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Saturday, July 31, 2010

my hair is red now

i think i quite like the red hair.

some anonymous left a comment saying that my hair is not red at all,
i beg to differ hahaha, thank you very much.
it is in fact the very shade of red i want it to be, and you must have an awfully narrow perception of the colour red.


i also like my awesome lace trimmed glitter tipped manicure.

beats having ugly nails anyway.

i like awfully chocolate's dark chocolate ice cream, it's so so good. and i like sharing it with my boy. he's got cute dimples.

i like this outfit, especially the uber awesome studded bag. and i like the vibe of the white kaftan throwover. wore it with a black spag petticoat btw. i think someone asked if it's a top or a dress. i think.. it's called a tunic.

i like my fat chihuahua.

i like me and myself.

if you dont like me,
you can jolly well not come here,
not follow me on twitter,
not go to TVD,
not whatever shit.

why kill your own eyes.


someone asked on formspring, saying that YZ and i should sing a duet together!
actually, we did, posted it up before! but donkey years ago.
havent got the chance to sing a new duet together, (so many nice duets now!)

you can skip the first 45 seconds cos YZ is unbelievably long winded.
ok ew. bad quality audio/video. we dont sound that fab either :/ so outta tune zomg.
but ok it was like. 2 years ago!? D:



  1. chill man, why get so worked up? if people doesnt seem to get eye to eye on you theres no need to be nasty to fight back with them.

    a consistent reader of yours, i find you have change quite a lot though the WIW column stays the same, there will always be a hater in every person blog

  2. peace to the world k (:

  3. your hair's not red at all.

  4. i love your RED hair yina! i don't care its red lo -.- maybe some ppl colour blind to red lol

  5. i thought both of you sound quite good in the duet :)

  6. you look so so so pretty everyday! Getting prettier too!

    And u know what? I have red hair now too! Hahah. But i think yours is redder than mine. Hehe.

    YAY to red hair!

    - jing

  7. yina, you sing really well.. super sweet voice

  8. my dear, you gotta ignore these sad, pathetic losers who only feel better when they insult someone else.

    the more you give them attention, the more they will regurgitate some verbal diarrhea even though no one gives a flying shit what they think. best to ignore them and lead your life knowing they only wish they could aspire to your achievements/standards!

    instead, i feel you should only focus on us, the friends and fans who care for you and value all the hard work you put in to making your blog fun, interesting and a daily must-read =)

    remember, opinions are like ass holes... everyone has one! good or bad, only you can choose which you pay attention to.

    much love and koi bubble tea,

    Ave (who loves your red hair!)

  9. You and YZ so sweet tgt!! Nice song. <3 the manicure tooo! And hugs about all the nonsenses k. Only when you're good enough will then be ppl trying to bring you down right?

  10. hello ! where did u get ur manicure done? if its diy may i know whr u get the lace sticker? LOVE IT!!! (: TIA! (:

  11. awww, you and yz damn sweet please! hehehe, i love your manicure, where did you do it!
    anonymous prob a bit colour blind -.- it's obviously RED. heh


  12. hey babe, i love the way you design ur blog entries! can i know what software you use to create your picture collages? :)

  13. enna enna is watching you.

  14. Anon1: i'm not fighting back, i'm just stating what i feel :) but i really cannot be bothered to say more on the forums.

    Anon2: peace to you too! haha.

    Anon3: okay.

    Anon4: ahaha. i like it too!! :D :D :D

    Jing: YAY to red hair!!! :D

    bee yee: thank you dearie! :)))

    Ave: AWW you always know how to make a girl feel better ;) love ya and hugs!!!

    fel: muacks! thanks babeeeee :D

    Anon5: it's not a sticker hehe i got it painted at city plaza.. :X

    PJ: hahaha. OH WELL. i guess some ppl are reaaally color blind -.-

    Rukawa: i use photoshop and photoscape!

    Anon6: good for her.

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