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Thursday, December 31, 2009

please congratulate me....

1. lao niang (me) passed my TP on my 1st attempt today!!! woohoooooo! (elaborate more in abit)
2. i gotch my refund from eBay sitting in my bank acct already and because i am so happy about points 1 and 2 that
3. imma gonna celebrate by getting myself a new camera real soon!!!!!


*mad dance around like crazy*

didnt know how much more awesome my day could get,
until an email notification popped up on my BB, informing me of a new comment on my blog entry, and guess what, i've scored my first hate comment on my blog! 

hello anonymous, who ever you are,
thanks for voicing your opinion! nice to know that someone cares enough to leave a hate comment :))) 

i admit i'm fat. 

in fact i'll even show you my fattest pictures just so you can call me fat, ok? never said i wasn't fat in the first place!

yes that's me in pink on the right.

fat enough for you?
well thanks for your reminder. dont worry i'm constantly trying to diet so i'll work on it. 

and since this is my blog i'll post up whatever of my daily outfits i like to, ok? 
so here's what i wore today,

black ruffled babydoll dress from Top20,
navy blue balenciaga-inspired jacket from  
heels from Charles&Keith, plus my new bag :)

to be honest i'm pretty amused at getting my first blog-hater :) after all even xiaxue has tons of blog-haters, but she's still the top blogger in singapore and making money out of it, so i'm definitely not laughing at her!

and thanks to this anonymous commenter, i've received tremendous support from all my wonderful online/offline friends, who left their own comments in response to anonymous here, on my LJ, on twitter, thru BBM and MSN as well :) so, thank you, anonymous! you just really made my day because of all my awesomezzz friends/readers out there. 

my favourite response has to be Ave's >= )

thank you so much Ave! teehee. you have sucha way with words. loveeessss.

and i am in an awesomely good mood today because after 6 long months of expensive and tiring driving lessons, i finally finally passed my TP this morning, and on my first attempt too!!!! omgomgomg. sooooooo happy about not having to go back to that god-forsaken place (they're moving to bloody far Woodlands in end Feb! worse still!) anymore, and that i dont need to fork out more money for additional lessons and booking a 2nd TP! yaayyyyyy!!!!

such a fluke i tell you. thank God the tester was really benevolent looking hahahaha and i didnt screw up any of my circuit courses! the test car right in front of me mounted kerb within the circuit roads barely 5 mins after we started our test. so scary. mount kerb = immediate failure!!! there was a scary bit when i was out on the roads already, and i was driving at 4th gear speed across a junction when the traffic light changed from amber and then to red! omg man, gan cheong. but i couldnt slow down in time to stop behind the stop line already and stopping past the stop line = immediate failure again so the only option i had was to just go through with it and speed right past the red light... the tester threw me this really scandalized look when i crossed the junction and said.. "WOA... be careful!" but he only deducted 6 points for it in the end hahahaha. in fact i only got 12 demerit points in total which is surprisingly little. THANK YOU MR. TESTER FOR PASSING ME.

i am a legal driver now! :D :D :D but please dont ask me to drive you around cos i might end up crashing your car anyway. 


loving my beautiful new dress from ATBU, it's called Elodie Waterfall Dress and it's superbly gorgeous <3

size M fits me almost perfectly except the bust area being a lil big, but manageable :) love the slight sheen of the material, super expensive and classy looking piece!

also, the choker that i wore together with the dress is a lovely hand-made beaded piece, kindly sponsored by Suzanne, who custom-makes very unique and pretty pieces of jewelry and sells through word-of-mouth so her jewelry are definitely one-of-a-kind and different!

i especially love this choker called Bon Idee, which is only selling for $9 exclusive postage, it looks so classy and elegant paired with a tube dress! statement necklaces are all the rage now and i like how this one is understated and yet outstanding.

comes in other color combinations as well,

Black Forest




some of her other creations:

i thought that this looked too messy and chunky for me at first, but i was sold after trying it on! (picture above) it looks fun and chic without being overwhelming at all :) goes perfectly with any basic outfits!

another classic looking piece, totally love this pair of earrings! they make me look and feel so feminine, adore the little pearls on it :)

wore them with my usual pearl studs for an even classier looking combination :D teehee. looks so matching right!

if you're interested in any of the above pieces,
do drop Suzanne an email at the following address:  to check out more of their accessories! :D


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cyberforce hunter killer

 friends-only entry cos i dont think these stuff are allowed to be published online cos the comic issue itself hasnt been published yet, but i just finished coloring my five pages of CFHK issue 4 YAY!

yeaaaa this is the sorta stuff i do to earn bucks :( the line art is given to me and my job is color those lines in..
it really doesnt pay that well but at least its (semi) fun at times and it beats a boring office job...

