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Monday, June 28, 2010

new dress from !
which i bought on sale for $25. hmmmm it's nice but i dont think i'll actually wear it keep or not to keep?

Gina just tagged me on FB, and i am D: horrified.
daddy was really fat last time teehee. now he eats so little he's become all skinny!! and i just look really young!

awwww. wo ai wo daddy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

i think i cannot attempt doing this picture collage thing all the time,
it's worse than doing newspaper layout everyday!
but it's kind of fun, so i think i will try it every once in awhile. HAHAHA.
and it's gonna be 4am now!!! :((( terrible max.

we're going to some ulu flea event tomorrow at Jurong and we have to be there at 9am. havent packed anything to bring to flea yet, all we have is an empty suitcase (for now) and Daddy asked if we were planning to run away from home. ha ha ha. very funny.

wish me luck!!!!! i am gonna be super zombiefied tmr :(

nighty night!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feature: VanillaTulips!

//scroll down to view latest entry!//
  is a pre-order online store that brings in a variety of Korean fashion apparel and accessories for you ladies!

The men shouldnt feel missed out too, because they conduct pre-orders for men monthly as well!
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Pre-order #16 is currently open until Friday,

The great thing about  is that they're really efficient, each pre-order only lasts 5 days, and orders are consolidated right after the pre-order has been closed, which means a shorter waiting time for us anxious shoppers as well!

And here's a few of the pre-order items available, not just apparel, but also pretty accessories!

i love this tie dye maxi! :) so summery and fresh looking, maxis are super in now!

another gorgeous polkadot maxi skirt, 

a quirky cute checkered dress!

a dainty layered pearl bracelet, it's super pretty and vintage!

Join their mailing list to enjoy FREE postage!
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trying a pictorial collage blog entry for once!
i think it's quite fun! :D :D :D
alot more dynamic and interesting than just pictures and text, dont you think?
a tad time consuming though,
but i think i'll try to do it every once in awhile ;)

here's another one of my stupid pets! hahaah

do you all like it? I DO!!! ehehehe.
also added a link to my FormSpring at the side of the blog so that y'all can click onto my FS page easily!

ciao now!

Monday, June 21, 2010


feeling adventurous,
i wore my brilliant indie maxi out, with an assortment of bangles, RI hobo bag and and my new cut-out sandals!!!

put a little flower brooch on my bag because i was feeling that whole indie vibeeee.

many many bangles, and they just happened to color-coordinate with my dress as well

love love! gorgeous paisley prints, lace trim and striking fuschia!
ah. and nubra is the awesome. squeezes out all the boobies i have :X

along with a ton of eye makeup! and falsies which i plucked off later because i'm still not quite used to that very strong look -.-

i brought out the instax mini today,
and went around taking pictures with some of the wonderful people i see frequently,

helloooooooo JJ!

funnyyyy candid shots. 

hellooooooooo LL babes!

and then, 

to meet my favourite babe!

ahhhh... been craving their crabmeat linguine forever, 
and Chien hasn't even been there before! D: how blasphemous. 

we ordered two mains and a salad to share:

the steak sandwich (which is another of my MP favourites!!!!)

crabmeat linguine which is a must-have when at MP,

spinach salad with mozarella cheese balls!
wasnt quite what i expected, but quite an interestingly yummy dish!

that white round thing on top is actually a poached egg D: it's pretty tasteless though!

our spread of food! looks absolutely sumptious! the steak sandwich/crabmeat linguine are as good as i remember, or even better! :D
Chien liked the spinach salad more than i did.

and the very last thing not to be missed at MP has to be the sticky date and toffee pudding with ice cream!
so so so goooood.

sweet, sticky, rich, chewy texture, accompanied by creamy cold ice cream. YUMS.

MP still has 20% off all food items from Mon-Sat nights for all ladies, which is pretty worth the money!! we ate so much for about $70 bucks. stuffed to the max with food omg but the calories are worth it :D

and post-dinner,
we camwhore :P

matchy maxis! naaaaaiss.

trying out my new eye liner in the toilet! it's quite awesome, K-PALETTE tattoo 1-day eyeliner, cost only $16.90 at Watsons and it's very dark and easy to draw on! melikess.

spot the number of reflections!

i think i'm a good photographer, and Chien's a good subject :X

don't you like my hair braid! courtesy of Lina who yanked my hair into obedience.

this is a happy looking candid! i likey.

next stop, 
to Borders to act like geeks,
i fail because when i dont smile i look like someone owes me a million dollars :(

used to love rurouni kenshin. first and favourite manga! i lent out the first 7 book to a random secondary school mate and never got them back :( and now i think you can't find those first seven books in publishing anymore!

and the last polaroid of the day!


last but not least,
gross picture of the entry:

because i scalded my tongue on a cup of hot tea, 
and it wasnt a tiny sip, but because i was a using a straw and didnt know how hot the tea was, i took a giant mouthful of tea,
and spat it out immediately onto the floor because it was so hot! :(

and ewww blisters at the back of my tongue! 
still not gone yet though it's been a few days already.

poor tongue. recover soon!!! 


$21 mailed!

PTP: 15"
Length: 22"
Fits UK6-8 only.

Email me!
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