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Sunday, August 30, 2009

there she goes

actie passed away last night :(

gina came back home late and passed by actie in the front yard, and immediately called out to me, "yina, come and see what actie is doing!" in one of those amused actie-is-doing-strange-things-again tone. i went out outside and there she was lying on her side with her snout in the overturned plastic container where she drinks water from. we carried her over from the ground (she must have spilt the water and yet was lying right in the wet puddle) to the door mat but she didnt move nor struggle, just limply breathing.

and while the three of us looked on, she started to fight for her breath and i think she was probably in pain because she started convulsing a little and her little body was all contorted, her eyes were unfocused and she looked so so so painful and close to death. and soon her heartbeat turned erratic, and she breathed her last, surrounded by her three owners.

even my dad offered up a joss stick to her in the morning. and we buried her in a little field along the road. mummy said, "maybe she'll go and find ahma" to which i rolled my eyes and replied "ah ma dont even like dogs lor....."

here's a tribute to my little darling, who's been a part of my life for 13 years. i miss you already. the way you cock your head, all alert, whenever i call your name, your crazy lion-dance prancing, your obsession with tennis balls, the way your tongue sticks out when you sleep, your spontaneous crawl-into-my-lap action, the way you start howling like a wolf whenever i imitate a cat meowing. you funny old dog. 


R.I.P Actie, (1997-2009) 
you'll always be my bestest dumb darling dog in the world (:

now when the world has turned its back on me, i no longer have my pet dog :(

Friday, August 28, 2009

it's a friday and thursdays are good

went out for an impromptu dinner with the love yesterday after work, the initial plan was for him to meet me at Bishan while i came straight from work and we'd go get yami yogurt, (my other love) but we ended up having a cosy and satisfying meal at Cafe Cartel instead :) followed by yami yogurt, of course.

at this rate i'm eating, i might as well have been born a pig. zzzzz.

the pan-fried linguine and the pork ribs are pretty good :) and this is actually our first time dining together at Cafe Cartel ever, which means i haven't been to Cafe Cartel for two years! wow. time has this habit of sneaking past your back when you're not looking. ooh and it was a good hair day. i love good hair days.

i was wearing one of my latest favourite item received in the mail, the chic jumper from BC and YZ likes it alot. hehehe, i think he has a fetish for "manly" girls....




online shopping makes me happy!


might not be able to update with random entries regularly anymore, because a ton of projects just came in for me and i'm gonna be working my ass off if i'm to complete all of them by the deadlines... bahh. but i'm actually really quite happy about it because i havent been doing any comic work and etc for ages and i'm starting to miss it :) plus it helps me feel a tiny bit better about being sucha crappy artist and all. work that i am actually good at gives me a purpose.

and of course more work means more money for me,

more money = more shopping = more happiness!!!

shallow equation, but so there. *smirks* back to work! 

lost but finding my way.


seaweed shaker fries FTW!!!

TGIF, have a great weekend everyone!

ps. a huge thank you to those who've been following this humble blog so far. am really encouraged that i actually have readers!!!!! omgomgomg. thank you people :))
pps. lady gaga is actually really rather catchy. po-po-po-po-ker-face-po-po-po-ker-face


Thursday, August 27, 2009



it's been a hundred days.


and we're back with the customary food, incense and paper money offerings, and trying to make sure you're able to still be comfortable where ever you are. i dont believe in all these customs, but you did and you should be well comforted to know that we've kept to all of them :)

it may seem to others that this is a sombre occasion, but we still had much chatter and laughter as usual, auntie ivy was making everyone ask you funny questions with the 2 fifty-cents coins about whether you approve or give your blessings in matters such as me getting married next year (OH PLS i have no intention of marrying so early. but you said yes!) and about Gina passing the job interview she's going for tomorrow and finding a BF soon (hahaha you said no) and about the maid not bullying Ah Gong and all sorts of nonsensical rubbish.

