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Thursday, December 9, 2010


because i always get camera inquiries.
i should just make this a sticky post on top of my blog or something.

i use:
the Olympus E-P1, coupled with Panasonic 20mm pancake lens
usually set to P mode.

edit my photos/do collages&montages in Adobe Photoshop, and Photoscape

i'm actually considering whether or not to sell the camera and "upgrade",
but since i just bought the leather case for close to $200, i think the lowest price i can go is like $900, which means i'm selling the camera body itself (+ kit zoom lens) for $700. oh also i paid about $60 for the bling gold sticker from gmarket.

so i can't quite bear to sell off the camera... still considering.



  1. yina~ what font do you use in the pics? its very pretty! ♥

  2. hi, i surfed over from evonnz's lj..

    i m interested to get a small compact camera that delivers good quality pics. I love your photos.

    is it easy to use for a point-and-shoot user like me?

    i am looking at

    sorry to intrude on your blog like this!

  3. @dreamiez i go and check and tweet you ok!!

    @pishako it's quite an easy camera to use, once you get used to it! i wont call it very small nor compact though! if you're going for small/compact, try the Canon S95 or Lumix LX5 instead :)

  4. Hi Yina, could you tell me what font this is as well? Thanks babe.


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