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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

happy my birthday

face of the day!
DAISO falsies
ENCORE contact lens (brown)
and the rest of my favourite make up.

hardly put on such heavy eye make up mwahaha. but i figured it'd be nice for a change.

YZ says he's bringing me to dinner and he has surprise activities planned for me.

i'm apprehensive of surprises.

quite worried.

but nvm, it's the effort that counts right? :S that's what they always say.
still, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.. and not stunned. or like.. D:


& thankyews sweeties for all the twitter/fb/msn/tagboard/sms/bbm/everywhere else birthday wishes!
the only day of the year when i feel like a popular kid. i'm sure everyone else feels the same way on their birthdays. haha.


  1. Happy Birthday, yina! :)

  2. Happy Birthday,
    from enna enna

  3. Girls beware of this guy that is recently active in wlny( as a player, he will sweet talk and ask girls out in the night and have sex with them. normally attacking on innocent girls that dont know how to react back and after toying them, he will perform the disappear act from them.

    another thing to take note is he got gf and he lied that he is single.

    my bestie is the unfortunate girl that encountered this, i hope that no more girls will drop into his trap.

    therefore im posting it here to warn all the girls, dont let his looks to cheat u.

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  4. happy belated birthday yina! (:

  5. Eve: THANK YOU :)

    Anon: thank you, regardless

    Anon1: okay...

    sharilyn: thanks babe :D :D :D

  6. @Anonymous
    Hi, may i know how u know that this guy has got a gf? Coz my good friend encountered the same thing too!


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