i miss you sometimes, but when i think of you i'm happy that you've moved on, no longer in pain nor suffering, not upset at your passing.
ah gong still laments your passing everyday though. he burns you incense and calls your name and talks to you every morning and evening.

i like the cemetery, it's really breezy and peaceful there :) i think it's a great resting place for you.

even Oreo came to pay his respects to you today! remember how you always asked Oreo to "mak mi mi" and close his eyes? 

i'm sure he doesnt know what's going on but he was really excited and happy as usual : D

hope you're resting in peace, ah ma, where ever you may be :) you were the most boisterously naggy and sharp tongued ah ma that we ever had, but you're our one and only ah ma and we love you :)



i'm really worried about my little old dog :( of late, she's been doing nothing but sleep and sleep and sleep, she seems to be getting more deaf and blind as the days go by because she doesnt respond to my calling her name anymore, when i try to carry her sometimes she struggles and i dont think she even recognises me :( only once in awhile do i catch her in her crazy active prancing mood like she used to be all the time when she was younger. 

it was pouring early this morning, the weather was so chilly and bone-numbingly cold and i found the poor dear lying outside asleep in the front yard where the rain got to her, she was drenched and wet, and motionless, i nearly thought she was dead :( but she was breathing, and i took a dry floor rug and carried her back to the shelter of the front porch, laying her down on the thick door mat so she wouldn't be cold and trying to dry her off a little with the floor rug.

and she just lay there not moving, her bony frame trembling and shivering :(

she's been with me for 12 or 13 years now. my darling little dog. stay with me a moment more, would you?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


pictures from last night's performance: A Choral Odyssey -- in tribute to Leong Yoon Pin (a local composer)

the high of a concert, feeling of post-performance euphoria is unbeatable :) we only performed 3 pieces last night as the last of a series of choirs to showcase LYP's composed works, but it was great fun and we didn't do too badly i think. and the title of the post actually refers to one of the pieces we did, entitled "nightmare" :) it was a real privilege to be able to perform all these amazing works, with Mr Leong the composer himself sitting right in the audience :) and to think these works were commissioned for the SYC and debuted 20 years ago. truly, music has no boundaries, be it time, space or distance. these 20-year-old choral pieces (that's almost as old as i am) still manage to sound so fresh, challenging the singer at every turn of the page, with every chord and melody!

various shots of the other members and myself, backstage, doing our makeup, warming up, and getting prepared and ready for our performance :) and if you dont see me in the group shot on stage, it's because i'm in the second row and too short to be seen from the angle the picture was taken at :(

and yes i have a huge shiny, bulbous forehead. try to ignore that please. i seriously think my forehead takes up about 2/5 of my entire face :(


also, my friend and ex-colleague, Zid is having a solo exhibition and his artwork is being showcased at the Esplanade Tunnel from the 21 Aug to the 4 Oct, he is one crazy ass talented dude! Zid not just paints and draws, but also plays the guitar, composes and sings! damn accomplished and i am so proud to know him. though it is slightly depressing too. every time i see his artwork i feel like throwing myself off a cliff, and screaming "whatsss the bloooodyyy pointttt!!!!!!!"

Of Music and Mayhem. i worship your artwork, zid. risked myself looking like a retard just to take this shot.

if you happen to pass by the Esplanade, do go check it out!!  :)


my driving lessons thus far have been seriously demoralising. yesterday morning, i had a record number of getting honked at four times by drivers on the road, in just one lesson! seriously.. can't they see that i have an L-plate there? zzz. and one very very loud skidding sound as i slammed on the brakes in front of the traffic light pedestrian crossing due to the semi-wet road conditions. now that was fun. heh. considering as it wasn't my car... i think i will be a very very bad and reckless driver in future :(

and 8.15am lessons always make me late, plus i am so not a morning person and the car gets very badly mishandled by me. why oh why am i taking manual lessons, all the gear shifting and clutch out accelerator in is driving me nuts! (no pun intended) and i still have another two lessons this week, both in the mornings, on thursday and friday :(

my instructor mentioned something that  cheered me up though, apparently it is not a myth that the girls have a higher passing rate during the practical test as compared to guys, i suppose the world is innately sexist and this fact will never change. but good for me :D

and to end off the post with a picture of my utterly spoilt rotten and pampered obese chihuahua who enjoys sleeping either
1. right smack on my pillow
2. cuddled up in my silk blanket


