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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

just because

i've been getting alot of queries regarding where to get the name necklace done,

also to clarify, the website where i did my name necklace doesnt take in orders anymore, but my sisters had theirs done at the following website and it's reliable :) i'm in no way affliated to them and i think they should pay me for this endorsement! (plus commission for every person i've referred to them)

maybe all of you should quote my name when ordering from them! :D hahaha.
edit: i just noticed that although the webpage says spree open, it's closed already! :(
but if you ladies are keen, maybe join the mailing list! im sure they'll be opening another spree soon!

and my necklace is the gold-plated version :) it has tarnished quite abit though. looks kinda vintagey old now. but i still heart it because it looks so pretty and classy plus it goes with almost any outfit!

for the curious, shuqing is my chinese name (: written as 淑清


taken at esplanade backstage :) more on that tomorrow! am dead tired. good nights!


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