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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laneige Snow BB Cream review & other randoms

you can head down to the nearest Laneige counter to test out this new product! familiar users of BB cream will not be disappointed, i found the
Snow BB Cream SPF 41 PA++ one of the better BB creams i've tried! the high SPF factor wins brownie points too, because that means one less application of sunblock without leaving your skin unprotected :D

however do remember to do a thorough make up removal at the end of the day when cleansing your face because BB cream has the tendency to lead to clogged pores for some people!

wishing you a (belated) merry 23rd.


i had fun decorating the little brown paper-wrapped present with stamp kit sets i bought from Cotton Candy previously! told ya, i'm a sucker for cute stuff!

and new clothessss.

ATBU Lampshade Dress in Nude,
it looks rather shapeless without a belt, and much better with one methinks!

BC Knot-front Knit Top,
love it cos it's so comfy and flattering! :D :D :D material is abit thin but i'm fine with that.

BC Printed Chiffon Frock,
yummy prints but the cutting doesnt seem to flatter me very well :( i think i will be selling this off! any interested takers?


the new manufactured piece is here, and we love it muchly!!! wore it out the other day for dinner with the girls and they were all fighting over which color to take. loll. LOVE IT! teehee. the material is awesome to the max and workmanship is (Y). stay tuned for more previews of it coming up! i especially heart the TVD label on it. shooo cute.

woohoo. and i have a hot date later to the hair salon!!! can't wait :D :D :D



  1. hey sweetie,
    how much are you letting go for the BC Printed Chiffon Frock in Blue? :)

  2. so you allow your friends to get the dresses even when TVD has not launched it?!???

  3. material is? got inner lining?

  4. so you allow your friends to get the dresses even when TVD has not launched it?!???

    sounds like ENNAENNA againnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. Isn't that dress identical to the one HVV manufactured? :x

  6. hi yina!

    do you have extra piece for MNG-Inspired Jeggings in BLUE?

  7. This dress looks like HVV manufactured Summer Cut Out Eyelet Frock

  8. yeah.. hope we won't find it in this fashion. lol.

  9. yah it looks the the velvet vase dress i bought.

  10. love you and the little stamps! :)
    - woon

  11. shut up la enna enna!

  12. Anonymous1: $29.50, currently it's pending :(

    Anonymous2: even if i want to, it is any of your business? stop jumping to your own stupid conclusions.

    Anonymous3: it's made of chiffon/rayon, yeap comes with inner lining :)

    Anonymous4: no idea who A2 is, but probably someone boliao.

    Anonymous5: it's not identical, though the embroidery/eyelet details are pretty similar. the material/color/design is different :) i guess it's inspired from the same Topshop original!

    Anonymous6: hm dont have :( waiting for BO stocks to arrive but i think slots are all filled!

    Anonymous7: yeap, it's a little similar!

    Woon: love you back! :)

    Anonymous8: hahah. how you know its her?

  13. The little brown paper-wrapped present looks very nicely done up! ^^

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