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Thursday, July 15, 2010

random video

recorded this a long time ago, in the middle of the night at 3AM.



wearing my hello kitty pjyamas and with my mouth half open.
very glam.

would you fall in love with a boy if he serenaded you with a love song? hahaha.

this is just posted up for fun kay.
so dont tell me YZ's singing is bad or not professional or anything like that.

and i've posted this up before, but i loooove this song.




  1. 听起来很棒!

  2. OMG, both of you can sing well!

  3. love both the songs! awesome! :)

  4. SUPER NICE!! *in love* (with ur voice)

  5. your voices so nice!

    what's the song in the second vid? so niceeeeeee!

    admire your guitar playing hehe! my guitar lessons all throw away already T.T

    and you look cute in your pjs hehehehe!

  6. Yina!!!!!!!!!!!

    YZ's singing really really touched me!!! he's really good!

    as for you, don't need to say already la! soooo li hai!!! you look so cool playing the guitar! hehe! nice guitar playing i must say! i wished i could play the guitar like you! :(

    anyway, you make me really wanna sing k with you! PK! PK! HAHAHAHA!

    anddd so sad that you left livejournal. :( everyone in my friendlist like all leaving lifejournal sia...haha! oh well! happy that you still post over there to link over here though! ^^

  7. 好听,你可考虑走创作歌手路线吗?:)

  8. You used to be a singer or sth?

  9. Anonymous1: 謝謝你的誇獎!!!

    Anonymous2: hahah. not too bad lah! thank you!!! :)

    Anonymou3: glad you like! i think they're awesome songs too!

    Evonne: thank youuuuu :)

    Anonymous4/5: thank you both!!! :)

    dotteddreams: glad you like! it's called 失落沙洲 by 徐佳瑩 :) my guitar playing skills quite mediocre laaa. haha.

    apple: babe!!! hahah i will tell YZ, he's be happy to hear that! and dont be sad ok! i still read your journal everyday!!! :) i wont abandon my LJ friends! :)

    Anonymous6: 說的比做的容易!

    Anonymous7: just sing for fun :)


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