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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hungrweeee? i know i am :( but i only have pictures to satisfy myself with! craving a good meal at a nice comfy restaurant with good company! whooooo wants to date me out!

went over to thai express at J8 for dinner the other day! i love their tom yam soup though it's super duper spicy.

YZ loves the soft shell crab so much he ordered a 2nd serving for himself! tsk tsk tsk.不肥才怪!

and yummy phat thai!

the only picture i took that day! i think i look horrid in pictures lately. my face so swollen and my eyebags are so bad!!!! helpppppp ):

even the TVD photoshoot pictures from last coll look really weird and i felt really tired, didnt feel like taking pics at all!!! wish i could just get JY to model ALL the clothes hahaha but i think she'd die cos theres so many colors for some of the items! o well :(

some more random pictures:

never knew i had a rambutan tree on my rooftop! D: until my dad got YZ to help him hoist the plant down. hmmm i wonder if it'll bear fruit!

the two kpo onlookers

havent seen QQ for a long time right? :D she's getting naughtier by the day, now she knows how to climb the stairs but she only knows how to climb up and doesnt know how to climb down, so she gets stuck on the rooftop frequently hahaha and has to keep on giving her high-pitched barks to alert us that the princess has been abandoned on the tower lol

pretty mummy! nancy says my camera makes mummy look older because she's alot younger looking than in pictures. my camera is amazing! it makes ppl look uglier. 


i must mention this very funny incident that happened the other day at AMKhub, 

i was inside the toilet and drying my hands at the hand dryer or something when this girl who was on her way out kept looking in my direction, she then walked out of the toilet, spotted YZ waiting for me outside, then turned right back into the toilet and said to me,

"hi are you yina? i thought it was you, but i wasnt sure, then i walked out and i recognised your boyfriend so i confirmed that it was you and i came back to say hi!"


omg my boyfriend is more recognisable than me!! D: D: D: anyway hi to cuppycakes (right???) if you're reading this!

actually, i realise that i've been bumping into strangers who're recognising me more and more frequently. or i think they recognise YZ more cos he has a very distinctive face! i'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing :( but it can be quite embarrassing especially when i'm in one of my unglam moments! for example, people always seem to spot me eating yami yogurt. hahahaha. wth. or like meeting inside the toilet. or other random encounters! but anyway if any readers ever do bump into me anywhere, do say hi ok! :D 


dont know if anyone has spotted this preview picture over at  , but they invited me to guest model for their upcoming collection! *shy* quite paiseh you know because i am really not cut out for modelling. but still it was quite fun!

i think i look fat though :( but ok i'll stop whining about looking fat. another thing people i meet or run into for the first time always tell me is "omg yina, you look SOOO much smaller in real life!" actually i dont understand why also is it my camera???? or am i just the "look bigger on screen" sort? -.- in any case i'm always happy to hear that LOL. 

polaroid! took this with the SLH model shirl, who's really sweeeeet! :D
oooh i love polaroids cos the flash always makes me look uber fair. so deceptive i know!

not sure when they're launching though so do keep a look out!


some outfits that i've yet to post,

super hotselling dress from TVD! whee. grabbed one piece for myself lol. it's really damn nice and i was very sad when the suppliers told us no BO for this cos the fabric was exclusively sourced! :(

this dress is from  , it's a pretty old design but ive been looking for it since forever! am loving the color combi and the embroidered details at the bust! :D

i looove this dress!! omg so excited. it'll be up in TVD's next collection! in two colors exclusive to TVD and TVD alone! :D super flattering bandage skirt bottom and the subtle puff sleeves are damn cute la! YZ loves it on me too hhehehe.

ohh and i wore it out today with my new shoes that are super cute too. matchy matchy!

bought from charles & keith! v expensive for a pair of flats butttt i think the cut out details are irresistible! plus the workmanship's pretty good, comes w a thick rubber sole (not like some cheap flats, that wear out in a few weeks!) and the material doesnt bite! :D


anyway, some of you might know that Gina just started her new job last week, so guess who's doing the day to day running of  ? yours truly. Gina's still in charge of the invoicing/payment verification stuff and all, but i've been running back and forth from the post office to the suppliers and all during the day while shes at work! it's actually quite alot of work and effort just to run this small little BS :( but it's very exciting cos i get to choose the new stocks hahahaha :D :D :D am so excited for the upcoming collections cos we're gonna be bringing in some stuff color exclusive to TVD and etc!! wheeee. can't wait :)

am quite sad though. i'm really very sian with the amt of dead buyers commenting for stuff on TVD! not only is it unfair to those sincere buyers, these dead buyers/customers who back out after receiving the invoice, it's really very inconvenient for me. imagine lets say we send out invoice to a customer and i head over to the suppliers the next morning to get more stocks for the customers after invoicing them so that we can send out the item immediately after payment, then the buyer backs out, it means that the shop is left with more stock than we originally had, in order to cater to the customers who were already invoiced and ended up backing out! walao really damn sian.

and this customer backed out twice from her transactions. three times actually but one of them times she changed her mind again and decided to get the item. so we informed her that she's been blacklisted due to backing out from transactions too many times. and guess what she replied.

hi.. hmm jus to carify that yup the first time i changed my mind and got it in the end.. which is the navy drape dress. the 2nd time i also bought the bohemian sundress and also paid up almost immed. so far ive gotten 2 things from ya. if u think that these 2 are not sufficient to cover the backing out then its alright. i could def do without u and stick to the more big-hearted shops out there.. =)

it's way unfair for other customers and for us when someone keeps on backing out of transactions, and i guess that makes TVD very small-hearted! sigh. dont know how to deal with customers like this anymore. maybe TVD should operate on a first-pay-first-serve basis instead. but i dont think customers would like that, invoicing ppl and giving them a 24h frame for payment is supposed to convenience the buyer but it really sucks when people take advantage of this system :(

ok enough ranting.

there are also very nice customers too! who take the effort to leave feedback on the TVD feedback page, or email us to tell us that they've gotten their items and love them etc :))) so it's not always so shitty la. i love nice customers! hahaha

anyway backorders for the vintagey plaid shirt in red are up!! limited slots only so dont miss it ok! and i'm pretty sure you wont find this color anywhere else online. so go and join the BO for it!!

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