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Friday, July 23, 2010

hair makeover!

so yes. i'm going back to Salon Vim next week to get my hair re-colored!
need to pay another $35 though! :( but i'd rather pay the extra $35 than to leave my hair looking like i never did anything to it in the first place. kinda sad isnt it. hahahahahha. will update again with pictures of my hair after i've re-colored it!

i want red-ish hair!!!

my outfit picture!
TVD piano chiffon blouse paired with TTR's high-waist denim shorts.
love the combi! with a vintage Zara leather sling bag to go along with it. can't find my vintage gold casio watch. dammit.

oh i forgot to mention. i took size L for the shorts. i tried size M and i can fit into it as well but cos the denim shorts are abit more hugging (but stretchy) so i decided to stick with L for more comfort! UK10 for bottoms.


QQ is growing fatter and now she doesnt look as lanky and skinny anymore! but that's good cos she's cuter. heavier though. but cuter! awwww. she's reaallyyy very cute!

and i've yet to edit the pictures from last tue's Sukiya dinner date with the girls!!!!
super slow :(
so here's a series of 3 peektures from Deb's camera!

LOL. self timer fail.

be back with more pictures soon! :)
just watched despicable me (super funny!) and gonna watch inception tmr after hearing all the rave reviews on it on twitter. can't wait!

anyways, is there a NN poll at the sidebar? if there is, do go and complete the poll for me! i'm interested to know more about my readers! :DDD


  1. hello yina! hope you dont mind asking, what size did you get for tvd high waisted shorts?


  2. hi yina! can i ask whats the hips measurement for size L TTR shorts? thankyou ! (: have a great weekend!

  3. @Anonymous

    oh sorry! realised its on TTR website! :/ haha

  4. Hi there! Can I know if the Olympus Pen ep1 is good? How do you find it? Does it zoom in by rotating the lens? Thanks

  5. Hi Yina, When is TVD launching the piano chiffon blouse? Thanks!

  6. babe, if you want red dye and you can DIY, try manic panic... have to ship or ebay it lah, but Pillarbox red is sibeh bright. Red goes on easily on all hair, so for your hair it's still 吃色.

    ("search for manic panic best of the best" in google)

    or i can intro you to somewhere cheap and good to do your hair color. : )

  7. babe!! i took size M for TTR's high waist also. abit hugging also lehs, at the tummy area..being eating alot lately :( the L size issit loose??

  8. hi, are you launching TVD piano chiffon blouse tonight??? i want!!!!!!!

  9. Is your hair naturally that colour (rose natural)? It looks really good. If you dyed it, which salon did you go to?

  10. Hi! I love how your blog looks! May i ask how do you decorate it, making cute montages/decorations! What software do you use? & how long does it take to make such creations? Thanks! (:


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