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Saturday, July 17, 2010


my first time at Carnivore, Vivocity, with Tams! it's a sorta buffet restaurant, with basically nothing but meat hahaha. so you just sit there with an empty place, and the staff will go around holding roasted spits of meat varieties and you can decide which ones you want to have and which ones to say no to! though some of them are rather persuasive so you'd probably end up
getting more than your share's worth of meat.

the chicken heart isn't half bad, but the idea of roasted chicken hearts on a spit is just... kind of gross :/ imagine that's like 10 dead chicken's hearts there.

it's not very cheap too, cost us almost $50 per head for the dinner, but it's cheaper during lunch times! like maybe only $30 plus dollars? so if you're a huge meat eater, this would be an awesome place to buffet at.


i feel like a cat though. so feline looking the big brown eyes. meoww.
and yes the dress is from kristineyunny!!!

mad love for the flowy chiffon outer layer and yellow/white stripes!!!
very happy for kristine that the dress sold so well! not surprising cos the design is really unique and pretty. but surprisingly yellow is the least popular? i set my eyes on getting the yellow piece when i saw the preview! :S



  1. Yina babe, what contact lens u r wearing for this post? I'm looking for comfy big eye colored lens, any gd recommendations? Thanks!

  2. you look really pretty with the lens. very natural. :)

  3. everytime i read your entry, i feel very happy! Cos very graphical! :P lol~
    Looking awesome in that dress and lens! :P Wee you wee~

  4. canivore is yum!! they have happy hour cheaper price too. :)

    agree with pinkmimosa! lol :D

  5. Hi Yina! Your contacts are really pretty on you! :) May I ask where and how much you purchased them for? And also perhaps the color as well, thank you!

  6. haha. yina.. i like yellow also!! but then ended up with pink because my family says more nice. haiz. ur reviews make me totally sad that i didnt get the yellow one. so jealous!!!

  7. hi yina, did you put false lashes for ur makeup

  8. omg drools* i LOVE meat!!!!!!!

    and bwahahahah yina!!! (this is random --> i bought the kate eyeliner and looked like a freak with uneven lines! i cant control it, it controlled me!!! sad much T.T"

  9. oh man i don't know how you do it with the eyeliner! ): but very nice contacts!

    chicken meat yum yum! chicken heart no no!

  10. lol eh, cant seem to catch u online lol ! the new lens is awesome!! mei mei i also wanna get! misssss u!

  11. Hello Yina,

    Very pretty brown eyes, nice!!


  12. Anonymous: encore monthly lens, in brown :) duo tone lens i think!

    deebz: thanks sweetie! any comfy lens to recommend? i think i dont wanna wear enlarging lens cos the effect's abit too over!

    joze: hehehe yay glad you like! i think it's fun to write up a post like this too!

    dreamiez: oooh you like carnivore too :D :D super yumz right. but go all the time will get fat! all the meat so sinful!

    Anonymous2: it's a regular brand from any optics shop, called encore, a pair (monthly) is around 18 bucks i think :) mine's in brown, they have like duo tone and tri tone i think? mine's the basic duo tone (i think)

    jazz: awwww really? dont waste the eyeliner, GIMME! :X hahahaha. just kidding. maybe you just need abit of practice! you have to sort of hold it horizontally to your eyelid and use the side of the brush tip instead, i think it's easier that way!!

    sherilyn: yaaa nono to chicken heart for me too :S kinda gross! hahaha the eyeliner is easy! just draw on lots of it :D hahaha.

    trish: YOU BUSY GIRL. i havent seen you online for how long! TSKKK.

    angie: thanks babe!! :D :D i feel a lil unnatural in em tho. hahaha.


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