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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Series 27 preview

ok here's a preview of the 4 colors proper :D
hope you like! will try to launch 8 Sep Wed 8.30pm! wait for the mailer for confirmed launch timing! :)

remember to state your size when commenting cos it comes in S or M!
and also the length should be fine on most girls because it's about 33.5" to 34" if i remember rightly. so tallies dont have to worry that it'd be too short!

ps. you can hop over to JY's blog to check out the dress too because she looks awesome fab in the nude one!



  1. so preeeteee. I want a piece of that hot pink one. im gg for a shoot in macau. haha.

  2. omg i love it!!!! does m size fit a ptp 17 inch??? i may nt be able to be home in time..can i researve one?? pls??

  3. that was me in the first post (melody from OD). haha i decided I want a Nude colour one!! LOL. cant wait,

  4. Hi Yina, if my waist is around 27" and hips is 37", what size is advisable for a comfortable and nice fit? Thank you :)

  5. melody: hehe OKAY! must comment fast okay! :P remember to take pictures and show me!!!

    last anonymous: replied on TVD page :) you have to measure your PTP instead babe!

  6. i dont have lj account and i had never comment on any lj sites before! So suar ku.

    ok i juz went and try commenting with my fb. it works. hahahhaa

  7. hello. the dress is lovely on you! is the nude with a pinkish undertone or yellowish undertone?

  8. Anonymous: it's more to cream/yellowish undertone!

  9. i think the link to jy's blog is not working..?

  10. Hi Yina! Which is your favourite colour of the lot?
    I'm lemming for the nude or jade one but I can't decide which! xD

  11. would you be manufacturing this dress in black?


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