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

just because

i've been getting alot of queries regarding where to get the name necklace done,

also to clarify, the website where i did my name necklace doesnt take in orders anymore, but my sisters had theirs done at the following website and it's reliable :) i'm in no way affliated to them and i think they should pay me for this endorsement! (plus commission for every person i've referred to them)

maybe all of you should quote my name when ordering from them! :D hahaha.
edit: i just noticed that although the webpage says spree open, it's closed already! :(
but if you ladies are keen, maybe join the mailing list! im sure they'll be opening another spree soon!

and my necklace is the gold-plated version :) it has tarnished quite abit though. looks kinda vintagey old now. but i still heart it because it looks so pretty and classy plus it goes with almost any outfit!

for the curious, shuqing is my chinese name (: written as 淑清


taken at esplanade backstage :) more on that tomorrow! am dead tired. good nights!


Monday, August 24, 2009

peekture post!

i have loads and loads of pictures, so this is going to be a super image-intensive entry!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

the big black bug bit the big black bear and the big black bear bled badly

random updates since Friday!

been really busy since Friday due to a short choir performance yesterday evening. had soundcheck friday, rehearsal sat noon and performance sat evening! and yet another short performance at the esplanade concert hall this tuesday as part of a joint choral concert so it's gonna be pretty packed for Mon/Tues.

so anyways me and my lovely girlies are always hungry, so here's the latest traipse in search of food to satiate our stomachs. we finally ended up at Riciotti, this place near Clark Quay and the pizza there is heavenly! thin-crusted and delicious, with gooey sticky cheese that simple melts in the mouth. the pan of pizza lasted about 5 minutes on our table. no i'm not exaggerating, it was gone that fast! prosciutto e funghi is yums. 

followed by shared desserts and ice cream! nothing like dessert to win over a girl's heart. i feel all fuzzy and warm inside just thinking about dessert. taking pictures of food with the lx3 is so fun. i love the macro focus and depth of field!

oh oh oh and that reminds me. woon was saying something about how drinking cold water during meal times causes your body to not be able to digest the fat and it stays in your body system and does eeky things like clogging up your arteries and stuff!!?? nooooo is that why i have so much fats! from now on i resolve to never touch cold water during meal times anymore!


also, i got a self-retaining lens cap mod for my LX3! sorry ladies, my inner geek needs to express itself every now and then. paid $50 for a modded lens cap so that i dont have to keep on removing and replacing the lens cap on the LX3, and also so that the lens cap doesnt dangle on the string and get in the way. now i have a transformer megatron-esque LX3 with flaps that magically open to expose the camera lens, and also keep them protected when not in use! yay. i am loving my camera more and more with each day!

taken with my old canon ixus. lol

and the guy who sold me the mod asked me if i were working as an actress because i looked familiar. hmmm people always think i look familiar! i have a street face. i take it as a compliment though. since most actresses tend to be good-looking. LOL. let's neglect the minority of not-so-goodlooking ones.


during a period of idle intermission yesterday, there was a random discussion about singers like Pavarotti who's voices are not just a result of their hours of training, but came as a God-given gift, regardless be it their musical inclination, or body physique/structure which allowed them to sing the way they do. and how we can never imitate them because we're just born with a different body and a different voice. J said something that stuck in my head because it rings so true. and i think i am so guilty of this.

