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Sunday, November 21, 2010


random peektures!
ahh still stuck doing my pile of work ): but am very excited about many things.
going to korea for CNY! :D :D :D time to start shopping for winter wear :D


eils baybeh bought me these.

and the cutest dog in the goh residence. HAHAHA

will blog about venice once i clear all the work!!!


  1. Your studded sandals is LOVE! :)
    where did your friend get it from?
    I wanna own a pair!

  2. hi there!

    thought it'd be better to get to you via this site.
    would like to get mng inspired jeggings in washed blue. you held a couple of BOs for this item but i kept missing the orders.
    wonder if its still avail


  3. Hi!

    May I know which camera are you using for these gr8 looking photos? :)

  4. Hi babe, ur derm at parkway, is he good with removing pimple scars? will like to check also on your slimming sessions u had with him, roughly how much so i know how much to prepare. haha. thanks. hope to hear from u soon =)


  5. @Anonymous try, think it's from there haha

    @sugarandtoast think i got to your email already :) dont have washed blue anymore! :(

    @Anonymous i use the olympus e-p1! :)

    @Anonymous yes, he does laser that helps with removing scars! maybe try calling them up to arrange for a free consultation session? you can then check the prices with them! :)

  6. hmm.. isn't it difficult for ur dog to see e surroundings with its long long hair covering his face? HAHA!

  7. @Anonymous damn messy right i also dunno how she can see! haha. i think she can though : P but we do tie up her "fringe" sometimes.. she doesnt like it.


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