do grab in-stocks while you can because we can't promise that there'll be backorders! :( i'm sure you all have all heard about the cotton price hike as well ):

S37 will be most probably be launched Wednesday night 8.45PM, (launch has been delayed by 15 minutes!)
we'll also be launching some other tops/casual pieces in the collection, so pop over to TVD tomorrow! :)


  1. In no way does it look like the lipsy dress. The TVD runches are so pathetic, almost as an afterthought!

  2. @sarah thanks for the feedback! :) we actually didnt like how big it looked in the original design, so we modified it :)

  3. Hi yina it's pretty!
    Another sold out piece!
    Can u upload a full length pic of urself wearing?
    I'm the same size as u and always use u as a gauge!
    Want to see how it fits at the bottom!

  4. may i know if it tight for you?
    does it squeeze fats?

  5. Hi Yina,

    Can i pls know the PTP size? Will it be able to fit PTP 17"-18"?

  6. hi yina, can i check with you the waist measurement for size small and size m? :)

  7. @Sabrina lin uploaded the full length picture! :) there's abit of allowance for me, will fit up to UK10 to even a small 12 definitely :)

    @Anonymous nope it doesnt squeeze fats at all, in fact size M has some allowance for me :)

    @Anonymous i havent measured it yet.. sorry babe! but the fabric is very stretchy and size M will fit up to a UK 10 to small 12 :)

    @shristine sorry dear, havent measured the piece yet! size S will fit a UK6 to UK8, size M will fit a big UK8 to UK10-12 :)

  8. babe, u look really good in it!:) btw how much will this piece be selling for?

  9. Hi babe

    Can I ask how much will the dress be???
    If my ptp is 15.5'' to 16'' should be able to fit S size?

  10. @Anonymous it'll be selling at $33 :) there's alot of workmanship involved, thus the cost price is very high :(

    @Anonymous hmm size M might be a better fit babe, size S would be 14"-15.5", however it depends, do you usually take a size S or size M? the cut is quite true to most standard sizings :)

  11. Is the wine colour true to ur pic of the model's pic?
    Is it bright red? Or dull red? What's the ptp at hips area for m size?
    Not sure if my hips can fit in

  12. @Anonymous it's true to the model's picture, it's a vibrant dark red :) hmm the hips should be able to accomodate up to UK12 as there's still space for me in size M and my hips are UK10 :) the material is very stretchy too, i'm pretty sure you'll be able to fit in!

  13. Hi Yina,
    TVD clothes is getting better!
    Love this dress lots especially the wine color! Apparently, it's too small for me. :( Need at least 18"...
    Probably, you should consider extending the PTP to 18" for M size for future designs.

    Anyway, keep up the great designs! :)


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