"Why try to be someone else you're not? You're never going to be that person, so you might as well be yourself, and be the best that you can."

i'm forever in envy of the smarter ones, the prettier ones, the skinnier ones, the more successful ones, the richer ones, the more talented ones. but however much i would like to emulate them or be them, that's all i'm ever gonna amount to, a person trying too hard to be somebody else she's not, always paling in comparison, always in the shadows of others.

we all need to learn how to embrace ourselves and be a better me, instead of trying so desperately to be what we think the world wants us to be. but how do we know for certain what's truly ourselves and what's not? the question frightens me :( i wish i had an answer.


just blew yet another $58 this morning on BC's collection! i am way way over the spending limit of the month. control!!! but the peacock dress was calling my name, just like the other eight items i bought this month :( woe is me.  

and on my way to cityhall yesterday, i got onto the train and right in front of me was a lady wearing the lavender halter top from Rach's collection (while i was in Viola's ted baker embellished frock) for a split second we glanced at each other's outfit with a flicker of recognition, before averting our eyes, embarrassedly looking away and minding our own business. she alighted before i did and i said a silent goodbye to a fellow online shopper. haha.

1. with the boy. dont know why he's giving such a funny disgruntled expression. hahaha he's gonna kill me if he sees this picture. and 2. taken with the lx3 pop-up flash on, i am experimenting with the flash output...


got woken up monstrously early because of my driving lesson at 8.15am. bahhh. slept at 2am, woke up at 5ish to send YZ off, got back to sleep around 6am and had to wake up at 7.30am. my brain cells are shrivelling up and dying from the lack of sleep. i mounted the kerb once, stalled the engine endless times, and did many dangerous maneuveres today. poor instructor had to grab the wheel from me several times ): and i still have many many 8.15am lessons ahead. shit.

am going to eat yummy home cooked pork porridge for breakfast now!

ps. am having a super bad complexion day. ahhh. red infected pimples and spots all over my face :( i feel like a monster.
pps. try saying the title of this blog entry, really really fast. hehehe. guaranteed tongue twister!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

recent online buys

 online shopping is evil.

it has opened up to me a whole new world of clothes and accessories unbeknownst to me previously; dresses, tops, jewellery that i previously never felt i needed but now feel compelled to own! it is the newly-crowned bane and joy of my existence :( sad, that. my mother's inherent shopping genes have apparently caught up with me, albeit belatedly, but surely. i have fallen victim to the world's commercialism and marketing ploys!


and to think in my youth, that i used to scoff at any mention of the words "shopping" or even "clothes"! i eat back all my negative demonstrations of superiority over the majority of poor-women-who-have-succumbed-to-and-are-slaves-to-shopping. now i am one.

i shudder to think what my 18-year-old self would say to me now. (may i remind my 18 year old self that you are too young to know anything)

oh well : P so i thought i'd list down some of my recent online buys. since Farah once asked too, something like what are my top online buys. though i should stop splurging my hard-earned and very little amount of money on all these lovely clothing that i don't really need but feel like i must have. how paradoxical.

because the rest of the post is extreme narcissism in its newfound glory, it is under the cut.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

make my day

another self portrait taken with the lx3.

hmmmm i noticed that i can't take very good self portraits with it (as in i dont look good) because the camera captures such sharp details that i can see my vampiric dark eye circles, my every mole and freckle and blemish and etc. -_- especially under bright lighting! i look absolutely horrid. this pictures was taken in dim, low light, and less details are captured by the camera so i still look somewhat presentable.

wondering if i should search around for another camera that'll take better self-portraits. since that's about what my camera will be doing most of the time...

after all this camera is barely 2 days new, and in high demand, i'm pretty sure i can easily sell it off for close to cost price! but should i? seems rather fickle minded of me after all the raving i've been doing about the LX3.


ps. but Xiaxue takes excellent self portraits with the lx3 -.- in which case maybe it's not the camera. it's the subject...


