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Thursday, August 5, 2010

series 24 pweeevieww!

ok, here's a small preview of what's gonna be up in tonight's launch!

the white kaftan that everyone has been asking about,
the piano chiffon blouse i wore previously,
the bustier corset frock as seen on Bea's blog,
the chiffon drape cardi that is mad awesome,
a gorgeous maxi with fab workmanship, and more!
the mulberry bag in mint will also be launched in this collection!

extras from BOs for our self-manufactured chiffon overlay tunic and some basics like petticoats and S&B leggings (brought them in again!) will be available too! :D

9PM tonight!

haha enough of candid shots. zzz imma gonna go prepare the launch now! got a million mailing listees to add and Gina is at work boohoo.

*replied comments on this post! ;)*


  1. Hi,

    is there a black chiffon cardi?

  2. Hi, can you pls tell me wat software did u used to do the "just for laughs" collage photo (2nd picture) in this post? haha.. thanks a million!

  3. hi
    you seem to have lose wt in the recent posts! are you on any treatment or pills? need to lose wt to take pretty photos next month! care to share?

  4. is the piano blouse sheer?

  5. hi babe can I know where you got the straw hat from?

  6. Anon1: there's only navy and cream!

    Anon2: i used photoshop!! and photoscape to edit the photos first :D

    Anon3: aww i didnt lose weight im sure. haha. hmm just eat a healthy clean diet and drink more water and exercise!

    Anon4: yes it's sheer

    Anon5: try FEP! you can find lots of straw hats there :)


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