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Friday, April 23, 2010


don't you think humans are very 犯濺,
i've been complaining about not getting enough sleep the past few days because of rushing work,
i finally finished my work today (with two hours to spare somemore)
and now it's freaking 2am and i'm damn wide awake (probably due to overdose of KOI)


and i can't finish the stupid KOI too. PUI. too much pearls. i hate pearls. bought it for somebardi else but the person isnt around so i figured i'd drink it, because the pearls will turn rock hard if you leave it in the fridge for too long.


i realise i almost always blog chronologically and it's very boring.
sometimes i wonder how come i still have readers when all i blog about are either, my pets, my shopping, my food, my bf and myself.


you know something very funny.
a long time ago, way way before TVD, both my sisters, had blogshop startups of their own.
and both blogshops only survived like.. 3-4 collections.

or something.

i used to smirk at their lousy blogshops with lousy pictures hahahahahaha.

and during those days, i NEVER online shopped, loathed shopping, loathed dressing up (cos i was a fat bitch back then) and basically had NO interest at all in buying anything other than maybe storybooks. (geek.)

and NOW...
i'm like the total opposite T.T
got addicted to online shopping so much, there was a period of time i could have parcels continuously coming in every day!!! terrible. dont know how much money i spent (still am spending) on online shopping.

i sidetracked.

just thought it was quite ironic and rather amusing how much i've changed D:


i love sugar with my prata.


ending off with a rather offensive picture:

of QQ curiously sniffing Pepper's butt..... WTH?

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