randomly, YH and i were walking about the NTU CCA bazaar and fair just now after lunch and we came upon this booth by a health product MLM company which was offering free body analysis with their weighing scale! so now i know just how fat i am.

weight: 53.5kg (after lunch okay. pfftt. ok i'll stop lying to myself. i am heavy)
body fat: 26.9% (this is apparently over the healthy range for < age 30 -_- so i have the body fat of a > 30 year old. should i be surprised?)
total body water: 53.5% (ehh look this coincides with my weight! amazing. and it's supposedly in the normal range)
visceral fat: 3 (healthy is 1-5. yay i have very healthy visceral fat percentages. probably cos most of my fats are visible and not visceral..)
muscle mass: 36.8% (which is very normal according to wiki. yay i have normal muscle mass. not wilted muscles)
bone mass: 2.3kg (normal again, though if my bones only weigh 2.3kg all my weight must be coming from my fats)
kcal: 1203 (wtf i dont believe this all i ate today was watermelon, pineapple, fish soup, some yakiniku beef and a few hello panda biscuits!!)
BMR: 20 yrs old (o rly? i wish i had the BMR of a 20yo. mine is probably the BMR of a 40yo)

and all my diet plans to hit 50kg within this year havent gone anywhere, and it's already approaching September!! :(

i'm just gonna stay fat my entire life. how sad.

check out my huge ass container of hello panda strawberry. aweeesome. now y'all know why the fats aint going away. but in my defence it was on sale for $5.80 for such a very huge tub so i couldnt resist (:


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

me and my lx3

 went about the whole house trying to figure out how to use the lx3 and take pretty pictures!

ps. unfortunately the only human test subjects available are myself and YZ.
pps. it took me about 2000 photos to get that droplet of water look right... 
ppps. it's easier to take shots of fat sleeping dogs VS fat hyper chihuahuas.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


my new camera takes awesome pictures. love it madly X 12243565433 times!!!!! 

ok that's too fast a conclusion to make. i only took a few shots with it. and i look horrigible in half of them because 
1. the flash is damn bright can? makes me look all washed out... but without flash it is superrr clear!!!
2. it takes pictures in soooo much details that i can see every freckle on my face. lol.

shall write a real verdict after i figure out how to use the camera properly!

but anyway it was mad crazy at the shop. i arrived first then followed by 2 other customers all looking for this very elusive camera! and mine was supposed to be the last set and the other guy's face just turned black man. apparently these 2 other customers, (1 guy and 1 lady) both been on the waiting list since July! crazy. and due to the poor stock management, seems like more customers on the waiting list were told to come to collect the camera than they had enough stock for. and i was super damn gan chiong because when i called the shop earlier in the morning, they told me they didnt have enough stock for me as there were too many on the list before me! i was super disappointed, but half an hour later the shop calls back and askes if i still want the camera because they do have stock for me but i have to collect it by today! and i immediately rushed down after work because i was afraid that the scenario which happened to the other two customers would happen to me. 


but anyway in the end the other two customers got their LX3 too la. dont know how the shop guys managed to procure another 2 sets from the main shop and quickly tried to appease the black faced customers.

see how clear the image quality looks!!!1 and this is without flash under normal room lighting. unedited. didnt even edit away my ugly dark eye circles or anything. pardon lina's retarded expression. 

total damage: $692 (for now)

but i'm a happy camper! :))))))) goodbye my old friend canon ixy. hello to my darling panny! <3 please take more pretty pictures of me. i promise to take good care of you til death do us part!

Monday, August 17, 2009

the time traveler's wife

 sad sad sad ending.

i do so love to read, if i could make a living outta it, i wouldn't be having all these existentialist crises now. even more than i love to sing or love to paint, i love to read. it's something that'll stay with me all my life i hope, my utmost pleasure, to delve into the worlds derived from the imaginations of others and for the few hours of being immersed in lines and lines of text, i am no longer myself, but a spectator engrossed in another universe all together, fascinated and drawn into made up people who feel so real, into heartbreaking endings that shouldn't concern or affect me at all, but the effect lingers; sort of like waking up in the midst of a vivid technicolor dream, only after a few heartbeats passes then does familiarity resume and along with it, my present self.

the ending of the book is just so heart-achingly sad :( 


and like what shakespeare said before,

All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts...

so many ironies in life. God must be one helluva script writer... 