dont quite like some of the colors but i'm all outta inspiration for these pages already! sometimes it's really hard to color a page to satisfaction. so as long as i get my moolah it's all good!



my mad long ebay saga is OVER! (cue collapsing in relief on chair)

as most of my readers would know,
i bought a KS bag off ebay earlier in Nov and it came damaged, with scratches on it :(

and then i emailed the seller, and exchanged a long string of emails that resulted in me getting really mad with her and opening a case with ebay resolution centre, here

so i was like damn WTF and very upset with this seller already. and i reported to ebay, and ebay asked me to send the bag back to the seller with tracking number provided so that they would know when seller has received the item, and process a refund for me.

awesome, can get my refund right, fair enough.... i paid $43.55 not inclusive of stupid postpac box and scotch tape to return the item to the seller.

so i waited and waited and waited. but i didnt realise that singpost website only tracks the reg article within Singapore, and once outside SG you have to go to the country's respective postal services website to check on item status. thus i called up Singpost and they kindly informed me that the parcel status could be tracked online and my parcel was refused, not once, but twice!!! by the addressee. and that the parcel was on it's way back to me now because of that!



ebay has already informed her that i am returning her the item and that they will process a refund for me! and i blardi spent $40 over dollars just to send back the bag to her and she REFUSED the delivery, twice somemore!!!

fuming mad at this stage.

imagine, if this seller refused my parcel delivery, means i spent another $50 bucks on top of the $300 i paid, FOR A SCRATCHED BAG! WTF to the nth degree!

i quickly emailed ebay to inform them of the situation cos the case was due to close the next day and if it just closed like that i wont get my refund at all! and i would be totally upset if that happened. totally.

i was so mad i actually typed wrongly lor. wtf is "send the item back to item" hahaha i meant "send the item back to seller" -___-

but but but.


even before i had time to garner responses on twitter to my very angry twits below:

about 13 hours ago from web

about 13 hours ago from web


what is this???!!! 


and what's more, since the stupid seller decided to refuse the parcel, the bag is on its way back to me now and so meaning to say, I GOT MY REFUND, AND I STILL GOT TO KEEP THE BAG!



ok i must keep my composure and stay mature. but awesummzzzz ebay resolution centre did its job and i got back my refund after weeks!!! 

am so glad this whole situation is over though. and thank God it turned out well for me if not it'd have been a loss of $300 (at least!)
and of course thank you soooo much for all the concern from readers/friends who's been wishing me well over this matter! yay!! am so happy to announce that it's finally settled!!!!

now i just sit back.. and wait for my money and parcel to come back to me. ahahahaha. i am SO EVIL.


Monday, December 28, 2009

the imaginary christmas

i mentioned something about winning the most crap-tastic prize during the "lucky" draw at my ex-company's christmas party held last Wednesday. 

well, let's start from the beginning. 

i used to be part of this amazing little studio located in the east of Singapore, also known as IFS, full of quirky talented (and sometimes crazy) artists, designers and project managers :) and the parties we hold are beyond the norm, i think only design studios and creative companies can appreciate this kind of madness.

the christmas tree is a wonderful illustration of this strange quirkiness.

freaky halloween mask in place of the usual decorative star,
rubber boob (lolll dont expect much from a studio full of guys) as tree ornament,
and a rock band (or is it guitar hero?) guitar strapped to the tree.

i used to have this school girl figurine on my office desk,  and came into office one fine morning to find my figurine a tranny with a ginormous **** complete with balls modelled with sculpey (something like plasticine) and stuck onto her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -___- such an insult to my $80 expensive sexy school girl figurine.

so WIW for the party, a very festive shade of red!

shoulder-padded dress in red from ,
paired it with ivory clutch from  and my black heels from !

a digression:
i totally want to get a new camera :((( i think my appetite for a good camera has grown, 4 months ago when i got the lx-3, i told myself that i'm "investing in a good camera so that i can use it for a long time" and now my heart is swayed after looking at the new micro 4/3rd camera systems like GF1 and EP1, they produce DSLR-esque images but without the bulk! it's still big but manageably so. hoooowwww. i wants it so bad -_- 

two of my ex-colleagues both own one of the above-mentioned cameras and omg i didnt even feel like touching my LX3 at the party after i got to play with theirs and take pictures with them! sad sad.

images from the party taken with Ave's GF1. Ave, if you're reading this beware, i'm so gonna sneak up behind you one day and clobber your over the head before stealing your GF1 away... (or i might do that to Stan but he's way too tall...)

there was an awesome looking buffet spread!


