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Friday, December 31, 2010

win a FREE private movie screening all to yourself! or help me win one then :D

that's right.
your poor little computer faces ONE, that is, uno, ichi, satu, ONE new threat, at the rate of 1/1.5 seconds.

that means, in the 30 seconds it took me to type the above, there are 15 new threats currently hanging around in the form of:

+ Banking Trojans
+ Botnet Warfare
+ Personal Data Theft
+ Targeted Attacks via Email
+ Search Engine Poisoning

and so many more!!!!

but all thanks to Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security software,
i am now mega protected from any malicious threats/virus/spyware and the likes!!!!

*cue camwhore picture*

i shan't bore you with the specifics,
but to put it simply, the security software on my computer is now LIGHT (no excessive consumption of PC resources), FAST (instant protection with quick installation) and SAFE (complete piece-of-mind) thanks to Trend Micro's advanced Cloud technology!

and it has already stopped 5 threats for me D:

and here's the exciting part for readers:
get to win a PRIVATE MOVIE SCREENING, exclusively for your friends and yourself,
(or if you want to be like really cool and surprise your gf/bf, how about 2 persons to one entire cinema. HAHAHA. but i wont be so selfish i promise if i win everyone who writes in gets to come join me for my private movie screening!)

by simply clicking on the below icon to enter Trend Micro's Facebook Contest,

start by "like"-ing the page,
then answer a simple quiz, and start referring friends with your personal referral URL! :D
you just need to refer 30 friends in order to qualify for the Grand Prize!

obviously, you're becoming my referral if you click on the link and start referring friends, so IF i win the free movie screening, i'll definitely open the private movie screening to all readers and customers! ^___^

and if you win instead,
please remember to invite me for the screening. HAHAHA.

some pictures from the dinner & sharing session that was hosted by Trend Micro at Raindropz Cafe! i asked SK to go along with me for the event, and the lucky girl actually won something from the lucky draw! kns.
the best course of the meal was the mushroom soup, followed by dessert. everything in between was downhill from there, so pardon me if i skip most of the food pictures.

remember to participate in the contest now!!!!!!

ps. my curls were tonged for me by Stephanie :D teehee.

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

and just in case i dont get a chance to blog again til 2011,
here's wishing everyone,

HAPPY 2011 and may everyone have a blessed year ahead!!!!

mmm. no requisitory end-of-year recap and NY resolutions... yet.
i am just happy and blessed and thankful for everything and everyone and everyday :)
life is precious :)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tonight at 8.30PM,
we'll be launching the exclusively manufactured polkadot bustier dress which comes in black and blue, and in sizes S & M!

some other items being launched tonight:
chiffon ruffle down blouse in two colors, cream and mauve!
and a V-neck knit tunic in forest green, midnight blue and mocha!

the military knit cardi previously sold out will be re-launched as well in navy and red, we wont be restocking it anymore too so this is your last chance to get it!

think there are a couple other items too, so check out the launch tonight! :D

8.30 on TheVelvetDolls, see ya!

Salon Vim!

remember how i went to Salon Vim previously, and (half jokingly) asked about sponsorship?
my very nice hairstylist, John, actually did take note, and i was really pleasantly surprised to get a message from him asking me to go down to find out more about getting sponsored by Salon Vim!

so yeap it sounds too good to be true... i'm part of the blogger team for Salon Vim now! HAHAHAHA erhemz. all my blog haters can start flaming me now. but.. back to my hair!

actually, i went to the salon together with eils baybeh, and we told ourselves that we'd go do our hair together, and take a KSLC picture together because AFTER WE KNOW EACH OTHER FOR SO LONG LIAO UNTIL NOW WE HAVE NEVER TAKEN A PICTURE TOGETHER YET???? because we always look very chui whenever we see each other!

but failed because i had to rush off right after my session for a blogger event! :(
totally forgot about the take-picture-together part!!!

