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Thursday, November 18, 2010

beauty is hard work

got a gorgeous dress from Flymetoparis!
awesome workmanship and good cutting! the material is superbly comfy too :D
it's a self-manufactured item, inspired from Warehouse.

check out the below picture, it looks 99% alike i swear?

they have it in three different hues too, all very work appropriate colors and easily matched with a blazer!

perfect for work.
sometimes i wish i were an OL,
got excuse to shop for work clothes all the time. HAHA.
and shoes too! and you can strut around looking professional and chio everyday (ok shallow statement. whatever.) especially when all the work apparel now available online are SO affordable compared to ZARA/MNG/whatever.

quote "fmtptreats@yina" to enjoy a one-time 10% discount off the total purchase price,
and also a subsequent one-time 10% discount for the next purchase with the purchase of any FMTP manufactured piece. The offer will be valid for 2 months from date of purchase!

gogogo to Flymetoparis and check out this dress!

but anyways,

beauty is hard work.

especially for girls that arent 天生麗質 like me,
chances are we can't just roll out of bed and walk out looking like a million bucks.

but luckily there's make up and colored contacts and falsies always to save the day,
for a few hours of chio, also need to spend hours piling on the make up and fixing the falsies and etc, set hair, do nails.. whatever.

i think it's nice to be chio la. quite worth the effort. HAHAHA.
of course, nice lighting and good angles play a part too X:

all the hard work, and i was only attending a wedding dinner.
not even my own wedding.

did my nails to match my dress :X

this is not mine. i borrowed it off my mother. HAHAHA. i wish i had a 2.55 though. major lemming!
wearing a TVD label dress: lace overlay ruched bustier! fantabulous material & workmanship!

no ugly women, only lazy women.

pictures from the dinner!

reception/cocktail area, and a nice big portrait of the wedding couple. so sweet!

the groom's mama is so well maintained and lovely looking. next time when i'm 50 i wanna be chio too.

march in!

finally started serving the food!
because my friend the groom and his family are vegetarians, the entire dinner course was all vegetarian D:
mock meat and the likes. first time attending a vegetarian wedding dinner! but it wasn't half bad, just that i felt like i was eating alot of 麵粉 :X

mock sharkfin. tasted quite similar.

this one is supposed to be goose, but it just tasted like deep fried pastry with mango and cashew nuts. hahaha

yam ring without the meat! still awesome.

mock chicken meat. this was quite good!

sweet&sour "prawns" that tasted like fish cake

some "real" food. broccoli and mushrooms!

lotus wrapped rice,
and we ended off the course with mango sago which i forgot to snap a picture of.

my table of (supposedly 10) only started with 8, and halfway though dwindled to 6 ):
so there was ALOT of food. stuffed myself TTM.

my companion! this is not my new boyfriend la.
my good 姐妹 for many years :D classmate & colleague!

i love make up.
thanks for saving my looks.


  1. love your eyelashes! are they falsies or real?

  2. Love the makeup and the TVD dress! You look gorgeous Yina!

  3. agree! i'm not one of those 天生麗質 girls, it takes a lot of effort to look good. as what they say, there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women!

  4. Hello!!

    when are u releasing the lace dress? And in what colours??

  5. @Anonymous they're falsies i got from daiso! :D very very natural, and they're brown! haha

    @Evonne <3 ya i can totally imagine u in it. smooooking hot!

    @jazzymint thank you babe!!! :D :D :D glad you appreciate the hard work hahaha :P

    @Lynn yes! though maybe got some people really make up also cannot save.. but most people definitely can improve their own looks with make up!

    @Anonymous probably the next next collection! :) it comes in red, champagne and teal! :D heheh. very christmassy.

  6. Hi, may I know what contacts you are wearing? It looks really nice :)

  7. @Theafreshlook monthlies, colorblends! wearing the green ones! :)


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