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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

S34 preview

S34: Launching Wednesday 10 Nov 8.30PM!

yet another exclusively manufactured piece made with love from TVD, and we're really happy with how this piece turned out! it's really lovely and alot of my friends have already requested for a piece! :P

had fun doing up this preview a lil differently, and i love how the colors of this dress look together! :D
it's a warehouse-inspired piece, and totally gorgeous and flirty cute :P

in sequence,
nude, white, muted aqua & black!
the muted aqua is actually a shade towards jade, but i dont know what better color to call it! o well. it's a really nice shade of pastel blue-green!

my take on the four colors:

White: comes with champagne gold embroidery, and definitely very grecian and ethereal looking! go for white if you like that clean, fresh look :)

Muted Aqua: comes with champagne gold embroidery, extremely unique shade and made for the fun-loving! you'll stand out in the crowd in this hue of blue! Gina's pick :P

Nude: comes with silver embroidery, the most classy looking color and will look good on most skin tones! good for work when you want to look professional and abit more toned down.

Black: comes with champagne gold embroidery, if you like elegance and goldxblack then this is your choice! slightly more solemn than the other colors, but still girly and flirty!

can't stop raving about the material for this dress because it's really good quality and luxe,
it's made of a chiffon rayon blend and comes with a thick inner lining so you don't have to worry about sheerness, even for the white piece :)

comes in sizes S & M too! Size S for UK6-8, and Size M for UK8-10 :)
there's a tie-back at the waist and a concealed side zip so you dont have to worry about those ugly smocks or elastic bands!

wore it out in black for dinner last week, to meet Nicolle who came back from SH briefly to settle some visa issues..
we were dining at Prive at Keppel Bay, so i dropped by Vivocity to get some Gong Cha!

the queue was even longer than the KOI queue at TPY!

got the herbal jelly milk tea, and lemon juice with aiyu! both are pretty good, YZ thinks that Gong Cha is much better than KOI, for me i'm pretty neutral cos i like both of them :) KOI's aiyu is better though!

at Prive Bakery/Cafe, which is at Keppel Bay.
quite a scenic spot for a meal.

Nicolle & her daily dose of caffeine

we ordered a few sides and nibblers to share, but somehow ended up really full!
i suspect the satiety was aided by the Gong Cha milk tea...

mushroom soup,
very creamy and mushroomy, but a lil tasteless on the sodium side.

smoked duck salad! quite yummy, with fresh greens and vinaigrette!

straight cut fries with truffle mayo! love love the mayo, so tasty! and the fries were great too! my sort of comfort food (:
plus the serving was so huge the two of us couldnt finish it cos we were too stuffed.

trio of mini wagyu burgers!

they were really mini, like smaller than palm-sized?
not as tasty as i thought it'd be as the beef patties weren't particularly outstanding and rather dry cos the burgers had no sauces.
used the truffle mayo to go along with it though :P

feast laid out in front of us

moi and the food!

in conclusion, would go there for for the ambience, dinner menu was so-so to me!
i want to try their "all-day breakfast" though! which ended at 5.30 knn. what all-day, feel cheated.

little tea light on the table

on the phone

my ring (gina's actually)

toilet shot!

happy belated birthday babe!
see you soon when you're back for cny :P



  1. hi yina! what is the ptp for the dress in size s? (:
    and which part of vivo is gong cha located? thanks!!!

  2. hi does yina wear size m or s for the dress?

  3. @rosespeony it's about 15" i think! :) will fit a UK6-8!

    @Anonymous size M fits me perfectly babe!

  4. hi yina!!
    looking forward to your pretty manufactured piece!
    what piece is your friend wearing? It's lovely too!

  5. What is the PTP for the dress in Size M?

  6. Hi, may I know if Size M of the dress can fit a 37" hips comfortably? Can I know the length of the dress for Size M? Thank you.

  7. HARLO! How much is the piece!!!! ^^!!!!!
    And I can't decide between white and black :S

  8. @rosespeony oh gong cha is at lvl 1 btw, 01-118 or something!

    @cammomiley her top is from river island!

    @Anonymous about 16-16.5" i believe :)

    @Anonymous definitely as it's a flared skirt :) size M is 33" long :)

    @mybearbearworld it'll be $28 inclusive of mailing for mailing listees! :) i think both white & black are nice, different vibe! white is very grecian and pure looking, black is more classy and solemn! :P

  9. Hi Yina, Is it sizing towards ATBU's sizing? I bought M for the Chiffon Overlay Tunic, but i'm usually a size s for ATBU. I'm uk 8, idk what size to choose for tonight :(

  10. @unglittered i think you should be able to fit a size S babe! :)

  11. Yina! Please hold backorders for this lovely dress soon! I'm flying off on Saturday. Would be really upset if I missed it :(


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