sorry eils baybeh. dont be sad ok, we will have chance one!

by the way, eils' hair turned out super nice too! i love the color!
trust me, its CHIO de.

how my hair looked 2 days after the session:

the difference between the before and the after:

+ a shorter layered fringe to give more volume to the top of my flat hair! also Stephanie cut my fringe in such a way that it can be styled in a more versatile manner if i dont want to sweep my bangs to the side.
+ the layers in my hair look alot more natural and "connected" now as compared to the previous choppy layers where it looked like my hair is really disjointed (very short then suddenly very long layers)
+ the ash brown color really really brings out my complexion! i look fairer now and not so sallow skinned :D
+ highlights around the crown of my head which makes my hair look lighter and not as heavy!

all in all, i really like the new color + cut and i can't wait to see how my hair will turn out in 6 months time :)
hope it'll be good and grow out long enough for me to perm it! i've been wanting to perm my hair for quite some time but cos it's too short i'd end up looking old (i think) so fingers crossed!

i got to bring home Loreal products too and i've been diligently using them for the past 2 weeks, my hair is so much softer and smoother!
they smell awesome too so that's a plus point. :D

once again thank you Salon Vim! especially to John, Gary and Stephanie!

anyways, i believe if you quote my name YINA, you get a 10% discount off all hair services :)

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

by the way, Salon Vim has a facebook page too, so you can check out the page for the latest promos and services available! :)


and after 2 weeks my hair still looks pretty awesome if i do say so myself HAHAHA here's more pictures i took recently to prove my point :P

i really look x1000 fairer in this hair color, and i previously used to think the darker i dyed my hair, the fairer i'd look in contrast, but that's actually not true :P

and i finally got sour sally-ed in sg! tried Sour Sally when i went to Bali and have missed it ever since cos it tasted like the darnest best thing on earth on a hot sunny day in Bali.

cute mascots always help!

its a tad pricey though. and the service staff that day was really grouchy. but nvm.. can't resist froyo anyway :S

froyo after we had a hearty lunch at Food Republic upstairs. lazy to put up the pictures of lunch so froyo will suffice!
my lunch partners Livia & Woon!

Livia who's back for a short vacation before shes off again to study!

melon mint with mochi (favourite!) with mango.
i had one all by myself :D

merlion so cute! hahahahaha

last picture to end the post.

i spent my Christmas quite quietly, except that my dad wanted to kick me out of the house for not returning home on Christmas Eve :S he ordered me to come back to collect my passport and birth cert, but in the end he relented after giving me a scolding... oops.

if i got kicked out, the first thought on my mind would be where all the stocks are going because i can't possibly move them all somewhere at one go because there's just too much -__-

ok but anyway i didn't get kicked out in the end. still happily living at home.

hope everyone else's Christmas was superly fab though!
with many many Christmas presents and gatherings and fun!

i is boring with no life ):

YZ and i might be getting iphones together soon though!
oh no, i'm joining the mass of steve job/apple sheep followers.
very hard to resist, when the whole world owns one already. i'm so obsolete and backward.
i will miss my BBM, but i wont miss the laggyness of my BB! -_-

preparing for a TVD launch tomorrow, so i'll be good and go add the mailing listees now!
my most un-favourite job. wish someone else (called Gina) would do it instead.

good night!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas meet up! + venice part2

merry christmas in advance everybardi!!!

feeling pretty festive and christmassy already though i dont have any plans for christmas! conducted a triple christmas meet-up earlier with Joyce, her sister Jolene, Mega & Vera and it was much fun to meet our customers! :D plus so much less boring with all the other girls around to chitchat and gossip with while waiting for customers :))) hearts! having these girls around me really makes work so much happier all the time :) awww!