Sunday, August 16, 2009

of stasis and of mediocrity

i am stuck in the bowels of despair :(

is this a mid-life crisis? well i've been feeling it for some time now, but mostly, it is conveniently dislocated and chucked unceremoniously, to the recesses of the dusty, web-spun corners of my awareness, usually reserved for the insignificant and forgotten.

but it hasnt really gone away.

so the question really is this: is happiness too easy an excuse for mediocrity? or in spite of it all is it just self-delusion or self-justification for the mediocre being that i am, to hold on so tightly to the little trinkets of comfort and stability in my life, watching others attempt to make something out of their lives.

the real reason is that i'm such a wimp. too afraid to fail. all those age-old adages and dictums about how "success is the mother of failure" and what not don't move me. and of course it's easier to just distract myself with easier and happier things than to fall into this blackhole of emptiness at 6AM in the morning.

Main Entry:inaction
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:state of doing nothing
Synonyms:acedia, deferral, deliquescence, depression, doldrums, dormancy, ennui, fecklessness, idleness, inactivity, indolence, inertia, inertness,lassitudelethargy, otiosity, passivity, quiescence, quietude, slothfulness, stagnation, stasis, suspension, torpidity, torpor
Antonyms:action is just so enlightening.

i sometimes think that i wasn't so bad three or four years ago. still young, still willing to fall. now i fear i won't get past the pain of bruised, bleeding knees and my conscious mind can't stomach the idea of being a failure. me, a failure

arghh. back to my little superficial life for now. my egoistic brain just cannot wrap around that F-word. or relate myself to it.

ice cream makes me happy.


find happiness within™, courtesy of marble slab creamery. my little cup of happiness was a scoop of butter pecan ice cream mixed with reeses and walnuts, deposited within a chocolate and almond coated waffle biscuit... (: luscious.


and my tablecloth-like top. spotted another girl who was wearing a tablecloth like me too, except hers was a dress. hmm.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liverpool VS Singapore 260709

backdated post! sent YZ off to work at 5.30am and now i cant get back to sleep :( so i'm on the computer and looking through all my unposted pictures and stuff! i'm always too lazy to edit and post up pictures on FB and etc but i should lah :( my pictures always get posted up like, 6 months after the date they were taken -_-

anyways, for YZ's birthday this year i bought him a pair of tickets to watch liverpool vs SG at the national stadium because he's a huuuuge liverpool fan. to cut a long story short, it was supposed to be a surprise for him and i wanted to present him w the tickets on his birthday itself, but i'd already bought the tickets way in advance on the day they started selling fearing that they'd be sold out, and he found out about it like in May or something when his birthday is on July 9th and the match on the 26th of the same month.....

nonetheless, he was still pretty hyped up about the match, so much that he surprised me with my very own Reds jersey on the day of the match! and it cost 99 dollars for just one jersey lor :( so ex! i can like buy 3-4 dresses/tops online with that amount.. but he was really really excited about it so i didnt want to be a wet blanket about it either. so we both donned Liverpool jerseys, him in the black one and me in the red one, and proceeded down to the national stadium for the match!

the traffic jam towards the stadium was crazy. and what's more, everyone (on the streets, in the cars) around the vicinity of the stadium were wearing Liverpool jerseys! like damn hardcore man. felt like the whole of singapore was going down to support the Reds! granted there were a few odd buggers who decided to show their support for other FCs by wearing Chelsea/ManU jerseys. haha. they got boo-ed by the crowd i think.

