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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ciao from italy!

finally got a connection after one whole week! D:
competition is over and the sightseeing has just began. mad excitezzzzz!
not much time to update properly, but a few of the million and one pictures from my camera!
















all pictures from my olympus ep1, unedited! mad love.
see y'all when i'm back home! one more week to go! i'm eating a whole lot of pasta, pizza, gelato and basically very fattening but absolutely delicious food and i'm sure i put on alot of weight but am lovin' it! we'll talk about dieting when i'm back in singapore >< one more week to go til then! ciao!!!



    Have a great time there dear!! :)

    -hui jing

  2. Hi Yina, may I know how do u get internet connection from Europe? is it through hotel? thanks!

  3. wow nice pics! love ur pics as always ! u really have an eye for photography :)


    = hell yeah! HAHAHA!

  5. finally u r back!!!!! been waiting for u to update ur blog ya:) u have loads to update and im going to wait patiently for the pics to be uploaded here. anywae u really have the looks for an air stewardess. ever thought of it??

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