hope the customers who came for the meet-up are happy with their items and goodie bags too! :D that's if you came early enough, cos we didnt manage to prepare enough goodie bags for every customer ): it was great to finally put faces to email addresses and names! :X

christmas goodie bags! some of them contain special surprises, heh :D

and reaaally colorful shopping bags with customers' items inside! everyone who walked past stared really long at the pile of bags lol.

the girls from TheTinselRack and Megagamie! 2 pairs of sisters, they look soooo alike D:
poor me was all alone because Gina's in church or something.

by the way, all five of us are in our respective blogshops' upcoming manufactured items :)
me: polkadot bustier dress, joyce: highwaisted jeans, jolene: ruffle top, vera: sequin blouse, mega: contrast cropped blazer!


here's a full length shot of the dress, trust me it's sooooo gorgeous all my friendly blogshop owner friends all kept a piece (or two) for themselves already! anyway it totally slims my hips down and gives me a waist. the cutting is daaaamn nice!!!! instantaneous hour glass figure. material's super luxe too and very slight padding at the boobies which really helps to enhance them :X VERY VERY NICE!

my snowflake cupcake sponsored by TTR. lol! :D
thankew joyceeee!

and... my new hair color MAKES ME LOOK SO MUCH FAIRER!!!

going to blog about my hair next :)

real soon!!!


here's venice part 2, before i never get around to blogging it!
continued from part 1 here!

we walked about abit, and around evening time, (so that we were in time to catch the sunset)
we got on our very own gondola ride! :D

a gondola ride of 45mins costs about 100 euros by the way.

bloodyexpensive. but it's the ultimate touristy thing to do in Venice, so we succumbed! plus, the view was really breathtaking! :D

what the colorful gondolas look like, with thrones befitting of emperors upholstered in bright red and laquered gold :)

a slow procession of gondolas. the gondaliers are all supposed to be in nautical stripes of navy and red :D

love the colorful view from one side of the Grand Canal!

this delightful old man had a cute boating hat on :D

loving the pretty view and water reflections :)

at a coin shop looking at collector's coins

even more gondolas

a pretty special piece of architecture in Venice, but i forgot what it's called :X

inside a gelato shop for our daily fix!

yucks pigeons. hope they dont shit on your hand.

polaroid that turned out under excposed :(

got onto our gondola already!

that's our gondolier at the back concentrating hard on navigating us through the waters. it looks really easy, but i bet it's not!

fish & woon!

ooh this picture just looks so nicely composed. i like it alot! the gondolier was pushing off the wall with his foot in order to steer the gondola! hahaha.

the sun starting to set in fiery glory

passing under the Rialto Bridge

we all got our turn at "rowing" the gondola! actually bluff one la. the gondolier just lets you hold the oar but he's holding it as well and doing all the steering :X

we reached the end of the 45 minutes ride really quick! geez, 100 euros gone just like that.

day turning into night..

sucha pretty view! all the lights reflecting in the water makes for really gorgeous pictures.

aand we bought these masquerade masks!! for like 7.5 euros per mask :) they were so pretty! though the only time i'd ever get to wear them would be for halloween or to a costume party. but they were too lovely to resist :)

the light and the dark!

and yet another polaroid.

we eventually walked our way back to the hotel, and plopped into bed after packing our luggage for yet another long journey to the next city again!
so we rose up early the next day to take the water taxi back to the train station at like 745am or something.
the kindly old taxi uncle even walked over to our hotel to check if we were coming cos we were late? :X

more lugging luggage

goodbye Venice!

and all of us tried to be speedboat maniacs!
with sleepy and puffy morning faces!

this one looks really scary! lol like it's going to crash us any time

END Venice!
we love and miss you Venice! we went on to the next city: Bolzano and high up the mountains!

read the past travel entries here!

erm. i think it will be 2011 when i get around to blogging about that :)
but it's okay, better late than never! i still have a hundred and one blog posts waiting to be blogged! will try to catch up with the blogging faster.

have a blessed Christmas,
and i'll try to catch up on my email replies over Christmas weekend! ):

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