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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


imma happy girl with new loots. went shopping with the girls after lunch last Sun and bought a new bra together with nubbie (awesome max strapless bra from triumph that doesnt slip!!!) and bought a new pair of sandals too!!! not to mention random instant noodles and grilled seaweed snacks lol. mmm. i need more retail therapy!

but my phone bill from last month came and it was a omfg $470 dollars ):
must have been the sms-es, next time i'll just apply for data roaming, i bet it'd be cheaper than $470!

so yeaaap. no more spending actually because i think i have been overspending on idunnowhat ):

on a side note,
JY & i bought new accessories together and they arrived last week! damn efficient, i like :D super loving mine!
i feel like wearing it everyday. HAHAHA. but that'd be abit over excessive ):


WIW out for luncheon and shopping out last Sunday
cotton blouse and distressed denim shorts, both from TVD. accessorised with my new necklace *hearts*

and cut out sandals which are spoiling ): thus the need to buy a pair of new sandals!
so i ended up buying this pair,
bling is awesome. wheee!
and wore it out the very next day :D i can't keep my hands off new loots. they get to be worn as soon as i get a chance to,
preferably immediately :P
TVD vintage ruffle tunic, TTR highwaisted shorts :D
and here's a little peek at my humble collection of HoH accessories,
both the inspired and the real deal
bet you can't tell the "real" ones from the "fakes",
because honestly i think Shophaus did a very good job with manufacturing their inspired version!
the two sunburst pendants (one necklace and one ring) with black leather and no crystals are the inspired ones, the rest are the authentic stuff.
well, obviously the leather is real leather on the authentic piece and faux leather on the inspired one.
and while the original one has no gaps between the metal edges and leather, the inspired one does.
also, the metal used for the authentic one is finer and of a better grade as compared to the inspired piece which is a lil more like costume jewellery,

but really, when it's worn, i dont think there's a huge difference, and i doubt anyone would be able to tell at a glance.
but for a fraction of the price, i dont see what's wrong with inspired pieces after all :)

as long as you can pull it off and accessorise well with it,
that's what matters, right?


so those who are saying things like inspired pieces are for losers, and fakes suck,
go ahead and buy the real thing. there will always be a market for inspired items out there, be it bags, shoes, accessories.
because after all, we all want fashion at a fraction don't we :P and there's nothing so wrong about it, it's just a matter of buying what you can afford. not unless you try to pass off an "inspired" piece as the real deal, then that's really a different story.

but i'm happy with all of them!
the more the merrier!


  1. Is the nude strapless bra very expensive? ._. And can you give me the full name of it? :) Thanks hun!

  2. @Anonymous there was a buy 3 get 1 free promo so i shared with my friend and paid less than $50 for mine! erm it's just the regular maximizer half cup bra w 3 hooks and detachable straps haha i dont know what's the name!

  3. hi yina, may i know where u got the bling bling sandal from?

  4. hi yina, how long did it take for the necklaces to reach you after you have paid up? thinking of ordering some stuff from the site as well. thanks dear! (:

  5. @Anonymous bought the sandals at FEP level 1! :)

    @cherily i think it took about 1 week and a half! :) max 2 weeks. the shipping is quite fast! :D

  6. hi yina, can consider organising a spree for HOH accessories? thanks!:)

  7. yina, how much did you pay for the real ones?

  8. the cotton blouse is under TVD series number? thanks.

  9. hi there yina, mind to let me know which website did you purchase ur HoH latest necklace from? :)


  10. @Anonymous will think about it haha if i have the time! :)

    @Anonymous generally about 60odd USD for most of them.

    @Anonymous 23 i think, but it's already all sold :( sorry!

    @Anonymous from :)

  11. hi there, where did you get your sandals from? the bling ones!

  12. @Anonymous replied above already, it's from FEP :)

  13. Hi Yina, the word 'loot' has no plural form! =) no such word as 'loots'!

  14. @Anonymous lol i know :) but i like to emphasize that i have many of them so i like it lootssssss hehehehehe.

  15. @Yina thanks for the info dear! btw did you top up extra for tracking services for ur parcel? am worried about my parcel possibly going missing :X

  16. hi yina, which webbie to get the authentic hoh necklace?

  17. @Anonymous house of harlow! it's a jewelry line! :)


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