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Saturday, July 31, 2010

my hair is red now

i think i quite like the red hair.

some anonymous left a comment saying that my hair is not red at all,
i beg to differ hahaha, thank you very much.
it is in fact the very shade of red i want it to be, and you must have an awfully narrow perception of the colour red.


i also like my awesome lace trimmed glitter tipped manicure.

beats having ugly nails anyway.

i like awfully chocolate's dark chocolate ice cream, it's so so good. and i like sharing it with my boy. he's got cute dimples.

i like this outfit, especially the uber awesome studded bag. and i like the vibe of the white kaftan throwover. wore it with a black spag petticoat btw. i think someone asked if it's a top or a dress. i think.. it's called a tunic.

i like my fat chihuahua.

i like me and myself.

if you dont like me,
you can jolly well not come here,
not follow me on twitter,
not go to TVD,
not whatever shit.

why kill your own eyes.


someone asked on formspring, saying that YZ and i should sing a duet together!
actually, we did, posted it up before! but donkey years ago.
havent got the chance to sing a new duet together, (so many nice duets now!)

you can skip the first 45 seconds cos YZ is unbelievably long winded.
ok ew. bad quality audio/video. we dont sound that fab either :/ so outta tune zomg.
but ok it was like. 2 years ago!? D:


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


YAY! today, i have an awesome online bag boutique to introduce to y'all,
and it's called uberDarkPink!

uDP's bags are of really excellent quality, and there's a huge variety for you to choose from,
ranging from summery straw totes, to vintage satchel box bags and many more!

here's some of what they have to offer for you:

Straw Bags:
if you're looking for quality straw totes, uDP's the place to get them! not only are they all hand-made using high quality straw,
uDP promises that their straw bags will not crack or fall apart easily and the dyes will not fade, unlike the commercially mass produced ones you see selling out there! these bags can actually withstand loads and can certainly last longer than those that people get off the shelves. perfect for our summer season and for pairing with maxis/boho style dresses!

Fabric Bags:
as like all their other bags, uDP's unique fabric bags are made of high quality fabric – does not tear easily and colour does not fade.
bags are reinforced with inner lining, and different vibrant combinations of colours brighten up every outfit and perks up one’s mood.
many people think black/brown bags go with everything, but I think it is one that reflects your character which would bring out everything that you wear!

Box Bags:
these may look like your typical off-the-street-stalls goods, but uDP tells me that these are much sturdier and durable, and are definitely much more value for your money than their inferior look-a-likes! perfect for girls who like to finish off an outfit with a vintage touch. i especially love the red one! so quirky cute!

Fashion Bags:
if you like fashionably chic bags, you'd be spoilt for choice too! there's a wide variety of colours/details/deisgns available at uDP, and they're all made of excellent faux leather material which are incredibly low maintenance, you just need to use damp cloth to wipe them down! all fashion bags come with dust bags for storage.


uDP also carries bags with practical usage, such as enormous ‘Duro foldable Junk Totes’ which are foldable for easy storage yet durable to carry everything, & organizer bags with 12 compartments going at S$12.50 mailed! they also occasionally bring in whatever interesting items they can find- such as the latest funky prints wallets which come in retro prints/hot pink leopard prints.

here's the best part!!!!
uDP is currently having a special 10% off STOREWIDE sale, and an additional $2 off each bag if you're on their mailing list!
they've just updated with their latest collection,
so pop over to uberDarkPink to take a look now!


hungry at midnight

random 3am entry.
cos i'm hungry at midnight!

ok it's not midnight anymore. but the story is, last time when i was in secondary school,
i had a little band together with a bunch of other peeps, and our band name was,
"The Midnight Supper Club".
sounds so corny right?

like some children's series, like "The Babysitters' Club", or something. lollll.

but anyways,
i love everything with fries, especially, especially the salt & vinegar shoe string fries!
i have major cravings for those :(

the skinny wings, one egg soup, tandoori chicken sandwich and breaded nz king salmon are fantabulous too. BUT i still love the shoe string fries the most. salt & vinegar please.

