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Monday, July 19, 2010!


have you heard of

PlusPink is an online shop catering to the plus sized,
and when they contacted me for an advertorial, i was delighted!!!

readers who've been following me for some time would know that i used to be nothing short of big (ok big sounds nicer than fat) myself, and due to my size, i was never confident in shopping for clothes, be it online or offline. so, in addition to being big, i had a horrendously unfashionable sense of dressing.

don't believe me??

here's just a few examples of my REALLY bad dressing -.-
none of the below pictures have been photoshopped kayyy.


but you get my point,

i wish i knew of such a shop like PlusPink back then, because look at them pictures!
this is what i call big and beautiful!!
their model looks so absolutely sweet and adorable in every one of their apparel!
such a stark contrast to my own bleak dressing back then.

i also adore how the entire website is done up in such a girly pink theme,
because let's face it, which girl doesnt secretly like pink?
PlusPink even has their own line of exclusively manufactured apparel!

the whole point is this, like PlusPink,
i believe that every woman deserves to be beautiful, regardless of your size/figure! what matters most is that you have the confidence to step out in beautiful apparel, and feel like a million dollars because you know you've put in effort into looking good.

as my good friend Tams would put it,
"We're not FAT, we're LUSH. Get that into your stupid head."
PlusPink would like to offer a special promotion especially for my readers!!
all you need to do is to enter the discount code "YINAGOES" when checking out, and you'll enjoy a 5% discount on ALL items!

if you're not plus-sized, you still get to shop at PlusPink too, because they also offers a gorgeous selection of bags and accessories as well!

join their Facebook fan page to show your support here, for instantaneous updates as well as hilarious Behind the Scenes;
and sign up for their mailing list here, to enjoy exclusive previews as well as 10% discount during birthday month!

you'd be happy to know that they provide FREE normal postage for all items, and also accept various modes of payment, such as debit/credit card via paypal as well as internet banking! enquiries will be replied to promptly.

wait no longer,
start shopping now at PlusPink!



  1. Amaze by your determination!! How did you mange to lose so much weight?

  2. @Anonymouswell the usual exercise diet i guess! and alot of hard work :S putting back the weight on now cos i'm being a lazy ass already! :(

  3. Actually you looked quite sweet even when you were fat. True Beauty lies within.. =) So stay sweet and happy. It's okay to be a little chubby =)

  4. are u friends beforehand with the cozycot girls or u knew them via CC? haha

  5. @Yina

    O_O Besides losing the weight, how did you start dressing up and being so confident and all? >_< I'd like to learn to dress up but I'm not confident at all and I own like, t-shirts (almost all black) and jeans. No dresses, no skirts, no shorts. D:

    HALP? >_<


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