and ave made these chock-full-of-icing-goodness christmas cookies, i was ambitious and took the gigantic snowflake one and almost couldnt stomach the whole of it...

two of my ex-colleagues just became parents not long ago, and their adorable babies were the centre of attention at the party :)
damn cute TTM! meet keinan and jaedon. heehee. they're both carbon copies of their daddies!

because we're an art studio, we have all kinds of privileges... like Wii/Xbox/PS3/arcade machines in the office and all

woa check out Mad's fingers go blur. must have been spamming those buttons! by the way Mad (on the left) is Jaedon's mummy. such a gorgeous pretty and young mother right?! 

checking out stuff on Kendrick's PC. 

keinan and mummy, and that's Chris playing with Keinan.

chit-chatting with the arty farts! designers Ben and Jasmine.

playing with Jaedon!

anyway. the evil people were trying to corrupt young Jaedon's mind! omg lor so terrible these people.

but Jaedon likes it!!!! tsk tsk. poor young soul getting tainted by the bad people around :(

this is Jaedon's daddy, the famous Artgerm also known as Stanley Lau. and he's holding the camera of my dreams wtf. EP1 i waaant youuuuuuu.

the camera takes such chio pictures la! dammit! i want one! say hello to Ave who owns this camera. pffttt.

Dot and i. and that 29 there? my blardi unlucky number :(

the DMD girls :))

random picture i tried to self-take. hey not bad! everyone's in the frame!

girl power! (which is totally rare in the studio.. it used to be just like, two girls, me and the admin.... thank God our numbers grew)

so anyway.

every year's christmas party has a traditional UN-lucky draw. it's called an UN-lucky draw because everyone gets a "prize" but in between all the coolsome prizes are slotted in really crappy prizes.. i remember last year, i was fighting to the end to draw for the top two prizes, one of which was an ipod shuffle (!!!) and i ended up with a winnie the pooh photo album instead, they're cruel like that..... i swear i almost cried omg! i was so near..... yet so far.....

this year's amazing prizes. a toy weapon set, a light sabre, cute little sketchbooks, 320gb HDDs, cool watches, pretty headphones, lomo cameras, a bag of toy plastic dinosaurs etc and etc....

like srsly. 

i thought i was suay enough last year to get my winnie the pooh photo album.

make a guess what my lucky number got me this year.





bet you'd never guess it.




but the boys all had a good laugh over it...





cos i was the proud recipient of...





srsly how can i be so suay twice in a row?! two years leh!! let me win a good prize for once can????? 


ok but i wasnt the only suay ones

LY got the bag of plastic dinosaurs... (good for learning dino anatomy they claimed)

and CO2 got a box of cotton buds and a nail clipper *slaps forehead* poor bugger attempts to slit his wrist with the edge of the cardboard packaging, lol.

my art directors are so cruel right :( every year they have a good laugh giving out all these prizes. wtf.

but not everyone is as suay as me lor... this JK won the top prizes for two years already! wtf last last year he won the nintendoDS and this year he got the pretty tokyo flash watch! why do some people have all the luck...

hai. sad :(

if next year i'm gonna get like a nose pick or something, i swear i'm not going to take part in the lucky draw anymore. i am so NOT lucky. boohoo.

people happy happy with their nice prizes. while i'm sulking there holding my toy armour set. FML FML FML.

and i REALLY wanna get an EP1/GF1.

SO NICE CAN. SO CHIO. I WANT X 100000000000.

ok other than the ridiculous prize i 'won', i had an awesome time catching up with all my colleagues whom i havent seen in so long :) totally miss all of them. i miss my studio life!!!!!! :( damn depressing.


on Christmas Day itself,
i had a movie date with the bf followed by our two-person steamboat dinner <3


lipsy v dress from , paired with   clutch again (this is one versatile clutch!)
threw on my Dorothy Perkins shimmery shrug when i was cold in the cinema, but it looks kinda tai tai paired up like that huh.

i look damn fair in the picture man love it. IF ONLY I AM FAIR LIKE THIS.

as for AVATAR, if you haven't watched it, where have you been? 'nuff said. go watch it already.

the boy bought me the studded fringe bag i was lusting for the day before as a Christmas present :>
mmmm i love the studs and the grey and the fringe and everything, but but i still feel abit unsure about it cos it's hard to match? maybe i shoulda gotten the black one but grey's more special... whaddyall think?

thanks baby <3

kay now. i havent completed my work due tmr morning so back to work again :( i am really damn unproductive man. imma sucha bad worker... i'll post up more stuff once i get the work outta the way!

randomly, QQ's hair is long enough to be tied up now teehee i used a hair clip on her! oops no make up below sorry

1, 2, 3, AWWWWWWWW. 
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