the atmosphere at the stadium was like damn high and best part is, the whole stadium practically knew how to sing the Liverpool FC theme song "you'll never walk alone" by heart man. gosh crazy people. needless to say everyone was there to watch Liverpool FC and Singapore only got very half-hearted cheers compared to Liverpool, esp when Alonso (traitor is leaving the club already) and Torrez came on field.

end result: expected trashing by Liverpool FC. 5 - 0

pictures: me in my new reds jersey, crazy crowd all waving the Liverpool FC scarf, happy YZ with the 5-0 score.

oh and i was wearing glasses so i could see the field better. hahaha. not that it made much of a difference because they were so damn far away. and there was no commentating like they do on TV so i basically only knew what's going on when a goal was scored. all in all not super enjoyable for me but it was an interesting experience because of the whole atmosphere.

okay am going to try to go back to sleep now. my eyes are damn heavy but i just cant get to sleeeeeeep! and my fat chihuahua is always stealing my bed space. 

see how fat she is. and that's my silk blanket she's guiltily resting on. and her adidas hoodie is a fake one from korea. hahahaha.




Thursday, August 13, 2009


IT'S MINE! just put my name down on the waiting list for this much-sought after camera model. apparently it's constantly OOS on our tiny island and the price hasnt dropped in like 10 months since its launch because it's so popular.

wheee! stock is coming in on the 20th of the month, and i'm now on the waiting list at MS COLOR amkhub where the guy says there's more availability compared to the main MS COLOR outlet. it's gonna cost me $698 for the entire bundle, with 8g card, oem battery worth $35, lcd protector worth $13.50 plus mini tripod and cleaning kit! hehe CANNOT WAIT. and i'll be selling off my old (not very old lah, only about 7 months) camera i bought from Japan in january this year, to YH. it's a canon ixus 85, and still in pretty darn good condition! i just want a camera with more manual functions and sharper pictures.

my current camera

and soon-to-be-mine camera

the silver version of the LX3 is discontinued so yeaa i'm only left with the ugly black one... but no matter! for the sake of pretty pictures! :D plus black looks more pro, hahahhaa.

check out this review to see the quality of the pictures taken with LX3! damn bloody awesome if i say so myself. but then i am pretty much a n00b so i guess it'll take me some time to learn how to use the camera. but i CAN'T WAIT! mwahahaha. further more, YZ is paying $400 for it as his birthday present to me, so i only need to fork out the remaining $298 :D 

then i can be like the greatest camwhore on earth! so as to utilize the camera of course... it costs so much more than my current camera, die die must use until "gou ben" right?

exactly one week to the 20th! best part is my pay comes in on the 19th. just in time. 

BTW, this is the camera that XX is currently using too. except hers is silver and all zhng-ed up and thoroughly bling-ed. damn i want the silver one too...

ps. there was supposed to be a meteor shower last night but all i caught was a few slow moving specks of light that were probably planes -_-

pps. omg i've been buying clothes like crazy and later i'm meeting another cotter to get one more dress from her... *guilty*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2nd anniversary!

backdated post! we celebrated my belated birthday and our 2nd anniversary together on the same day last wednesday, 6 aug (: oh i wore my awesome new necklace from HoH 1960 which finally arrived!!! took like 2 months or something but it is like my new love. actually it's my one and only piece of expensive jewelry so it's worth it!!!

anyways we pigged out on NYDC food and i love the mudpie (see above picture, drools) super sinful can. but so good. OOT i also love andersons ice cream, esp rum & rasin flavour.... cravings cravings.. :(

YZ loved the scrapbook present, he was like how touched can? hahaha. he teared while reading what i wrote! ok i did tear too when i saw him tear because you know, it's like awwww it's been 2 years already.. :) time passes damn fast. it seems only months ago that we got together.

i wanna upload pictures of the scrapbook but i didnt take any pictures of the finished product yet! here's the loose pages before i completed them.

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