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Thursday, February 11, 2010


hiiiii my audition went quite badly! like.. the judges didnt have anything good to say about my singing :( so it was terrible. they said my singing was very old fashioned, my pronouncation was too tight and my vocal register was all wrong. but i thought the duet was not too bad actually :( but oh well! it's ok, i'm taking it all in my stride because my performance wasnt anything to shout about. and there was another girl whom they praised to the skies, (some campus superstar girl i think) and i thought she was good too and we sang one same song (again, same girl i think) so basically she's gonna get in and im not! but its okaaaayyyyyyz!


WIW for the audition and an upcoming preview of what's up on  next,

super fierce printed S&B leggings matched with a studded dress that i folded shorter inwards to wear as a tunic! next collection we're going for the edgy, chic look! dont be alarmed by the printed s&b leggings, they dont look as scary as they do in the picture! it's really a very subtle print which only helps to accentuate the ruches of the leggings and look so totally chic! super not obvious unless under direct sunlight (like in the pictures)

for the not-so-adventurous, TVD is also bringing in the classic black s&b leggings and a very special bronze shade as well! mwahahaha. can't wait can't wait. Gina's gonna be launching the next collection probably next Thursday so stay tuned k :D

and here's a video of the duet.... dont laugh if you think it's bad :( 你最珍貴!

sang another two songs, 細水長流 and nothing's gonna change my love for you.. hmmm i think the duet was the best. BUT still they didnt say a single good thing about it. haha! never mind! :) i think i should really stop trying cos i'm not cut out for it obviously.

chinese new year's coming up and i cant wait to dress up and wear pretty new clothes everyday!! i havent been buying much, (too busy helping Gina with TVD!!!) so my only loot of the week!!

Corset Bustier Chiffon Dress in cool blue size M from  , it's abit loose for me at the waist though :( so i added a belt and it looks much better! :D

and i am collecting my lace cheongsam in red from Vel tomorrow to wear for CNY! so excited because i'm hoping it'll look better on me than the pink one :( *fingers crossed*

hope everyone has a fantastic CNY, eat more ba kwa and goodies and collect more angpaos!!! (for those who need to give out angpaos, i'm sorry..... haha!)


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