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Sunday, February 21, 2010


@ the Paper Market

YZ: who's that guy in the photo with you???!!!!
me: HELLO IT'S YOU!!!!
me: -_________________- 

men are super oblivious sometimes.

my favourite tams

i love this!!! so nais!!!

the craft kitchen in the store that looks super amazing like a place of magic :)

ZOMG loooook what im holding!! :D :D mad cute!!!
and of course special meaning because  are inspired from these cute little russian dolls also known as matryoshka dolls hehee. 

dinner was at sushi tei! 

sushi tei is so much better than sakae sushi i swear. sakae sushi = bad. 

doesn't this just look totally yummy? 

digging in! (:

they have this open kitchen concept where you can see the kitchen through the glass panel one of the chefs spotted me taking a picture and gave me a twist sign LOL. so cute.

YZ & i (:

we ordered a salmon trio platter, consisting of salmon sashimi, salmon belly sashimi and salmon roe.... it was fantastic!

the sashimi was super fresh, and had an amazing texture, while the salmon roe was full of flavour! yummmmmm.

tams ordered this gross looking tuna tatare with raw egg yolk thingy.... i'd never dare to eat that but she said it was gooood...

it's rice underneath by the way. haha can't really see the rice though!

YZ and i shared a tempura soba which was yummy too! the tempura's deep fried to perfection, not too greasy and very cripsy! :D

\with uber big portion of noodles!

our shared grilled salmon mentaiyaki. i love mentai now because it has such a buttery and rich flavour!!! the salmon was grilled just right the 2nd time (the first one they served us was too dry and overgrilled so we asked for a fresh serving) and the mentai was uber generous. love love! everyone should try this!!!

see the chef painstakingly holding up the (whatever it is he's grilling) inside the oven so that it cooks evenly! dedication, man.

and we just thought this is really cute. haha!

and earlier in the day....

we brought QQ out to our aunt's... car excursion!

silly dog with my hair tie which she insisted on shaking off viciously. but she looks soooo funny with her hair tied like that, looks like a broomhead!! mwahahaha.

Lina and i camwhoring. 

my outfit photo! braided chiffon frock from  :) the jade green color and shimmery chiffon makes it so uber love! armpit fats galore though :(

as you can probably tell, in the past couple years i notice this trend going on when ever i upload CNY pictures... day 1, shitload of pictures.. day 2, a respectable amount, day 3 (onwards) pathetically few pictures, the number just divides itself exponentially or something. mostly due to the fact that we're all at home on day 1 (the three camwhore sisters) and are so utterly bored we do nothing but take pictures whilst on day 2 and 3 onwards we start visiting and going out so get to take less pictures. i wish i took more pictures though! i am usually at my most made up during these few days of the year and it's such a pity to let all my hard work in making up go to waste.. HAHA.


i neglected the falsies already because one half of the pair i was wearing on day 1 and 2 went missing and the other design of falsies just looked weird on me plus i spent forever trying to stick em on and they wouldnt go on properly i am so n00b at this! so i gave up in the end and went for good ole' mascara. screw the falsies. and that's how i usually do my eyes for more dressed up occasions, going from light to dark at the outer corners which help to define my eyes and make them less droopy :)

make up tutorial if any one's interested? im no pro lah. but if anyone's keen i can try to do a simple step-by-step of the makeup and all. blah blah blah.


and for those who are interested,  have opened backorders for the s&b leggings in black! everyone knows how much i love these leggings hahahaha. it's a MUST-OWN item!!! so super chic looking and easy to pair with any long tops/tunics, plus super slimming effect due to the ruches!

place orders for em here!

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