melikes this outfit alot. especially the polkadot straw hat and the mint colored mulberry-inspired tote! <3

and a random picture from last year (i think) of me in bangs. i generally look quite retarded in bangs, but once in awhile i hand itchy and will go and get my fringe cut into bangs. then i cannot wait to grow it out. and once i've kept my side swept fringe again, i start thinking about bangs. it's a never ending vicious cycle.

on another random note, YZ's in reservist and i havent seen him (and will not be seeing him) for almost 4 days straight! D: that's a terribly long time, considering we nearly see each other everyday. except when i'm overseas. and he's gonna miss my birthday next week and our anniversary cos he's gonna be stuck in camp. FOL.

i just got my nails/toes done! toes in a simple french pedi, but my nails has nice glittery tips and little lace trims. hahaha. shall take a picture of them fingers tomorrow :D and i think i shall go do my hair red tomorrow too. toodles!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

girls' night out!

TVD launching our exclusive item tonight,
at 8.30PM!

sian Gina went Krabi for the weekend so only left me to invoice :(


dont forget to catch the launch okay!
very excited about it!


we headed over to starbucks to sit and chill and chit chat for awhile! and of course camwhore and take pictures :X so predictable. what else can you do in a group of 8 girls?

dont kill me ok girls.
i did this cos i thought the picture was very hilarious!
self-timer fail. hahahahahah.
we were all waiting for the timer to go off and in the end it went off without us realising!!!!


damn funny.


Friday, July 23, 2010

hair makeover!

so yes. i'm going back to Salon Vim next week to get my hair re-colored!
need to pay another $35 though! :( but i'd rather pay the extra $35 than to leave my hair looking like i never did anything to it in the first place. kinda sad isnt it. hahahahahha. will update again with pictures of my hair after i've re-colored it!

i want red-ish hair!!!

my outfit picture!
TVD piano chiffon blouse paired with TTR's high-waist denim shorts.
love the combi! with a vintage Zara leather sling bag to go along with it. can't find my vintage gold casio watch. dammit.

oh i forgot to mention. i took size L for the shorts. i tried size M and i can fit into it as well but cos the denim shorts are abit more hugging (but stretchy) so i decided to stick with L for more comfort! UK10 for bottoms.


QQ is growing fatter and now she doesnt look as lanky and skinny anymore! but that's good cos she's cuter. heavier though. but cuter! awwww. she's reaallyyy very cute!

and i've yet to edit the pictures from last tue's Sukiya dinner date with the girls!!!!
super slow :(
so here's a series of 3 peektures from Deb's camera!

LOL. self timer fail.

be back with more pictures soon! :)
just watched despicable me (super funny!) and gonna watch inception tmr after hearing all the rave reviews on it on twitter. can't wait!

anyways, is there a NN poll at the sidebar? if there is, do go and complete the poll for me! i'm interested to know more about my readers! :DDD

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laneige Snow BB Cream review & other randoms

you can head down to the nearest Laneige counter to test out this new product! familiar users of BB cream will not be disappointed, i found the
Snow BB Cream SPF 41 PA++ one of the better BB creams i've tried! the high SPF factor wins brownie points too, because that means one less application of sunblock without leaving your skin unprotected :D

however do remember to do a thorough make up removal at the end of the day when cleansing your face because BB cream has the tendency to lead to clogged pores for some people!

wishing you a (belated) merry 23rd.


i had fun decorating the little brown paper-wrapped present with stamp kit sets i bought from Cotton Candy previously! told ya, i'm a sucker for cute stuff!

and new clothessss.

ATBU Lampshade Dress in Nude,
it looks rather shapeless without a belt, and much better with one methinks!

BC Knot-front Knit Top,
love it cos it's so comfy and flattering! :D :D :D material is abit thin but i'm fine with that.

BC Printed Chiffon Frock,
yummy prints but the cutting doesnt seem to flatter me very well :( i think i will be selling this off! any interested takers?


the new manufactured piece is here, and we love it muchly!!! wore it out the other day for dinner with the girls and they were all fighting over which color to take. loll. LOVE IT! teehee. the material is awesome to the max and workmanship is (Y). stay tuned for more previews of it coming up! i especially heart the TVD label on it. shooo cute.

woohoo. and i have a hot date later to the hair salon!!! can't wait :D :D :D

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