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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


since asked me to do a WIYB feature for them,
i decided i might as well do up a post here too! :D

basically WIYB stands for "Whats In Your Bag",
and showcases the contents you carry around daily in your bag.
mine's pretty simple, it's probably what most girls carry around, take or give a couple items!

here's the contents of my bag and a little something about each item!

and the bag itself:

we only managed to bring in a few pieces for the bag, but everywhere i go, i get people asking me where it's from! it's really an awesome piece. lucky for you if you manage to be one of the few to grab it from the upcoming collection!

new shoes from odorikoya! love the khaki nude colour that lengthens the legs and the shoes are very comfy to walk in despite being so tall! i love wedges :)

and only have these 2 outfit pictures in my memory card cos i've been lazy, and besides i havent been going out anywhere except to post parcels and what not :S

the cropped cardi has puffed shoulders and is madly flattering, great for cold offices or lecture halls cos it can look both casual and formal depending on the pairing!

petals chiffon tunic, flowy & comfy, just the way i like it :)

all upcoming items. there's a lot of unreleased items, but because there's a shortage of models lately, (JY & Shalene both working full time and super busy) :( so we haven't been able to shoot for the next collection yet! sighhh. need new models.

i just went for my first cavitation session at AestheticWorks today!

it's a sort of target spot fat loss treatment that uses ultrasound and some new-fangled technology, i dunno exactly! every session is about 1h long and consists of the cavitation machine followed by lymphatic drainage machine. but it's supposed to have good results and i'm doing it on my thighs!!! my fat outer thighs. mwahahaha. measured them today after the session and they were like 54cm/53.5cm respectively. one of my thighs is bigger than the other one!!! 0_0

anyway, it takes about 6-8 sessions to see results and this is only my first session yet so i'll update more after a few more sessions to be done weekly.

the results as shown on the poster definitely looks promising!!!
drastic results after 8 sessions only leh! hopefully it can achieve similar results on me. lol.

i also did my 3rd SilkPeel treatment as well! face feeling all soft and smooth now. i want to look all nice and pretty for the upcoming shoot this saturday! :) so far the SilkPeel's been clearing up my face though i'm still getting outbreaks on my chin and forehead :( but i think i dont sleep enough at the right hours so i cannot blame SilkPeel for not doing a better job :( you can find out more about SilkPeel here!

and this is happy me at AestheticWorks after my two treatments!

like i previously mentioned, my very awesome doctor (Dr Sim) offers free consultation for all skin/weight related issues, so you can call them to book an appointment at 6493 3678, or visit their website here ( for more information on them :)
Dr Sim is really friendly and nice so you don't have to feel shy!

basically, you book an appointment for consultation first and tell Dr Sim what you wish to achieve, and he'll advise the best way to go about doing it, either via medication, or topical creams/gels, or treatments. there's no hardselling and you can decide for yourself if you want to follow through with his suggested course of action!

i'm supposed to measure my thighs again in three days time because they're supposed to get smaller. lolll.
ok i'll update again on the results of the treatments after a couple more weeks! i'm gonna be doing sessions for 4 weeks consecutively before i fly for Italy. mad cannot wait to see smaller thighs and also for Italy. whee!



  1. Hi babe,
    Can i just check with you if your blackberry curve model is 8250? I've been reading through reviews which just doesn't make sense to me (complete tech-idiot). Thanks!

    p.s lovin' your prada wallet! ;)

  2. Hi yina,

    Does silkpeel help with sunspots on the face?

  3. Hi,

    How much will the bag be priced at TVD ?

  4. How much does the fat lose thing cost?

  5. hi
    how much does one session of silkpeel cost? or with package etc ?

  6. Hi Yina,

    when they measure the thigh circumference, do they measure the largest part of the thigh (i.e. the uppermost part, next to the groin)?


  7. hello enna enna, because she is reading this !

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. hi Yina, how much you got EP1 camera for?

    Thank you.

  10. Anon1: it's the 8250 yup!!! :D

    Anon2: hmm for sunspots i think laser would be a better solution. i'm not too sure but you can go for a consultation session and see what the doctor advises!

    Anon3: it'll be 44 mailed for mailing listees :)

    Anon4: $160 per session, there's a package though :) please call up the clinic to check the rates!

    Anon5: silkpeel is roughly $2k for 7 sessions i think, it's only to be done monthly though :)

    Anon6: hmm it's not exactly that high, a lil big lower where the biggest part of your thigh is :)

    Anon7: eh i dont know if she's reading this or not, but i dont really care :S

    Anon8: i bought it for 900 with zoom kit lens, 2nd hand :) it's quite cheap now i think!

  11. Hi Yina, does TVD still have BO extras of those high waisted shorts?

  12. Hi babe, I will also like to get the high waisted shorts. Are there extras from BO?

    Thanks =)

  13. sorry babes! :( the high waisted shorts currently dont have :( dont think we'll be able to get restocks anytime soon!

  14. Hi Yina, I saw a bag of similar design at cotton on rubi. Are they the same?

  15. hi.. may i know how much will the waterfall cropped cardi cost?

  16. Hi, I'm very keen with the petals chiffon dress.
    When will it be available?
    Can pre-order?


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