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Monday, May 17, 2010

a rare family portrait



ps. i swear we weren't all wearing TVD clothes on purpose. 


and the neglected OTDs and shopping loot pictures;

pearl embellished mod dress, high waisted denim shorts, TVD

zipper front tunic, TVD
mustard bag, F21
obi waistbelt, mascarafesta 

vintage ruffle tunic, highwaisted denim shorts, TVD
mustard bag, F21

printed summer babydoll, bonitochico

mayflower convertible, ATBU


(Anonymous) wrote: May. 17th, 2010 12:30 pm (local) hi yina, i think you should consider bringing in prettier clothes for tvd. i am totally turned off by your horrendous taste in choosing clothes, maybe you should improve on your fashion sense. and better still, get a prettier and skinnier model than yourself. we're all sick of your fat face, so you can take it and stuff it somewhere else.

thanks for your feedback, i'm sick of my fat face too but we have no money to hire a prettier and skinnier model! like to volunteer? aaaand. you dont have to buy clothes from TVD. really! no one's forcing you.. :P


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  1. Hello Yina! im a new reader to your blog and just want to say i am really impressed with ur pictures collage and posts! i mean it really take alot of time, creative, patience and love for it to do it! makes ur post very refreshing and different from others! We also hv almost similar size (im a lil smaller for tops and more pear for bottom) so clotehs review post does helps me too! (: the person who post that nasty comment to you cannot be any more insensitive! dont take it to heart! (:


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